My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Great Debate.

This is a post I've debated writing for a long time.

A bit of background....

My dear love (Husband) is from Ft Lauderdale. Born & Raised. His whole life was spent in sunny South Florida - outside - in the pool, at the beach, living a South Florida life.

I am from Philadelphia. Born & Raised. I spent my entire life skiing, going downtown, exploring the city, living a Philadelphia life.

Our paths crossed in 2002 - in Orlando, Florida. It's been a love story ever since. Our love story.

After college, I decided it was best for me to move back home. The truth was I never had a plan and figured it would all work itself out. Plus, by sheer luck, I landed a fantastic job which would later be my entryway into the pharmaceutical world. This job was in the Philadelphia area. And so...after my graduation, I spent my last summer in Orlando soaking up every second of UCF life before moving back home - and away from the love of my life. I knew it was risky. Josh decided it was best for him to head back to South Florida. And so began our long distance relationship (also known as...the worst).

Lots of visits. Lots of phone calls. Lots of tears.

And ultimately... a break-up. A 10 month pause in our (almost) 11 year relationship (also known as...the worst).

And yet. We both found ourselves. We discovered a lot. We lived apart and chatted often.

And at some point... Josh decided he couldn't live without me. (his words. not mine.)

AND so...

September 2007 -- Josh moved to Philadelphia.

He left behind his family. His best friends. All things familiar. All things FLORIDA.

Fast forward...

Apartment (with my best friend).
Purchased a townhouse.
Got engaged.
Got married.
Got pregnant.
Purchased a house.
Layla Jules
Got pregnant.
Benjamin Sawyer


that about brings us up to speed, no?

But through all these amazing and exciting and wonderful adventures..

there's always been this conversation.

This Florida thought...

It often came up and it often resulted in tears (mine).

I couldn't (can't?) imagine leaving behind MY family. MY best friends. MY familiar.

But it keeps coming up.

AND I can't escape the fact that I DO love Florida.
AND I love my friends there.
AND I love our family there.
AND I love the weather.
AND I love the different cities in Florida.
And I'm well aware that it's a paradise.

But how?

How do I leave my family?

I can cry just thinking about it. 

About leaving my parents. About leaving my sister. About leaving my brothers. My sister in laws. My brother in laws. And the kiddies.. oh the kiddies. My 8 nieces and nephews. The little loves of my lives. And LAYLA'S favorite people.

And my friends? And all of it?

What do I do? What would YOU do? What's best for us?

Only time will tell..

I want my husband happy. I want my babies happy. I want to be happy.

AND we will be, wherever we live.. because we'll be together.

But oh. This great big debate.

It is taking over my brain!


  1. as hard as it is, move to Florida. maybe you'll stay there a while, maybe one of your jobs will transfer you somewhere completely different. think of it as an adventure!!

  2. We need to have a long chat. I will end this debate.