My little family!

My little family!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pictures, lately...

Oh these sweet summer days...

I want it to stay summer FOREVER!!!!!

We've had SO much fun. Every week flies by and we squeeze as much into the weekends as possible!!!

We're really in a great routine. 

So.. for all those wondering? 

It took me SIX months before I felt 100% comfortable with two babies (ha!)

(Um..not to say there aren't days where I want to crawl in a hole and wait until josh gets home)

We've had so much fun. Lots of outside time. Lots of movies. Lots of cuddles. Lots of dancing.

-- Benny's currently napping. He does great napping at home, especially in the crib. 

-- We started sleep training Benny again this week. Last night was the 4th night. He's doing great, eating once per night and waking once. We need to go in and pat his bum every few minutes but he's generally getting the hang of it and I'm confident I will sleep a full night one day soon (ish).

-- Layla is POTTY obsessed. I am not quite sure she's actually ready to start but she's certainly loving talking about it! I bought her a potty and princess panties. She's loving it - also Josh told her he'd buy her a bike if she pees on the potty and she remembers. We are having fun with it and  I think I'll officially start after the outer banks.

-- We are FAST approaching our big summer vacation to the outer banks!! I'm excited but extremely nervous about -- getting there (8 hour drive), sleeping there (if my kids don't sleep, we don't sleep), and overall how it will work out. but mostly? I'm excited.. what is better then a week with family!? And Layla will be surrounded by her 8 cousins. She's going to be in heaven.

-- Benny is a teething monster. Two bottom teeth officially with 869769 ready to pop through any second. 

-- Josh's 31st birthday is on Monday.. so exciting!! We had cake last night at my parent's house, we're going to Del Friscos (Steakhouse) tomorrow night and celebrating again Sunday & Monday. We love birthdays!!!

-- My 30th birthday is fast approaching. DAH. 

I have so many posts and things I want to write about it but never enough time. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week and I really love it. I feel good and I'm happy to be working out again. 

I'll write again soon - I must I must I must!! 


Layla's camp picture... tell me she doesn't resemble a 4-5 year old?! BIG GIRL!

Brownie picnic on the living room floor with Ava & Marley!!

Dinner with Marley & Ava.. I love my girls. 

My sissy & my Benny. 

Abbey & Layla. When I say Layla shakes upon seeing Abbey, I'm not kidding. She is Abbey obsessed!


Benny's first time on the swings - loved it,  naturally.

The first face I get when he woke up from his nap in my arms. I could melt. 
Drinking juice at the NAC!! Layla & Max <3

A fishy face after a bath!

First pickle for Benny..he loved it!

Current obsession - hand washing. 

Layla's first time at the gym's kid center. She's the little peanut in the middle. She loved it! And I was able to work out without worry!

Climbing at the playground!

Typical Tuesday. Food, naps and Little Mermaid.

Early morning manicure.

Layla & Benny!! (Our neighbor)

First time in the high chair at a restaurant!



My boy!

Oh this face.


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