My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What is happening? 
I have 5 minutes of blogging before I want to dive into my book. 

I am currently....

Reading: Inferno by Dan Brown. I loved all of his books and so far this one is very fun! 

Watching: Newsroom. Project Runway. The Bachelorette (despite it being my least favorite season). America's Got Talent (love Howard Stern). Oh.. and every children's movie including (but not limited to) The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, Princess and the Frog, Monsters Inc, Muppets & more. 

Eating: My addiction to Dunkin Donuts is at an all-time high. I can't really survive my morning without my regular daily order which is SO high in calories and yet SO delicious. (sesame seed bagel toasted with cream cheese & a medium mocha-iced coffee with cream & splenda). It's bad. Like, really bad. But I ate it all through my pregnancy with Benny (decaf) and now I'm addicted. 

Craving: The GYM! Believe it or not, I'm officially BACK on the gym wagon and seriously loving it. I've been going 3-4 times a week. I love the kids club & bonus.. so do my kiddies. They never cry and actually happily go! It's great - free- and I feel fantastic. 

Excited For: The OUTERBANKS!! Our one major vacation of the year (minus all of our trips to Florida). It's fast approaching and I can't wait. I'm equal parts excited and terrified. A long car ride. And a week's worth of worrying about sleeping babies. 

Sleeping: Like poo. We're a little over a week into (Re) sleeping training Benny. It's going well but it's tough. He's down to one feeding a night. I'm working on getting rid of that feeding but he's not quite ready. I don't mind the feeding but it's much easier without having to go on and shush/pat him back to sleep. We'll get there, I know it.. teething is a monster. 

Planning: MY 30th birthday. Actually, I'm hoping Josh does it. I want to celebrate with my best friends and family. I want to not feel old. I want a spa day (like..hours at the spa without concern) and I want a Louis Vouitton. But alas... those are silly dreams and in reality I have everything I could ever want. 

Debating: What our next big house project should be. A deck? A bathroom in the basement? Painting the 3 bathrooms and hallways? Re-doing our master bathroom? I need an interior decorator. Stat. 

Staring at: My new landscaping! We finally had the front of our house beautified -- all the ugly and gross weeds were removed and bushes were planted. So nice. 

Worried about: The news. It's so depressing. Train wrecks (4?!). Building collapses. Wars in the middle east. It never ends. 

Praying for: My Mom-Mom Rose. <3

Loving: This time. These days. This summer. I am having so much fun with my little family. There are SO many moments I want to literally freeze time. Like when Benny & Layla climb on my lap and giggle at each other. Or when Josh & I put the babies to bed (I put Benny to bed and Josh puts Layla to bed, every night, same routine, same time) and we lay in bed talking about laughing about nothing. I just love this time and despite the heat and despite the lack of sleep.. I never want it to end. 

From Benny's newborn session - I love this picture.

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