My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What is happening? 
I have 5 minutes of blogging before I want to dive into my book. 

I am currently....

Reading: Inferno by Dan Brown. I loved all of his books and so far this one is very fun! 

Watching: Newsroom. Project Runway. The Bachelorette (despite it being my least favorite season). America's Got Talent (love Howard Stern). Oh.. and every children's movie including (but not limited to) The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, Princess and the Frog, Monsters Inc, Muppets & more. 

Eating: My addiction to Dunkin Donuts is at an all-time high. I can't really survive my morning without my regular daily order which is SO high in calories and yet SO delicious. (sesame seed bagel toasted with cream cheese & a medium mocha-iced coffee with cream & splenda). It's bad. Like, really bad. But I ate it all through my pregnancy with Benny (decaf) and now I'm addicted. 

Craving: The GYM! Believe it or not, I'm officially BACK on the gym wagon and seriously loving it. I've been going 3-4 times a week. I love the kids club & bonus.. so do my kiddies. They never cry and actually happily go! It's great - free- and I feel fantastic. 

Excited For: The OUTERBANKS!! Our one major vacation of the year (minus all of our trips to Florida). It's fast approaching and I can't wait. I'm equal parts excited and terrified. A long car ride. And a week's worth of worrying about sleeping babies. 

Sleeping: Like poo. We're a little over a week into (Re) sleeping training Benny. It's going well but it's tough. He's down to one feeding a night. I'm working on getting rid of that feeding but he's not quite ready. I don't mind the feeding but it's much easier without having to go on and shush/pat him back to sleep. We'll get there, I know it.. teething is a monster. 

Planning: MY 30th birthday. Actually, I'm hoping Josh does it. I want to celebrate with my best friends and family. I want to not feel old. I want a spa day (like..hours at the spa without concern) and I want a Louis Vouitton. But alas... those are silly dreams and in reality I have everything I could ever want. 

Debating: What our next big house project should be. A deck? A bathroom in the basement? Painting the 3 bathrooms and hallways? Re-doing our master bathroom? I need an interior decorator. Stat. 

Staring at: My new landscaping! We finally had the front of our house beautified -- all the ugly and gross weeds were removed and bushes were planted. So nice. 

Worried about: The news. It's so depressing. Train wrecks (4?!). Building collapses. Wars in the middle east. It never ends. 

Praying for: My Mom-Mom Rose. <3

Loving: This time. These days. This summer. I am having so much fun with my little family. There are SO many moments I want to literally freeze time. Like when Benny & Layla climb on my lap and giggle at each other. Or when Josh & I put the babies to bed (I put Benny to bed and Josh puts Layla to bed, every night, same routine, same time) and we lay in bed talking about laughing about nothing. I just love this time and despite the heat and despite the lack of sleep.. I never want it to end. 

From Benny's newborn session - I love this picture.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pictures, lately...

Oh these sweet summer days...

I want it to stay summer FOREVER!!!!!

We've had SO much fun. Every week flies by and we squeeze as much into the weekends as possible!!!

We're really in a great routine. 

So.. for all those wondering? 

It took me SIX months before I felt 100% comfortable with two babies (ha!)

(Um..not to say there aren't days where I want to crawl in a hole and wait until josh gets home)

We've had so much fun. Lots of outside time. Lots of movies. Lots of cuddles. Lots of dancing.

-- Benny's currently napping. He does great napping at home, especially in the crib. 

-- We started sleep training Benny again this week. Last night was the 4th night. He's doing great, eating once per night and waking once. We need to go in and pat his bum every few minutes but he's generally getting the hang of it and I'm confident I will sleep a full night one day soon (ish).

-- Layla is POTTY obsessed. I am not quite sure she's actually ready to start but she's certainly loving talking about it! I bought her a potty and princess panties. She's loving it - also Josh told her he'd buy her a bike if she pees on the potty and she remembers. We are having fun with it and  I think I'll officially start after the outer banks.

-- We are FAST approaching our big summer vacation to the outer banks!! I'm excited but extremely nervous about -- getting there (8 hour drive), sleeping there (if my kids don't sleep, we don't sleep), and overall how it will work out. but mostly? I'm excited.. what is better then a week with family!? And Layla will be surrounded by her 8 cousins. She's going to be in heaven.

-- Benny is a teething monster. Two bottom teeth officially with 869769 ready to pop through any second. 

-- Josh's 31st birthday is on Monday.. so exciting!! We had cake last night at my parent's house, we're going to Del Friscos (Steakhouse) tomorrow night and celebrating again Sunday & Monday. We love birthdays!!!

-- My 30th birthday is fast approaching. DAH. 

I have so many posts and things I want to write about it but never enough time. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week and I really love it. I feel good and I'm happy to be working out again. 

I'll write again soon - I must I must I must!! 


Layla's camp picture... tell me she doesn't resemble a 4-5 year old?! BIG GIRL!

Brownie picnic on the living room floor with Ava & Marley!!

Dinner with Marley & Ava.. I love my girls. 

My sissy & my Benny. 

Abbey & Layla. When I say Layla shakes upon seeing Abbey, I'm not kidding. She is Abbey obsessed!


Benny's first time on the swings - loved it,  naturally.

The first face I get when he woke up from his nap in my arms. I could melt. 
Drinking juice at the NAC!! Layla & Max <3

A fishy face after a bath!

First pickle for Benny..he loved it!

Current obsession - hand washing. 

Layla's first time at the gym's kid center. She's the little peanut in the middle. She loved it! And I was able to work out without worry!

Climbing at the playground!

Typical Tuesday. Food, naps and Little Mermaid.

Early morning manicure.

Layla & Benny!! (Our neighbor)

First time in the high chair at a restaurant!



My boy!

Oh this face.


Monday, July 15, 2013

6 months!!!

6 month stats:
Weight: Approximately 23.6 pounds. Wowza.
Height: Not sure but pretty long!
Eating: Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours. And now getting "dinner" every night!
Clothes: Well... 12 months fits you best. Tonight, I put you in 18 month PJs I bought you at Costco. They are a little big but quite good for PJs. 
Diaper: Size 5.

My dearest Benjamin....

6 months. SIX MONTHS. Half of a year. 

I often stare at you. I know you are a little guy but your eyes speak loud. You are so cute, so perfect. I know I'm biased but you are just so freaking ADORABLE. I don't know how else to put it? Everyone is in awe of your calm, relaxed personality. Your smiles are literally contagious. Your whole face lights up. And your giggle...oh, your giggle. The sweetest, best sound I've ever heard. 

You are very good at playing independently. You can sit up for long periods of time unassisted, although you'll eventually topple over. You LOVE toys -- you will do whatever it takes to grab and play with whatever you see. Cups, phones, remotes, toys, love it all. You are excellent at rolling every which way and you'll scoot a bit on your belly. You really enjoy mission control. You love to stand while I hold your hands. And your favorite? ROCKING to music. You've been doing this for a couple of months - you hear a beat and your little body is swaying back and forth. 

Earlier this month, you officially got the sleep think down and slept from 6:45 PM - 8:00 AM without a peep. It was unbelievable. You did great in Florida but by the end of the trip, you started waking up 2-3 times a night again. I think it was a combo of teething (hello first tooth making it's glorious appearance at the beginning of July!) and belly pain (foods make you constipated and poops painful, poor guy). Two nights ago you slept the entire night again... hopefully we're moving in the right direction!! You now go to sleep quite easily at night which is great. You sleep on your belly and love your crib. Naps are still all over the place but at least 3-4 times a day, you sleep. A lot of the naps are in the car - or on me - or on the sofa. I'm working on a nap schedule but I think we'll get there after summer. We're always on the go nowadays and you do great napping anywhere. 

You love food, despite it causing major belly issues (which I think we've mostly resolved). So far you've had rice cereal, oatmeal, prunes, pears, peaches and sweet potatoes. You really love it and get excited to sit in the high chair. It's so cute. I wish I could say I'm making all your food like we did with Layla....but with little (no) spare time, it seems organic foods by Plum & Earth's Best will have to do. Honestly, they're probably better at making food then I am! ;)

I love our days - just you and I. While we miss Layla when she is at camp & Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house, it's so nice to spend time snuggling and talking with you. You're really FUN -- just a true joy. 

Recently, I've been taking you to the gym a few times a week - I never did this with Layla and I regret it. I'm getting used to going to "strangers" without fear earlier then I did with her and you're doing great. They all love you at the gym!!

Your THUMB - your favorite thing. I could melt when you are sucking your thumb. It calms you. If you get even a little fussy, you pop your thumb in and your suddenly happy. It's so sweet and so great.

You love your bath -- you are so cute. I give you a Mohawk after your bath. It's so fun! 

This summer, you've been everywhere. The zoo, the pool, the aquarium, Sesame Place.. the places are endless and you're always so happy and content. It makes it so nice. You do really well in the double stroller.  You've been to Florida three times so far... next up is another trip, just you & I, in September. Also the Outer Banks is fast approaching - I'm sure you'll love it!!!

Your sister is your favorite person. I think your Dada and I are a close second. Your cousins love you so much and everyone wants a chance to hold you or kiss you. You are so loved.

6 months until your first birthday. It seems bizarre to even think of you as anything but my little boy, the one that will wrap his arms tight around my neck and and suck on my nose. 

I love you - I love your big brown eyes - I love you so much, till the end of time!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Great Debate.

This is a post I've debated writing for a long time.

A bit of background....

My dear love (Husband) is from Ft Lauderdale. Born & Raised. His whole life was spent in sunny South Florida - outside - in the pool, at the beach, living a South Florida life.

I am from Philadelphia. Born & Raised. I spent my entire life skiing, going downtown, exploring the city, living a Philadelphia life.

Our paths crossed in 2002 - in Orlando, Florida. It's been a love story ever since. Our love story.

After college, I decided it was best for me to move back home. The truth was I never had a plan and figured it would all work itself out. Plus, by sheer luck, I landed a fantastic job which would later be my entryway into the pharmaceutical world. This job was in the Philadelphia area. And so...after my graduation, I spent my last summer in Orlando soaking up every second of UCF life before moving back home - and away from the love of my life. I knew it was risky. Josh decided it was best for him to head back to South Florida. And so began our long distance relationship (also known as...the worst).

Lots of visits. Lots of phone calls. Lots of tears.

And ultimately... a break-up. A 10 month pause in our (almost) 11 year relationship (also known as...the worst).

And yet. We both found ourselves. We discovered a lot. We lived apart and chatted often.

And at some point... Josh decided he couldn't live without me. (his words. not mine.)

AND so...

September 2007 -- Josh moved to Philadelphia.

He left behind his family. His best friends. All things familiar. All things FLORIDA.

Fast forward...

Apartment (with my best friend).
Purchased a townhouse.
Got engaged.
Got married.
Got pregnant.
Purchased a house.
Layla Jules
Got pregnant.
Benjamin Sawyer


that about brings us up to speed, no?

But through all these amazing and exciting and wonderful adventures..

there's always been this conversation.

This Florida thought...

It often came up and it often resulted in tears (mine).

I couldn't (can't?) imagine leaving behind MY family. MY best friends. MY familiar.

But it keeps coming up.

AND I can't escape the fact that I DO love Florida.
AND I love my friends there.
AND I love our family there.
AND I love the weather.
AND I love the different cities in Florida.
And I'm well aware that it's a paradise.

But how?

How do I leave my family?

I can cry just thinking about it. 

About leaving my parents. About leaving my sister. About leaving my brothers. My sister in laws. My brother in laws. And the kiddies.. oh the kiddies. My 8 nieces and nephews. The little loves of my lives. And LAYLA'S favorite people.

And my friends? And all of it?

What do I do? What would YOU do? What's best for us?

Only time will tell..

I want my husband happy. I want my babies happy. I want to be happy.

AND we will be, wherever we live.. because we'll be together.

But oh. This great big debate.

It is taking over my brain!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our best Florida trip!!!

Hi everyone!!!
Of course Summer is ZOOMING by and I'm soaking up every.single.second.

We just got back from an incredible 8 days in sunny South Florida and it was so wonderful. We really enjoyed ourselves. Despite being busy, this was the first trip that we didn't schedule the week away. Instead, we made plans as the days passed and it made it incredibly more relaxed. Also, the kids slept fabulous -- including 2-3 hour afternoon naps and (mostly) sleeping through the night!!

The trip started out fabulous. Our flight was overbooked - Josh worked his magic and we switched flights, earning us an astounding $1700 worth of Southwest credit. INSANE, right?? Additionally, we were booked on a flight into West Palm  - FIRST CLASS! IT WAS AMAZING!! The kids both stayed awake the entire flight but we had enough room that it didn't matter!! Very cool. Upon arrival into Florida, Sydney picked us up - Josh's parents grabbed our luggage from the Ft Lauderdale airport - and we make it home in time for the kiddies bed time. Pretty amazing!!! I still can't believe it.

The next day, I was happily surprised to find that Benny had slept the entire night in the Pack & Play without issue - Layla also slept great (but woke up early, the trend of the week) -- it was so nice. Josh & I decided we should immediately take advantage of our babysitters (grandparents!) and head to the movies. We saw "This is the End" - we laughed out loud. That night, we had a date - our favorite local Mexican spot. Sometimes it's SO nice to head to dinner, just the two us.

Monday, Josh & Clay left early morning to go fishing in Key Largo. Later that afternoon, Laura and myself along with the two baby boys, Benny & Owen, met them in the Keys. Layla stayed back with Josh's parents. We had a great mini-getaway despite the rainy weather. Laura & I were able to sneak away for an hour and swim in the pool while the boys watched the babies. We later all met up for a yummy dinner overlooking the gulf. The next morning, we woke up early and went to breakfast - with the weather being frustratingly awful, we decided it was best to head back. We had a great time and I can't wait for our next vacation away with Laura, Clay & Owen. It's SO nice having best friends with a baby - we can all relate and understand the fun/insanity of traveling with babies.

The rest of the week included lots of naps, lots of playing, lots of swimming, taking Layla to the movies, a yummy brunch on the beach with Ross & Jaime, 4th of July BBQ with family, 4th of July Fireworks sans kiddies at Laura's mom's amazing beach condo, family pictures taken by the fabulous Oona (Isla Charm Photography), a mini-reunion with college friends and more. All in all, I was VERY sad to leave. It's so nice to have Josh home with us 24/7 (instead of working). It's so nice to relax with the kids without a schedule. It's so nice to be around family, outside, enjoying the weather and enjoying each other.

I've already booked our next two trips.

The first one is in September for Nicole & Chris' wedding. (Just Benny & Myself.. Josh & Layla will stay home).

The second is a 10 day visit in December for Ross & Jaime's wedding/holiday fun.

We are so lucky to be able to travel as much as we do. This was Benny's 3rd trip down and he's not yet 6 months old. I think it was Layla's 15th trip.. insane, right?? other news, Layla's doing great at camp. Benny is eating up a storm. His sleep is all screwed up since our return home but I'm hoping it goes back to normal soon. He got his first tooth while we were in Florida!! Also Layla had her first dentist appt when we got home - no cavities.

A million things to say, a million things to write...hopefully I'll find more time to blog. I really do love it!! And more importantly, I love looking back on all the fun things we did. <3

Looking at the planes in the airport.

1st class baby!!

Love my benny snoozes!

Cool guy!

Happy Girl.

Owen & Benny ready for our little road trip!

My boy & I at dinner!

Dada and his babies!!

Layla & Owen!

Oh this face...

My girly.

Benny on the beach in Hollywood, FL

Finally loves to swim!

4th of July!

Layla at Barbies Dream House - so cool!

My new hair. 

Layla & Isla playing on the beach!


Benny's first dip in the pool - he fell asleep, hahaha

swimming with my lady!