My little family!

My little family!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Benny turns 5 months!!

5 months with your bear!!

love you.

Future golf pro?

Figured out the stickers come off...and it begins ;)

Sitting up on the rocking chair all by myself? no big deal.

5 month stats:
Weight: Off. The. Charts. SO big. I think close to 22-23 pounds? 
Height: Off. The. Charts. Or barely on ;) Tall.  
Eating: Every 2-3 hours breastfeeding. Random bottles of formula. And now 3 days of organic rice cereal!
Clothes: ... the truth is 9 month and 12 month fit best. ;)
Diaper: Size 5. We skipped over 4 because Layla wears 5 and they fit you so...5 it is!

My Benny,
5 months - the cutest, biggest, most talkative, smiling, giggling baby boy I know. 

Gone are the days of are my big boy!! Growing, learning, changing daily. You are becoming very good at independent play. For about a week, you've taken a sudden (and awesome) interest in sucking your thumb! You love to play, tummy time, rolling, eating your hands, giggling (loud), talking (louder) and lots of cuddles. You have mastered the exerciser (mission control) and love to play with your toys, especially the elephant Grandma got you. You've used the jumperoo a few times and are pretty amazing at it. I was blown away at how quickly you picked up the act of jumping!! When I put you on your back, you almost immediately roll to your belly. You've rolled a few times from belly to back but not much. 

You are now officially OUT of our room and happily sleeping in your crib!! We are about 12 days into sleep training. It's been a slow process but I'm happy to report you're doing REALLY well. You go to sleep somewhere around 7 PM, waking up (sometimes) around 8:30 PM to eat again, then again every 4 hours but (almost) always going right back to sleep. You also love to sleep LATE!! A few days I actually had to wake you at 8:15!! Sometimes it's a struggle to get you back to sleep. We are using the Ferber method and I'll officially sleep train you after our Florida trip which is coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm so proud of you -- you are in your own room with the sound machine and you seem to really love it. Last night was our worst night since starting but hopefully tonight you'll get back to the swing of things! On Friday, you slept 8:30-5:00 AM without a peep!! Way to go buddy!!! Naps are still everywhere (on me, in the car, in the stroller, on the sofa) but I can see a pattern starting so soon we'll begin putting you in the crib for naps!

You've had organic rice cereal 4 days in a row now (one day shy of your 5 month celebration) -- you LOVE it! I'm excited to introduce new foods!! Next is oatmeal...then at 6 months, we will start with bananas, avocado and more! We plan to use the Baeba baby food maker like we did with Layla :)

You're much better in the car -- in fact, you seem to almost always fall asleep. It's sweet and I love watching you cuddle. I'm thinking of switching you to a convertible seat soon because you're getting almost too big for the infant seat. I'm going to wait until you are sitting up perfectly before I switch (which is VERY close...last night you sat up unassisted for a long time!!!)

You are teething pretty good but the teething tablets seem to help at night...I think that's the cause of your random fussiness, but overall you are so happy and content (especially when fed!). You don't poop as much as your sister and I think your belly hurts from time to time... I'm excited to introduce prunes soon!!

Your noises are so sweet...and your laugh, the best sound in the world, is incredibly funny. You have a DEEP laugh...a man laugh! I love it and tickle you as much as possible. Layla also loves to makes you laugh. 

You like the bath a lot!! You sit happily and let me wash your millions of rolls. It's so much fun! I can't wait until I can put you in the tub without having you lay down. I think you'll love to play with the toys and with Layla!!

You are so sweet with other kids. You're always watching your cousins - but your favorite person is Layla. She is always by your side, kissing you, hugging you, loving you. Sometimes she hits you and you don't make a sound -- I'm so thankful you're a big boy!! Sometimes Layla will lay completely on top of you and you just giggle!!! Oy!

You are so wonderful and I love being with you. Your hair is getting blonder everyday and your big brown eyes sparkle. 

Our next trip to Florida will be your THIRD time traveling down South - pretty amazing!! I'm excited for your family to see you. 

We love you so much little man. I'm so glad you're mine. 

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

I really, really regret not buying this hat!!

18 month clothes!!

Little thumb sucker ;)


Beating up your sister!!

I love this face!!!

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