My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hi ya'll!!

We are in the basement, a change of scenery while we wait until it's time to head to the zoo.

We are officially in the thick of SUMMER!! It feels great. We've spent a lot of time playing outside (bubbles and chalk, Layla's favorite things in the world). We have been going to the zoo, aquarium, visiting stores...anything to stay out of the house and in the sun!! It's really great and everyone is in better moods thanks to vitamin D!

A few things to note as of late...

1. Layla started camp yesterday!! She is now in her first summer of camp (same place as school) -- I like it because she's in the same classroom with the same teacher so it's not a huge adjustment. They have 3 big pools, water tables and lots of other fun summer activities planned for the kiddies!! It's great and I think she'll have a lot of fun. She will also go 3 days a week (she previously went 2 days a week). I was feeling nervous/guilty but I think it's a great decision. She will have lots of fun and I'll have lots of quality time with little man.

2. Benny -- talk about an amazing change!!! It's been about 3 weeks since we moved Benny to his crib and started sleep training using the same method we did with Layla. We had to use a different method because prior to starting sleep training, Benny was eating several times a night. Basically we followed this method...

Night 1 - In crib at 7 PM. Allowed to eat every 2 hours. If he woke up before his next feeding, we went in to run his back/pat his butt/shush him. It worked and he did great, and it turned out his loved his crib. He also rolled quickly from his back to tummy and so it was discovered that Benny was a TUMMY sleeper! (Way earlier then Layla...) -- I felt comfortable because at this point he was rolling both ways.

Night 2 - In crib at 7 PM. Allowed to eat every 2.5 hours. Same story as above.

As it turned out..the nights went pretty well there after. We never followed the time chart strictly, but rather went in to pat him back to sleep if he started fussing. Then suddenly, it clicked for him. He is now sleeping 7 PM - 8 AM (yes, sometimes even 8:30 AM!!) -- eating once, sometimes twice. He had a few GREAT nights. A few not so great. BUT overall, I'm really happy with his progress. I still need to go in sometimes to pat him back to sleep. I'm okay with that. ALSO - he is 2 weeks in as an official THUMB SUCKER! I love it, the cutest, sweetest thing I've ever seen. I know it's bad but I don't care. Hello self soothing!! We are phasing out the use of the pacifier (he rarely wants it anyway..). We also started him on food!! 2 weeks ago -- organic rice cereal! Last week - organic oatmeal! This week - organic bananas - I hope he likes them!!! (He's LOVING his cereal!)

3. GYM!! I went to join last week and I'm officially back on the working out wagon!! I started yesterday and felt amazinggggg. Truly. I am about 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight with Benny and 15 pounds from Layla pre-pregnancy. I'm ready to shed these last few pounds and get back into shape. Benny went to the kid-zone (free babysitting was my incentive for joining the gym) - he did awesome!!! The girls that work there were so sweet and gave my little man lots of love!!

4. FLORIDA!! We are quickly approaching our next trip down!! We're going for 8 days and I'm really excited... lots of family time, lots of friend time, family pictures with Oona, a quick trip to Key Largo with the Krebs, seeing my favorite Knotties and loads more!! We leave Saturday and I have 9369 things to do before we go...

5. OUTER BANKS!! In just a short 9 weeks, we're heading to the Outer Banks for our first family vacation.. we rented a mansion on the beach with my parents, brothers, sister and all the families. 10 kids including my two (all my nieces and nephews, ages 7 years to 5 months) -- 10 adults. 20 people in one house. SHOULD be an amazing week!!!! I can't wait. I'm not excited for the 7 1/2 hour drive but we'll worry about that soon... haha ;)

6. Photobooks & Organization - My BIG GOALS for this summer. Finally catching up on my photo books (Layla age 1-2, Benny birth-6 month, Layla's 1st and 2nd birthday parties..oh, and my WEDDING ALBUM). Plus organizing my house. Getting rid of the stuff. Finding a home for everything. It's time. Overdue!

... so that's it. The quick update. We are leaving for the zoo in 90 minutes. Another fun day in store. I'm loving every second of the time with my babies. Thanks Dada, once again <3

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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Hi ya'll!!

Quick update...

With google reader (sadly) departing, it's time to switch!! Bloglovin is a great site to follow all of your favorite blogs (and it's free)..

hope you'll keep reading!!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Benny turns 5 months!!

5 months with your bear!!

love you.

Future golf pro?

Figured out the stickers come off...and it begins ;)

Sitting up on the rocking chair all by myself? no big deal.

5 month stats:
Weight: Off. The. Charts. SO big. I think close to 22-23 pounds? 
Height: Off. The. Charts. Or barely on ;) Tall.  
Eating: Every 2-3 hours breastfeeding. Random bottles of formula. And now 3 days of organic rice cereal!
Clothes: ... the truth is 9 month and 12 month fit best. ;)
Diaper: Size 5. We skipped over 4 because Layla wears 5 and they fit you so...5 it is!

My Benny,
5 months - the cutest, biggest, most talkative, smiling, giggling baby boy I know. 

Gone are the days of are my big boy!! Growing, learning, changing daily. You are becoming very good at independent play. For about a week, you've taken a sudden (and awesome) interest in sucking your thumb! You love to play, tummy time, rolling, eating your hands, giggling (loud), talking (louder) and lots of cuddles. You have mastered the exerciser (mission control) and love to play with your toys, especially the elephant Grandma got you. You've used the jumperoo a few times and are pretty amazing at it. I was blown away at how quickly you picked up the act of jumping!! When I put you on your back, you almost immediately roll to your belly. You've rolled a few times from belly to back but not much. 

You are now officially OUT of our room and happily sleeping in your crib!! We are about 12 days into sleep training. It's been a slow process but I'm happy to report you're doing REALLY well. You go to sleep somewhere around 7 PM, waking up (sometimes) around 8:30 PM to eat again, then again every 4 hours but (almost) always going right back to sleep. You also love to sleep LATE!! A few days I actually had to wake you at 8:15!! Sometimes it's a struggle to get you back to sleep. We are using the Ferber method and I'll officially sleep train you after our Florida trip which is coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm so proud of you -- you are in your own room with the sound machine and you seem to really love it. Last night was our worst night since starting but hopefully tonight you'll get back to the swing of things! On Friday, you slept 8:30-5:00 AM without a peep!! Way to go buddy!!! Naps are still everywhere (on me, in the car, in the stroller, on the sofa) but I can see a pattern starting so soon we'll begin putting you in the crib for naps!

You've had organic rice cereal 4 days in a row now (one day shy of your 5 month celebration) -- you LOVE it! I'm excited to introduce new foods!! Next is oatmeal...then at 6 months, we will start with bananas, avocado and more! We plan to use the Baeba baby food maker like we did with Layla :)

You're much better in the car -- in fact, you seem to almost always fall asleep. It's sweet and I love watching you cuddle. I'm thinking of switching you to a convertible seat soon because you're getting almost too big for the infant seat. I'm going to wait until you are sitting up perfectly before I switch (which is VERY close...last night you sat up unassisted for a long time!!!)

You are teething pretty good but the teething tablets seem to help at night...I think that's the cause of your random fussiness, but overall you are so happy and content (especially when fed!). You don't poop as much as your sister and I think your belly hurts from time to time... I'm excited to introduce prunes soon!!

Your noises are so sweet...and your laugh, the best sound in the world, is incredibly funny. You have a DEEP laugh...a man laugh! I love it and tickle you as much as possible. Layla also loves to makes you laugh. 

You like the bath a lot!! You sit happily and let me wash your millions of rolls. It's so much fun! I can't wait until I can put you in the tub without having you lay down. I think you'll love to play with the toys and with Layla!!

You are so sweet with other kids. You're always watching your cousins - but your favorite person is Layla. She is always by your side, kissing you, hugging you, loving you. Sometimes she hits you and you don't make a sound -- I'm so thankful you're a big boy!! Sometimes Layla will lay completely on top of you and you just giggle!!! Oy!

You are so wonderful and I love being with you. Your hair is getting blonder everyday and your big brown eyes sparkle. 

Our next trip to Florida will be your THIRD time traveling down South - pretty amazing!! I'm excited for your family to see you. 

We love you so much little man. I'm so glad you're mine. 

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

I really, really regret not buying this hat!!

18 month clothes!!

Little thumb sucker ;)


Beating up your sister!!

I love this face!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2 years old.

One Day. One Year. Two Years.

Benny's BELLY! 24 months!


Love you.

Giggle head!

Mr Bear. Still your favorite.

Love is Life!

Weight: Hovering between 25 & 26 pounds.
Height: 33 inches
Eating: Lots of the same (fruits, veggies, pouches, apple sauce, organic whole milk, almond milk, cheese, chicken nuggets, ketchup)
Clothes: 18-24 month, 24 month and 2T! 
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: 6-7 

To my dearest...

This is it. My last monthly letter. You have reached this milestone. TWO YEARS OLD. Can it be? Are we sure? 

And yet.. the running, the talking, the singing, the playing, the reading, the counting, the learning, the hugging, the kissing, the snuggling. They are all sure signs that it's in fact true - you are a TWO year old. 

I can write for days about you. 

To be honest.. I'm 4 days late in writing this because I didn't know where to start. I didn't want to fully believe that my reason for living is turning into a little girl. No longer a baby. No longer constantly needing me. Independent. Caring. Curious. Demanding. 


Oh.. I don't know what to start. Or what to write. 

I could tell you all the things you are doing, accomplishing, learning. It's a never ending list. You are so smart, my dear. You are a sponge, soaking up everything around you and truly admiring the beauty of this world. You see the things I never see. The airplanes, the dirt, the water, the stars, the laughs, the tears. You see it all. 

I love seeing the world through YOUR eyes. 

I wish you all the happiness in the world on this big birthday. I hope you continue to learn, to grow, to smile. I hope you continue to make friends and be as friendly as you are now. I hope when you are shy, you have the courage to overcome it and make new relationships. I hope you see how special you are, always. 

You are my beautiful, precious, perfect baby. You gave me my MOST IMPORTANT title in life -- being a mama -- and for that, I am forever grateful. 

We had so much fun celebrating your birthday. We went to Cheesecake Factory, Sesame Place, Mom-Mom & Pop-Pops, Rittenhouse Square and had a HUGE birthday celebration at Romp & Roll where you loved every second!!! I think you realized the party was for you when you were surrounded by everyone you love. Your grandparents came into town for the weekend and you loved playing with them all weekend. 

I look forward to a year of school, trips, Florida, the zoo, Sesame Place, the aquarium and more.. or, your current favorites places to go - the doctor and the store (literally, that's where you ask to go often).

We love you peanut. 
Mama, Dada & Benny Bop

Sesame Place with Dada!

Sesame Place on your birthday!

Always laughing with your favorite person!

You fell asleep while eating dinner. Too sweet for words.

Rittenhouse Park with Grandma, Grandpa, Mama, Dada & Benny!

3 of my favorite pictures of you.

Benny was ready for your Muppet themed birthday party!

my best girl.

Your outfit was so cute!!!

A bath on your birthday!! You still don't love the water.. maybe one day!

Our first tea party!!