My little family!

My little family!

Friday, May 3, 2013


(I know, I know - I said I'd be better about blogging and instead I've been a slacker!)


What does parenting two children 19 months apart look like?


Yesterday, we spent the day at my parent's house along with 5 of my nieces & nephews (the rest later came for dinner).

Layla played a lot outside and inside with her cousins.

She refused a nap.

She played upstairs with her cousins.

They did make-up. Layla sat still for more then 20 minutes while Abbey & Marley painted her face in multiple colors. She kept her eyes closed as they swept blues, greens, purples and yellows across her delicate skin. She made the perfect kiss face while they brushed right red dollar store lipstick on her teeny lips. She was so happy to be a part of something. She wasn't a baby anymore. She looked at me with her bright, blue eyes and something happened.. she didn't want to run in my arms at that moment. She wanted to stay with the older girls. It was both fabulous and heartbreaking at the same time.

After dinner & dessert, Layla screamed bloody murder as we pulled away from my parent's house.

"I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!!" she screamed before she promptly passed out in the back of the car.

I had to smile.

My little girl. My heart. She was torn between being a baby and becoming a little girl.

I get so frustrated while she throws her food everywhere and bangs her head repeatedly on my fireplace.

I pray for patience.

I really need to remember...

She's going through this huge change. She's watching the world around her and learning a million things all at the same time. She's meeting people and learning songs and reading books and figuring it all out.

I imagine this is a confusing and exciting time and when she is testing with me by hitting my in the head - I have to remember that she wants to see my reaction. She doesn't want to hurt me.

This is parenting.


this morning, while changing Benny's diaper on my bed..he pooped. Everywhere. It got all over the sheets and his legs and my hands. It wasn't exactly the morning I had planned. But I giggled. And Layla giggled. And so Benny giggled. And the three of us sat there giggling at Benny's poop.

I cleaned up. I stripped the bed. I got both kids dressed. Fed breakfast. Got myself dressed. Packed the car up and made it to Layla's school early. Success.


...stay tuned for tomorrow's entry. Who knows what fun will happen??!


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