My little family!

My little family!

Friday, May 31, 2013



A huge thank you to the troops that protect & serve our country.

Love this holiday.

Happy summer is here!!!

I'm sitting on the sofa writing a quick recap of my weekend while Layla colors & the boys sleep soundly. Happy to be back home with my little family!!!

Our trip to Florida was AMAZING - Benny, Kim, Remi & I had the best time. It was way too short (literally 48 hours plus traveling) but it was worth it. I would update with all the details but basically...

- We saw Josh's family which was great. I was so happy they got some extra time with Benny. I'm so lucky to have married into a family that loves me & my babies so much. They just light up when the kids enter the room - it's so great. We got to spend a lot of time with Josh's parents, grandparents & sister. Always special and fun.

- We took naps. Me & Kim and both kiddies. It was glorious.

- We got to meet the incredible OWEN!!!! I love that my best friends are now parents. Laura & Clay are the most amazing parents and Owen is beyond words delicious. He's about 6 weeks and too adorable. Perfect little features and the most amazing hair you've ever seen on a newborn. We spent some time at Laura's house - dropped Benny off at his grandparents house - and went out for a yummy dinner with Laura & Nicole!!! Remi was a perfect little babe while we were at the restaurant. It was a perfect night.. so nice to spend time with Laura & Nicole and I love that my sister gets along so well with my dear friends.

- Benny slept horrible that night. He also woke up hysterical and cried for over an hour without stopping. I knew something was wrong. He wouldn't nurse. He was extremely uncomfortable. I cried. He cried. It was a mess.

- Saturday morning, I decided I wanted Benny to see a doctor. And so the adventure began...after visiting 3 different walk-in clinics, we were referred to a pediatrician in Hollywood, Florida. It was a nightmare but the doctor was very nice. After 3 1/2 hours of waiting, driving, etc.. it was confirmed that Benny had a throat infection. Poor little bugger. No strep so it's viral -- treated with Tylenol. He also pooped 4 times that day so by that night he was MUCH better and back to my normal, happy babe. He also started nursing again once the Tylenol kicked in - PHEW!! I felt so bad for him but I was very happy that I followed my instincts and took him to the doc. Oh..and he now weighs 21.25 pounds!

- After doctor fiasco, we went to Laura & Clay's house and our day officially began!! We packed up all the babies and went towards the beach. Yummy lunch at Bimimi Boatyard (which holds a special place in my heart because all ate there the Thursday before our wedding). Then off to see Laura's mom's new condo on the beach. Just gorgeous - they were able to buy two condos next to each other and combined them into one LARGE, GORGEOUS, SPECTACULAR condo. I was in awe. It was so beautiful and decorated so lovely. We spent a lot of time there, and eventually decided it was time for ice cream. Yummo!!  Great way to end the night. Back to the hotel where Benny finally slept good (I mean.. good for him, haha). Tylenol is a blessing.

- Sunday, up early, packing then breakfast with Josh's family again. So great to see them one more time!!!

..and before we knew it, back to the airport. This flight was packed again. And the last 30 minutes included a lot of bumps and a lot of circling - uhhh. But we made it, safe & sound!!! Ending the night with a reunion with my favorites Layla & Dada!!!

SO --

Weekend was great. Now it's all about Layla's BIG 2nd birthday coming up next week!!!!!
Cheers and enjoy this amazing summer weather!!

(Sorry these are SO out of order...annoying!)

FaceTiming with my favorite little lady!!!

Baby Josh!! <3

The end of our trip..the only picture I took of the 4 of us! :( My favorite travel partners.

Grandma, Benny & GG!!

Benny & Owen...they were linking arms. I could melt. (4 months and 6 weeks)

Plane snoozing ;)

When there is no whole milk to be found, Remi gets chocolate milk.  

My Remi Leah!

Benny was ready to FLY!

Chatting with Laura & Owen... Love Love Love

My best friend. Her baby. My baby. Weren't we just in college...?

Picture above is 2004. Picture below is 2013. Too funny.. we're always chatting!

Benny & Clay!!

Waiting to see the doctor.. apparently happy?? ;)

Waiting for the doctor.. my poor big boy.

Baby OWEN.. so yummy 

My babies chatting!!

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