My little family!

My little family!

Friday, May 10, 2013

A love letter.

My babe....

My dear, sweet husband. 

I love you.

I know our lives are busy.

We wake up and suddenly we're thrown into the day. You get Layla out of the crib while I nurse Benny. We quickly kiss before you're off to work and I'm surrounded by poopy diapers and stuffed animals and a giggling 23 month old and a cooing 3 month old. We text and chat throughout the day. Before we know it, it's dinner time, then bath time, then bedtime...and before long I'm passed out from being up all night. 

But I want you to know...

I love you. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. And it was so nice to just be with you. Just sit with you and hold your hand. Laugh with you at the comedy club and chat about music and sports and ..of course, the kiddies.

This November will be 11 YEARS we've been dating. 11 years. That's ...unbelievable, actually. 

I know how stressful your job is. I know that my extended maternity leave worries you as you are the financial provider for this family. 

And I want you to know how deeply appreciative we (me, Layla & Benny) are. We know hard you work. 

YOU are what keeps us together. You are the glue. 

So in case you ever wonder...

I still get butterflies when we kiss. I still remember our many, many nights of driving around in my air condition-less chevy cavalier listening to Pink Floyd or Prince and laughing hysterically at our thousands of inside jokes. I will always remember those first few years as being insanely fun and silly...

but these past couple of years? They're my favorite memories.

2007 - Josh moves to Philadelphia.
2008 - Buy our first house and get engaged.
2009 - Plan a wedding
2010 - Get married/Get Pregnant
2011 - Sell a house/Buy a house/Miss Layla Jules is born
2012 - Get Pregnant
2013 - Mr Benjamin Sawyer is born

... it's been a pretty amazing ride. 

And I can't imagine anyone else by my side.

So thank you. For all that you do and for all that you are and for being my best friend and the best partner. 

The best decision I've ever made was marrying you.

Love you always, babe.
Court <3 

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