My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

23 months!!!!!

Weight: 26.4 pounds
Height: 33 inches
Eating: Lots of the same (fruits, veggies, pouches, apple sauce, organic whole milk, almond milk, cheese, chicken nuggets)
Clothes: 18-24 month, 24 month and 2T! 
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: 6-7 (a little big but it's what we bought you to last all summer)


Happy 23 months miss Layla Jules. I can officially say without hesitation that we have entered the world of "TWO" - although a month away, you're eager to take year two on and all the comes with it. While remaining my baby (always and always), we are watching you fade into a little girl. This is so exciting (and sometimes sad as we realize how fast time goes). You are full of determination. You are curious, strong-willed and full of love. You are learning the world around you and everyday is an adventure. I recently told your Mom-Mom how a two year old is not easy. However -- I have no doubt that I was put on earth to be your mother. To guide you through life and show you all the beautiful moments.

What you've been doing... 
Playing. Reading. Singing. Dancing. 
You love your books. You LOVE to color. We got you color magic markers which are fantastic (the markers only color on the specific paper). We also started color wonder finger painting which is really fun. You love to dance. We downloaded some fun IPAD apps and I'm excited to work on those with you. You love to sing. You hear a song and immediately try to "sing along" - it's adorable. You love to shout the words to Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday & ABCs.We are working on learning our colors, shapes, and letters. Slowly, but surely. You're very good at naming every single body part. You're also excellent at naming all animals and the sounds they make. We have recently entered the world of tantrums. You scream loudly when you don't want to do something. I can easily distract you before it has turned into a full blown issue but we are learning how to avoid the tantrums. You are also hitting a bit. You don't understand time out yet but I'm trying to discipline you and teach you that hitting hurts. I hate yelling at you and I often pray for the strength to teach you without yelling. It's hard but we're learning together. I know that you don't mean to hurt anyone or cry when you don't get your way. It's tough being 23 months old!

What you've been eating....
Same. Same. Same. Working on adding more to your diet. Your favorite meal (ever) is still matzoh ball soup with noodles and carrots (from Ben & Irvs) - you chow down!! Otherwise a lot of fruit & veggie pouches, apple sauce, cheese, yogurt. You love Danimals (fruit smoothie) and all the organic snacks.  

What you've been saying...
It never ends - repeating and remembering!! You are forming long sentences and realize how to use them. You often say things like "Book, Layla" - meaning it's Layla's book. Last night, I asked you if you were ready for your bath and you looked at me with your sweet blue eyes and said "Benny's ready bath". Haha. Still not a bath lover after all these months.

Never a straight forward answer to this one, huh? Sleep has been okay... bedtime has been tricky a couple of nights because you had strep throat but you've been great. We are moving your bedtime slowly back and working towards 7:30/8:00 rather then 6:30/7:00/7:30. Right now you only let me put you to bed but hopefully you'll get back to letting anyone do it soon. We read (a lot) before bed and you need some time to cuddle and just sit. You drink your milk (which is now 80% water, 20% milk because you threw up a few nights in a row for some reason...), cuddle and then I put you in your crib and you pass out. You have been waking up early but just stand in your crib until we get you (usually waking around 6:30 and getting out of the crib around 7:00). Naps.. are a huge challenge. I'm ready to give up but I KNOW you need the sleep and you're so much happier with a nap. You've been crying in your crib again when I put you in. If we're in the car, you'll sleep for a long time. You sleep 2+ hours at school which is great. No nap at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house which is very hard. I think you are so worried about missing something that you'll avoid naps at all costs. 

What you've been reading & watching....
Eric Carle books, Spot books and your new Fish book are your favorites but you'll read anything & everything..over & over! You love to read so so much. As for movies, we're watching so many new ones!! You love Up, Bolt, Madagascar and more.. it's fun and a nice change from the movies you always used to want. I try to limit your TV time and you'd often rather read or color anyway! 

We are ONE month way from your 2nd birthday.. the invitations are sent, the details are being finalized and we are ready to celebrate you on your big day. It feels like 2 seconds ago that I held you for the first time and now here we are, ready to celebrate two years of your life. I hope you continue to learn, grow and play. I hope you know how much we love you. I hope you realize I will always be your biggest fan. 

Thank you also for being an INCREDIBLE big sister. Benny is always the first person you ask to see in the morning and then last person you kiss tonight. Right now, you're both on the floor hugging. Literally. It's pretty amazing, my dear. 

With love, 
Your Mama

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary at Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza

Goofy ;)

Pony Rides at Ava & Marley's birthday party!

We love when Grandma visits!!

Carousel rides at the mall!

I think your brother is catching up to you in size ;)

My lovely girl. 

Make-Up time with Marley & Abbey!

After Make-Up..just gorgeous. 


You love the giraffes...

Great day with Dada!

Inches of glasses separated you & this giant bear.. you loved it.


Kisses for your brother - always!

Becoming fast friends. 

Reading in a basket. Totally normal.

You are still so teeny <3

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