My little family!

My little family!

Friday, May 31, 2013



A huge thank you to the troops that protect & serve our country.

Love this holiday.

Happy summer is here!!!

I'm sitting on the sofa writing a quick recap of my weekend while Layla colors & the boys sleep soundly. Happy to be back home with my little family!!!

Our trip to Florida was AMAZING - Benny, Kim, Remi & I had the best time. It was way too short (literally 48 hours plus traveling) but it was worth it. I would update with all the details but basically...

- We saw Josh's family which was great. I was so happy they got some extra time with Benny. I'm so lucky to have married into a family that loves me & my babies so much. They just light up when the kids enter the room - it's so great. We got to spend a lot of time with Josh's parents, grandparents & sister. Always special and fun.

- We took naps. Me & Kim and both kiddies. It was glorious.

- We got to meet the incredible OWEN!!!! I love that my best friends are now parents. Laura & Clay are the most amazing parents and Owen is beyond words delicious. He's about 6 weeks and too adorable. Perfect little features and the most amazing hair you've ever seen on a newborn. We spent some time at Laura's house - dropped Benny off at his grandparents house - and went out for a yummy dinner with Laura & Nicole!!! Remi was a perfect little babe while we were at the restaurant. It was a perfect night.. so nice to spend time with Laura & Nicole and I love that my sister gets along so well with my dear friends.

- Benny slept horrible that night. He also woke up hysterical and cried for over an hour without stopping. I knew something was wrong. He wouldn't nurse. He was extremely uncomfortable. I cried. He cried. It was a mess.

- Saturday morning, I decided I wanted Benny to see a doctor. And so the adventure began...after visiting 3 different walk-in clinics, we were referred to a pediatrician in Hollywood, Florida. It was a nightmare but the doctor was very nice. After 3 1/2 hours of waiting, driving, etc.. it was confirmed that Benny had a throat infection. Poor little bugger. No strep so it's viral -- treated with Tylenol. He also pooped 4 times that day so by that night he was MUCH better and back to my normal, happy babe. He also started nursing again once the Tylenol kicked in - PHEW!! I felt so bad for him but I was very happy that I followed my instincts and took him to the doc. Oh..and he now weighs 21.25 pounds!

- After doctor fiasco, we went to Laura & Clay's house and our day officially began!! We packed up all the babies and went towards the beach. Yummy lunch at Bimimi Boatyard (which holds a special place in my heart because all ate there the Thursday before our wedding). Then off to see Laura's mom's new condo on the beach. Just gorgeous - they were able to buy two condos next to each other and combined them into one LARGE, GORGEOUS, SPECTACULAR condo. I was in awe. It was so beautiful and decorated so lovely. We spent a lot of time there, and eventually decided it was time for ice cream. Yummo!!  Great way to end the night. Back to the hotel where Benny finally slept good (I mean.. good for him, haha). Tylenol is a blessing.

- Sunday, up early, packing then breakfast with Josh's family again. So great to see them one more time!!!

..and before we knew it, back to the airport. This flight was packed again. And the last 30 minutes included a lot of bumps and a lot of circling - uhhh. But we made it, safe & sound!!! Ending the night with a reunion with my favorites Layla & Dada!!!

SO --

Weekend was great. Now it's all about Layla's BIG 2nd birthday coming up next week!!!!!
Cheers and enjoy this amazing summer weather!!

(Sorry these are SO out of order...annoying!)

FaceTiming with my favorite little lady!!!

Baby Josh!! <3

The end of our trip..the only picture I took of the 4 of us! :( My favorite travel partners.

Grandma, Benny & GG!!

Benny & Owen...they were linking arms. I could melt. (4 months and 6 weeks)

Plane snoozing ;)

When there is no whole milk to be found, Remi gets chocolate milk.  

My Remi Leah!

Benny was ready to FLY!

Chatting with Laura & Owen... Love Love Love

My best friend. Her baby. My baby. Weren't we just in college...?

Picture above is 2004. Picture below is 2013. Too funny.. we're always chatting!

Benny & Clay!!

Waiting to see the doctor.. apparently happy?? ;)

Waiting for the doctor.. my poor big boy.

Baby OWEN.. so yummy 

My babies chatting!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BSE - 4 months!!

This month's hat - his keepah from his bris! (It says Benjamin in Hebrew)

Bright Eyes.

This face. 

Hugs for your bear (name to be decided....)

Big squeeze!!





Looking at Layla

Looking outside!

1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months

4 month stats:
Weight: I think we are officially at (or above!) the 20 pound mark!! We will find out at your doctor's appt next week. MY BIG BOY!
Height: Maybe close to 27 inches?? Again, we'll find out next week.
Eating: Exclusively breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day & several times during the night with the occasional bottle of Similac Sensitive formula.
Clothes: 3 month & 3-6 month is getting small (way) - 6 month for now... but I'm already buying you 9 month summer attire!
Diaper: Size 3 (Pampers Cruisers)

My sweet boy....

4 months? Are we SURE? Wasn't I JUST in the hospital, looking at you in the early morning light and thinking to myself how gorgeous you are? Didn't we just come from the hospital, terrified at how your sister would react - only to discover her deep love for you? Didn't we JUST go to the doctor for your 1 month appointment? I am in shock and yet time plays it's cruel trick and keeps going at super speed.

You, my little love, are so sweet. I can't say it enough. You are calm, easy, collected. You LOVE to smile and laugh - LOUD! Your giggles are the best sound in the world. You love to "talk" to anyone that will listen - these loud, high-pitched coos that sound like a dinosaur and make us laugh. You have been excellent at tummy time and I know the day will be here very soon when you're sitting up on your own. You love to lay on the activity mat and you recently started sitting in "mission control" (the exerciser) - you're so amazing and have already mastered how to work the toys and noises on there. You grab toys and chew on them. You love to have a blanket on you so you can chew on it - and you have one specific blue blanket/stuffed animal that you love to suck on. You still love the pacifier but only use it during the day. 

You sleep in the rock&play next to my bed but I think these days may be coming to an end. For the past 4 weeks or so, your sleep has been horrible. You are up several times a night (usually every 1-2 hours) with your longest stretch at the beginning (usually 4 hours) and the early morning (usually 3 hours). I am not ready to sleep train you yet and I don't want to move you in your room but I'm desperate for more sleep. I have introduced the sound machine recently and hope that this "4 month wakefulness" ends soon. Despite it all, you're SO HAPPY! You nap about 3 times a day (early morning, mid-afternoon, evening) and nap best on me. I'm trying to teach you how to nap on your own. I may start with naps in your room soon because your sister LOVES to wake you when you're sleeping. Poor guy ;)

You still don't love the car -- most times you're okay and will look around with your big, sparkly eyes and stare out the window - or you'll just pass out for a quick snooze - but if you're a bit fussy and we're in the car, you'll cry & cry. The pacifier helps and moving helps (red light? traffic? lots of tears) - it makes me SO sad when you cry in the car because I can't help. Your cry is the saddest..and you have these big fat tears that stain your face. Heartbreaking. 

You get about 2-3 baths a week - you seem to like them! I am going to stop using the newborn insert this week and try you in the regular baby tub. I think your big enough!!

Your chub.. oh my dear, your chub. It's the cutest thing and what people comment on the most. You are SO big and resemble an 8 month old instead of a 4 month old. You are off the charts for height & weight. Everyone says you'll have to play sports!! I wonder if you'll want to be a quarterback or if chess will call your name? Maybe music? Or art? Whatever you choose, we'll support you!! Who knows - you may end up being a little guy! But I doubt it.. your big and gorgeous and perfect.

This past month, we have had so much fun - I wish I could list off all of the things you've done!! You've been everywhere and are always happy. On Mondays & Tuesdays, you come with Layla & I to her classes (music on Mondays, tumble tunes on Tuesdays) - you are now starting to "participate" rather then sleep and it's so sweet. 

We are still together, just mama & Benny, on Wednesdays, Thursday mornings & Fridays. It's a special time - I love being able to give you my full attention. We snuggle and play and nap and chat. I can tell you know me and it warms my heart. 

You love the warm sun - being outside seems to really relax you. Today, I FINALLY bought a double stroller (the city mini double) and I can't wait to take you & Layla for walks!! 

Next weekend, we're going on our first vacation together - just you & I (along with Aunt Kim and Remi). We are going to Florida to see your future BFF, Owen. He's mama's best friend's new baby.. I'm so excited!! It'll be great for you to spend time with your Florida family as well. 

I think you will roll over soon. You get over on your side and your so close!!

Thank you for being so loving. So happy. So content. I know Layla can smother you in kisses, hugs and licks. You lay there happily and smile when she comes over. I love to see your relationship grow and know it's only the beginning. 

We love you so much - cheers to 4 months!!!!

I love you, always.
Your Mama

I love you so much.

Watching TV, hahaha

Let's go Heat!

Playing with Remi!


Seriously. Cheeks. Lips. DAH!

Fun at the zoo!

To the MOON!

So great on your tummy!

Tell Layla a secret.

The cutest.

Sending Dada fun pictures while he's at work!

Laying with Andrew, Remi & Layla! Typical Thursday.

Always together.

First time in mission control!

My sweet boy. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

A love letter.

My babe....

My dear, sweet husband. 

I love you.

I know our lives are busy.

We wake up and suddenly we're thrown into the day. You get Layla out of the crib while I nurse Benny. We quickly kiss before you're off to work and I'm surrounded by poopy diapers and stuffed animals and a giggling 23 month old and a cooing 3 month old. We text and chat throughout the day. Before we know it, it's dinner time, then bath time, then bedtime...and before long I'm passed out from being up all night. 

But I want you to know...

I love you. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. And it was so nice to just be with you. Just sit with you and hold your hand. Laugh with you at the comedy club and chat about music and sports and ..of course, the kiddies.

This November will be 11 YEARS we've been dating. 11 years. That's ...unbelievable, actually. 

I know how stressful your job is. I know that my extended maternity leave worries you as you are the financial provider for this family. 

And I want you to know how deeply appreciative we (me, Layla & Benny) are. We know hard you work. 

YOU are what keeps us together. You are the glue. 

So in case you ever wonder...

I still get butterflies when we kiss. I still remember our many, many nights of driving around in my air condition-less chevy cavalier listening to Pink Floyd or Prince and laughing hysterically at our thousands of inside jokes. I will always remember those first few years as being insanely fun and silly...

but these past couple of years? They're my favorite memories.

2007 - Josh moves to Philadelphia.
2008 - Buy our first house and get engaged.
2009 - Plan a wedding
2010 - Get married/Get Pregnant
2011 - Sell a house/Buy a house/Miss Layla Jules is born
2012 - Get Pregnant
2013 - Mr Benjamin Sawyer is born

... it's been a pretty amazing ride. 

And I can't imagine anyone else by my side.

So thank you. For all that you do and for all that you are and for being my best friend and the best partner. 

The best decision I've ever made was marrying you.

Love you always, babe.
Court <3 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

23 months!!!!!

Weight: 26.4 pounds
Height: 33 inches
Eating: Lots of the same (fruits, veggies, pouches, apple sauce, organic whole milk, almond milk, cheese, chicken nuggets)
Clothes: 18-24 month, 24 month and 2T! 
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: 6-7 (a little big but it's what we bought you to last all summer)


Happy 23 months miss Layla Jules. I can officially say without hesitation that we have entered the world of "TWO" - although a month away, you're eager to take year two on and all the comes with it. While remaining my baby (always and always), we are watching you fade into a little girl. This is so exciting (and sometimes sad as we realize how fast time goes). You are full of determination. You are curious, strong-willed and full of love. You are learning the world around you and everyday is an adventure. I recently told your Mom-Mom how a two year old is not easy. However -- I have no doubt that I was put on earth to be your mother. To guide you through life and show you all the beautiful moments.

What you've been doing... 
Playing. Reading. Singing. Dancing. 
You love your books. You LOVE to color. We got you color magic markers which are fantastic (the markers only color on the specific paper). We also started color wonder finger painting which is really fun. You love to dance. We downloaded some fun IPAD apps and I'm excited to work on those with you. You love to sing. You hear a song and immediately try to "sing along" - it's adorable. You love to shout the words to Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday & ABCs.We are working on learning our colors, shapes, and letters. Slowly, but surely. You're very good at naming every single body part. You're also excellent at naming all animals and the sounds they make. We have recently entered the world of tantrums. You scream loudly when you don't want to do something. I can easily distract you before it has turned into a full blown issue but we are learning how to avoid the tantrums. You are also hitting a bit. You don't understand time out yet but I'm trying to discipline you and teach you that hitting hurts. I hate yelling at you and I often pray for the strength to teach you without yelling. It's hard but we're learning together. I know that you don't mean to hurt anyone or cry when you don't get your way. It's tough being 23 months old!

What you've been eating....
Same. Same. Same. Working on adding more to your diet. Your favorite meal (ever) is still matzoh ball soup with noodles and carrots (from Ben & Irvs) - you chow down!! Otherwise a lot of fruit & veggie pouches, apple sauce, cheese, yogurt. You love Danimals (fruit smoothie) and all the organic snacks.  

What you've been saying...
It never ends - repeating and remembering!! You are forming long sentences and realize how to use them. You often say things like "Book, Layla" - meaning it's Layla's book. Last night, I asked you if you were ready for your bath and you looked at me with your sweet blue eyes and said "Benny's ready bath". Haha. Still not a bath lover after all these months.

Never a straight forward answer to this one, huh? Sleep has been okay... bedtime has been tricky a couple of nights because you had strep throat but you've been great. We are moving your bedtime slowly back and working towards 7:30/8:00 rather then 6:30/7:00/7:30. Right now you only let me put you to bed but hopefully you'll get back to letting anyone do it soon. We read (a lot) before bed and you need some time to cuddle and just sit. You drink your milk (which is now 80% water, 20% milk because you threw up a few nights in a row for some reason...), cuddle and then I put you in your crib and you pass out. You have been waking up early but just stand in your crib until we get you (usually waking around 6:30 and getting out of the crib around 7:00). Naps.. are a huge challenge. I'm ready to give up but I KNOW you need the sleep and you're so much happier with a nap. You've been crying in your crib again when I put you in. If we're in the car, you'll sleep for a long time. You sleep 2+ hours at school which is great. No nap at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house which is very hard. I think you are so worried about missing something that you'll avoid naps at all costs. 

What you've been reading & watching....
Eric Carle books, Spot books and your new Fish book are your favorites but you'll read anything & everything..over & over! You love to read so so much. As for movies, we're watching so many new ones!! You love Up, Bolt, Madagascar and more.. it's fun and a nice change from the movies you always used to want. I try to limit your TV time and you'd often rather read or color anyway! 

We are ONE month way from your 2nd birthday.. the invitations are sent, the details are being finalized and we are ready to celebrate you on your big day. It feels like 2 seconds ago that I held you for the first time and now here we are, ready to celebrate two years of your life. I hope you continue to learn, grow and play. I hope you know how much we love you. I hope you realize I will always be your biggest fan. 

Thank you also for being an INCREDIBLE big sister. Benny is always the first person you ask to see in the morning and then last person you kiss tonight. Right now, you're both on the floor hugging. Literally. It's pretty amazing, my dear. 

With love, 
Your Mama

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary at Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza

Goofy ;)

Pony Rides at Ava & Marley's birthday party!

We love when Grandma visits!!

Carousel rides at the mall!

I think your brother is catching up to you in size ;)

My lovely girl. 

Make-Up time with Marley & Abbey!

After Make-Up..just gorgeous. 


You love the giraffes...

Great day with Dada!

Inches of glasses separated you & this giant bear.. you loved it.


Kisses for your brother - always!

Becoming fast friends. 

Reading in a basket. Totally normal.

You are still so teeny <3