My little family!

My little family!

Monday, April 1, 2013

World's Worst Blogger.... :(

First and foremost, I need to apologize to my dear boy.. my son.. my huge and handsome little man who has been slighted in the blog world. With Layla, I was completely on top of her weekly updates, documenting every smile - every move - every feeling - every week. With Benny Bop, I'm lucky if I can gather my thoughts biweekly. It is so typical, right? The first baby is completely documented with the subsequent babies get the shaft? Uh. I'm embarrassed - the good news is I can turn it around.

Tomorrow, Benjamin will be 11 weeks old. And I vow (see, it's written so it must be true) to write once a week about him. And his sister. And our lives. Because these blog posts are turned into books - baby books, if you will.. and I don't want Benny to feel any less loved. Just know, my sweet boy, how very loved you are. 

Example? In the middle of the night, I look beside you - swaddled tightly and sleeping soundly in the rock&play sleeper (or our bed) - I stare at you. I drink in your round face and watch your chest slowly move up and down. I listen to your amazing little sounds & snores. I wait for you to smile in your sleep and I smile to myself. And sometimes? I'm so overwhelmed by love for you that I literally cry. 

So just know.. I love you so very much, even if I don't document the first time you stick your tongue out to mimic me (which happened about 10 days ago, folks..).


Florida. We went. We flew. We conquered. And we had a FANTASTIC time. 

A quick recap...

Josh's mama was sweet enough to fly up here to help me fly back down. She came a few days prior to us going down to get some quality time with the kiddies. We had a great trip and it was a lot of fun - we went to the aquarium, dinners, shopping and more. 

We left on March 20th for Ft Laudy... I sent Layla to school that day so I could pack & clean while she was away. Plus? She had been sleeping SO bad (trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, waking up early AND...not napping. The quadruple threat, if you will) - I sent her to school because she naps so beautifully there (2+ hours almost every time, go figure..). I packed, we picked her up, and we were off! Security was easy (ish), we changed both babies and before we knew it - it was time to board! Josh's mom took Layla while I carried Benny on the plane. 

And.. all my worries and fears of flying with two under two? VANISHED! Why? Because it great. Better then great. Benny nursed and slept for about 95% of the flight. Layla sat in her own seat, watched all of Toy Story 3 on the Ipad, played and read, and asked to sit in my lap the last 15 minutes of the flight. Easy, wonderful, and unexpected. 

(I'll later by writing an entire post dedicated to flying with children because people often ask me how I do it.. and I certainly have some tips!!)

Upon arriving in Florida, we were greeted by Grandpa (Josh's dad) and went back to their house. Our last trip to Florida was hard. Layla slept awful and was terrified of the dogs, Lucy & Max. When we got to the house, she couldn't kiss them both enough! She loved being there, loved seeing everyone.. it was great. I quickly set up her room (Josh's parents turned Aunt Sydney's old room into a nursery) - I bring the sound machine, a sheet from our house, Mr Bear & Kyle, and the video monitor. I said a quick prayer, read her "Where's Spot?", gave her milk and put her in the crib.. and.. she slept. And slept great. I never heard from her again until 6:30 AM the next morning. Despite an early wake up, it was insanely wonderful and more then I could ask for. And this is how she slept - ALL week long!!! It was a huge relief. Napping.. consisted of car rides, napping on me, and napping on Josh once he got to town.. but that's okay! She napped - and LONG - sometimes 2-3 hours. It was great and made the trip so much more enjoyable. Benny slept great too, although he ONLY wanted to sleep in bed with me (and wouldn't sleep in the rock & play sleeper except for naps). This was fine with me! We cuddled every night and he went his longest stretches yet (about 6 hours). It was good. 

Thursday, we went to Young At Art, a Children's museum, along with Grandma & Aunt Sydney. It was so much fun!! Layla loved it and it was a blast - she was able to touch everything, color, slide and more. I highly recommend it to anyone in the South Florida area. Laura came over after work that night to visit and see the babies. She looks amazing and is 5 weeks away from her due date - I can't wait to meet Baby Krebs!!! During the day, Benjamin got to meet his great-grandparents & great-Aunt Diane. It was so nice for them to meet him and he was excited too ;)

Friday, we went to Amy's new house in Lake Worth - it's GORGEOUS - so beautifully decorated and the perfect house for them. It was so so nice to see her and Jilly came along with baby Sonny! I loved seeing them and felt like no time had past since our last visit together. The kids all played really nice and I can't wait to see them again soon!! (I also can't believe we have 5 babies between the 3 of us.. weren't we just planning our weddings??!)

Saturday, Josh arrived nice & early which was perfect. We missed him SO much!!! That afternoon, family & friends came over for a small party to celebrate Benny!! It was a lot of fun and we received so many nice gifts... it really is incredible how many people love & care about our little family. The kids were both gems - seriously wonderful despite meeting so many new people. 

Sunday, we made our way to Hollywood Beach!! Layla was falling asleep on the way there, so I knew we were in trouble. Once we got there, she was excited to see the ocean & sand. After an hour, it was clear it was naptime so our plans of lunch and relaxing were pushed aside and instead we went home. At least I got to sit with my toes in the sand for a bit ;) That night, Josh & his mama went to the Miami Heat game while I stayed home with the kiddies and Grandpa. 

Monday, we celebrated Passover! Lots of fun with family!! That night, we went to Laura & Clay's house to say hello and see the new baby's room! It's so beautiful and the perfect nursery.

Tuesday, I was able to sneak away for some girl time.. Laura & I attempted to get massages but it didn't work out (weird place+lost appointments+scary man masseuse) so instead we ate a long lunch and walked around. I love spending time with Laura and I'm sad every time we have to say goodbye :( If we  ever move to Florida, I'm fairly certain I'll have to buy a house in her neighborhood ;)

Wednesday, we were Philly bound. Again, a flawless flight.. kind of. Within minutes of take-off, Layla passed out on Josh. Benny passed out on me. I listened to music. And then Layla started coughing (both kids coughed the entire Florida trip.. blah). And coughing some more. And then she threw up. All over Josh. All over herself. It was gross and smelly and awful. But we managed.. we cleaned up and we made it work. 

Thursday, I took both kids to the doctor. Layla had a high temperature and Benny had his 2 month appt. Turns out Layla has an ear infection and bad cold (and is STILL not doing great). Blah. Benny?? Is amazing. HE'S HUGE. He now weighs a whopping 17.4 pounds (Layla's at 25.6 pounds). He had 4 shots and took it like a champ. It was a good visit. That afternoon, Josh's mom came back into town to help me for the weekend because Josh went to Georgia for J's wedding. (SO thankful his mom came to help as it was a sick weekend for Layla and I could use the extra set of hands!!).

So that's that. That's where we are. Josh is now home. The cats are happy. Layla's sleeping soundly. Benny's sleeping next to me. Things are good. I extended my maternity leave until the end of June. The thought of leaving the kids literally hurts my stomach. He's so small and I don't want to miss a single moment. She's changing everyday. She's learning and growing so fast. I don't my leave to end. But that's a different post for a different day...

Happy Easter. Happy Spring (hello nice weather? Where are you?). Hello Friends. 

Upcoming posts? 
- What I've Learned the past 11 weeks
- How the 2nd time around is different
- Travel Tips with Babies
- Our Kitchen Remodel 
- Our huge tax refund and what I want to buy ;)
- Layla's 22 month post
- Benny's 3 month post the pictures ;) completely out of order!! 

No caption needed.

Benny & I went to Abbey's school when she was Shabbat Girl - it was adorable!

Dada & Layla at little Layla's baptism!

Grandma & Layla at the aquarium!

Playing in the crib!

Baby love.


Benjamin meeting his great-grandmother ("GG") for the first time!!

Florida naps!!

Benny on his first flight. Snuggled and sleeping!

Ready for Young at Art with Aunt Sydney & Grandma!

Playdate with Jordyn, Sonny & Kole!! (Benny was sleeping)

Playing with the water station at Young At Art!

Mama & Benny ready for the party!

Layla flying so wonderfully!

Ready for the party!!

Hollywood Beach!!

Enjoying the gorgeous weather!!

Benny giggles!!

Melts my heart!

Layla playing on the beach!

Matzah Ball soup - yummy! "Soupies", if you will.

On the flight home -- right before she puked. Uh.

Layla, Flynn Rider and the pool. 

Back home and playing together on the activity mat!

Back home with an ear infection :(

Passover. Grandpa, Benny, Grandma & Layla <3 

Layla & Grandma (check out our new kitchen floor!)

Build A Bear fun -- Mrs Doggie & Sir Bear!

11 weeks old today!

GRANDPA & LAYLA (probably my favorite pic from Florida...)

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