My little family!

My little family!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

BSE is 3 months!!



little man checking out the street.

Turns out newborn hats don't fit anymore ;)

Ladies man!

Hanging out with his main squeeze, the bear (needs a name...)

My little guy!

3 month stats:
Weight: 17 pounds, 6 ounces at your 2 month appointment. If I had to guess, 18-19 pounds?! You're so chunky monkey. It's amazing.
Height: Not exactly sure but LONG!
Eating: Exclusively breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day & every 3-6 hours at night with the occasional bottle of Similac Sensitive formula.
Clothes: 0-3 month (getting small), 3 month and 3-6 month (even a couple of 6 month sleepers).
Diaper: Size 1 (Pampers Sensitive).

Dearest Benjamin,

Gone are the days of newborn goodness... you, my little love, are officially an INFANT! 

It's been a whirlwind of 3 months. A blink of an eye and here we are. I will always tell you how much I love you, but through these letters I want you to see just how amazing you are. I can't tell people enough - you are the perfect little man. You are as easy going as they come - extremely alert, talkative and silly. 

You don't cry very much -- but when you do, it's one of the saddest sounds I've ever heard. Sometimes your sister cries and you'll begin crying along with her. You are already so in love with her - it's clear the friendship is forming. She covers you in toys, kisses you a billion times, holds your little hands and you happily smile. 

SMILES - your whole face lights up. You love to coo and chat to anyone that will pay attention. You are getting very good at grabbing on to your toys and love to hold blankets. I think you're beginning to teeth - you are constantly chewing on your hands. You love the pacifier and it helps calm you down - however you don't need it to fall asleep which is nice. Your favorite place (other then laying on someone) is the rock n'play sleeper. We have two for this very reason. You like the activity mat and we recently borrowed a very nice swing that I'll try this week. 

You hate the car. Most of the time you tolerate it but you need the pacifier to keep you happy. If we are stopped at a red light/traffic, you are NOT a happy camper. Eventually you fall asleep and you seem to like the car seat, but the car itself isn't your favorite place. 

You love to sleep - a lot! You are starting to get on a schedule. You take a nap soon after you wake up in the morning, then again 3-4 times throughout the day. Depending on our plans, sometimes you'll sleep longer then others. I often need to wake you during the day to eat but I'm trying to avoid this so you can get your naps in! 

You like it outside and I look forward to the Spring weather so can we take walks together. 

You are sleeping fairly well at night -- you go to sleep anywhere from 730-830. You usually go around 4 hours. Then wake up 1-2 times again before morning. Last night, you went 6 hours which was a treat!! Our current schedule is that Layla goes to bed, I squeeze in a shower, feed you one last time before I go upstairs and you hang out with Dada downstairs and fall asleep. He brings you up to eat when you wake up (or if you don't, he'll bring you up and put you in your seat to sleep). It works great because when you're in our room, I don't sleep as well. You're a bit noisy and I'm always worried about your sweet little face. You LOVE to sleep in bed with us (especially on my chest) and sleep best that way, so I often let you ;)

On Wednesdays, Thursdays &'s just me & you. Layla is at school or Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house. While I love my time with both of you, these days are so special. I love when you nap on my chest or "talk"to me for hours. It's so lovely to get to know you. I'm so very lucky that I am able to extend my maternity leave until June... this week is when I should have returned to work and I can't imagine for a single second not being with you all the time.

You take baths 2-3 times a week. You sometimes cry but you mostly like it -- I think you get cold easily and I'm ready for you to be in the tub a little more so the warm water covers you! 

You are doing well on your tummy! I need to work more on tummy time but you sleep and cuddle so much  - it's hard to squeeze it in! ;)

You are so big - your like a puppy! Your hands and feet are so big and your cheeks go on for days. I know one day soon you'll slim down and I'll think back on these days and giggle at how big you are! Your eyes are SO bright and gorgeous and your hair is getting lighter everyday. I think you'll end up with big, dark eyes but possibly green or hazel? Who knows. 

You are so very loved - so very happy - and we are so excited to watch you learn & grow!!!! 

I love you, always.
Your Mama

(A glimpse at his 3 month pictures we took today - unedited but still so cute!)

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