My little family!

My little family!

Friday, March 8, 2013

6 weeks.

(This is an older post but I'm putting it up anyway...)

An update. A fast update. Because right now, while Layla is asleep in her crib and Benny is asleep on Josh's mama....all I want to do is curl up with my book. Or watch Grey's Anatomy. Or just SIT. IN QUIET. But I want to update this blog -- because despite these days zooming by and blending into one another.. I want to remember some details.

Like this...

Benny had his first doctor's appointment. He did amazing. And.. drum roll please... he gained just about FOUR POUNDS in the past month. Literally. We checked out of the hospital and he weighed 9.3 pounds. Now...?? A healthy (and huge) 13.2 pounds and 24.75 inches!!!!!! (95th and 97th percentile). I can't believe it. He had one shot and did great. He is still eating every 2-3 hours -- Josh has been taking the early shift and it's been a huge help. He tends to get fussy around 5/6 AM and I have been bringing him into bed. It works. 

Layla's a mess. I've been calling her a drunk, for lack of a better description. Half the time, she's emotional, miserable and irritable. It's been this way for two weeks. I took her to the doctor's today but everything is normal. No ear infection. She's waking way too early and her naps are awfully short (today literally lasted 20 minutes). I feel so bad and hate seeing her like this. It's impossible to make her happy sometimes and I'm using any distractions I can. I can't wait for my Layla to come back.... I miss her. TEETHING SUCKS. 

Benny's first smiles are HEART MELTING. He is so delicious. 

Layla's Purim parade at school was... funny. She cried as soon as she saw me and I had to sit on stage with her. Fail. Haha..

I'm getting better at being a mom of two. I think catching up (barely) on sleep has made me more sane. And having my mom's help & Josh's mom visit this weekend really helped. Breastfeeding is (slightly) easier. I'm getting back to normal. Or whatever my new normal is. 

Benny is six weeks today. SIX WEEKS! What.....?!?! I can't believe it. (He's now 7 1/2 weeks)

I'm ready for Spring. 

Josh & I were able to go out to dinner twice this weekend. Friday night, just us. Saturday with friends. And it felt great. Just to be around adults. 

When Layla smiles and giggles... the whole world lights up. 

Layla's speech is incredible - she talks and I sit in awe at how much I can understand. And how much I can't. I love listening to her chat..especially to herself. She can "read" me books and it's so much fun. 

... I'm so lucky. I have this supportive family. And friends. And I'm doing what I WANT to do, watch my babies grow. I'm here for every milestone. I love it. I'm so lucky and have my incredibly hard working husband to thank.

100000 more things to write but I'll go eat ice cream instead. 


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