My little family!

My little family!

Friday, March 8, 2013

21 months!

Weight: Hovering between 25 & 26 pounds.
Height: About 34 inches I think - grew a lot!
Eating: Eating a lot!! Still drinking 2-4 cups of organic whole milk daily.
Clothes: 18 month, 18-24 month, 24 month and 2T! 
Diaper: Size 6
Shoe Size: 5-6

My little Layla...

Another month. Can it be? I know how often I say this -- but wasn't I JUST writing your one month letter? Wasn't I just holding you, nursing you, eagerly awaiting your first smile - laugh - crawl - step? And now.. here we are. A 21 month old who I can converse with, laugh with, have inside jokes with - a best friend in the making - a partner in crime. 

This has been a rough month for you, as far as health goes. Between teething issues, sleeping issues, throwing up, colds, coughs, and our newest addition - PINK EYE - it hasn't been easy. You've been irritable, cranky, and sad a lot. It it heartbreaking but I think we've crossed over the biggest bumps in the road because these past few days have been lovely. You are back - your usual happy, silly, wonderful smile has returned and I'm happy to admit - IT'S GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!! :)

What you've been doing... 
Playing. Talking. Running. Climbing. Discovering. 
Now, more then ever, you're soaking up the world around you. You learn things and truly remember them. You play by yourself for hours. You play pretend. You diaper, clean, bathe and love on your baby dolls. You play in your kitchen and pretend to eat and drink. You share. You love to lay out blankets and throw yourself down on them while yelling night night. You love the new indoor slide we bought you but won't climb the steps all the way and slide down without help. You read your books. You use a lot of gibberish when you have a thought. You sit in your car and use our keys to pretend to drive. You thrive in music class and at Romp & Roll - you love every second and now ask for Miss Sandy (our teacher at music) and Rompy (the mascot at Romp & Roll) - you are a star. Yesterday, while getting in the car, you actually shouted ROMPY! You had a destination in mind - you are SO smart. (Sorry babe - we were going to Target instead).

What you've been eating....
Food. Snacks. Fruit. All (mostly) organic anything & everything this mama can get her hands on. Your favorites include -- pirate's booty (popcorn), peanut butter (on a spoon), fruit (bananas, blueberries, raspberries, apples, grapes), pouches of organic fruits & veggies (made for younger babies but you love them and it's a great way to get you to eat veggies), ice cream & bagels with cream cheese! You have had your first tastes of juice and like it but prefer water (phew!). Organic whole milk ("milkies") is your favorite.

What you've been saying...
I couldn't write down all your words if I tried. Everyday it's at least 5 more new words. You are starting to speak in sentences which is amazing. You can almost always convey what you want or need and it is really sweet - you get so happy when we understand what you want and shout YEH! when we figure it out. When you wake up, you always ask for Benny...and then say, over & over, HI BENNY HI BENNY HI BENNY! 

We are at a rough point in the world of sleep. For the past 3+ weeks, you've been waking up around 6 AM. It was an issue as you cried the entire time (we don't take you out of the crib until 6:30 AM) but just sit or stand happily in your crib until we get you out. Today we didn't hear from you until 7:00 AM despite you waking up around 6:05 AM. I'm not sure what is waking you but at least you're not crying anymore. However..the days you've slept longer, you're clearly happier. As for naps.... we went from short naps to NO naps. I'm now lucky to get 30 minutes. I keep you in the crib for an hour. Sometimes you cry, sometimes you talk. And for 3 days straight? You've slept SITTING UP.. it's the funniest, weirdest thing. I really hope we get back to you sleeping later & taking naps because you need it. Twice, you've fallen asleep on me while sitting on the sofa - one minute you are talking, the next ..snoring. Daylight Savings is this weekend so hopefully we'll get back on track? 

What you've been reading & watching....
Lots of books. All different. Eric Carsle is your favorite. As for movies? We recently introduced "Little Mermaid" and it's quickly made the #1 movie spot in your heart. You also like "Wreck it Ralph" and "Brave" - along with the favorites.. Shrek, Rio, Toy Story, Tangled.. and ALL the Muppets movies (the oldest are your favorites, so cute...)

So much more I could write & say. You are so much fun, a light in our lives. You take my face and kiss me and my heart melts. You are so full of love. You are doing wonderful in school and the reports indicate that every week, you're more comfortable and love to play with the other kids. You can't get enough of your cousins and always ask for them all by name. Your favorite person is Benjamin. I can say with confidence you are the best big sister around. You take care of him when he is crying, cover him in kisses, make sure he has his pacifier/blanket/hat/toy. You are his # 1 fan and it's so sweet - I can't wait to see your relationship grow. 

We are 3 months away from your 2nd birthday... is that real ?? I booked your party and the theme (MUPPETS!) is under way... we're going to have so much fun. 

Now that Spring is approaching, we'll finally get time outside - we'll be going to the park, playing on our swingset, taking walks and burning off all of your toddler energy. We go to Florida in less then 2 weeks and I know you're going to have a blast. 

We love you, my sweet angel. 

Our first trip to Target as the 3 of us... <3 


Your BFF, Remi <3

Purim Show at school -- tears & cherry stained face while Benny looks on!

All dressed up for Purim!

Wearing Grandma's glasses - you had these on for a while, upside down & shirtless - adorable.


The recently discovered car-shopping cart at the grocery store. I think you like it ;)

Literally fell asleep on me like this - sad but so sweet.

Pirates Booty lover.

First time watching Little Mermaid!

Dancing with Pop Pop at music class!

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