My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Weeks. Three Weeks.

Can I be anymore behind in my blogging attempts??
While I'd love to sit here and write a long post about these past 2 weeks, the truth is my house is a disaster, the laundry is piled up, there are books/toys/assorted food displayed across my living room floor.. and most importantly, there is a 23 day old little man snoring next to me on the sofa. And all I want to do is kiss his face and soak him in.

It's been a crazy, exhausting, liberating, exciting and overall fabulous couple of weeks.

In no particular order......

We had a million visitors.
We received a million gifts.
We celebrated Benny turning 2 weeks. And 3 weeks.
Josh's mom left.
I developed mastitis.
Benny slept. He slept some more. He went spans of 4-6 hours some nights, and 2-3 hours other nights.
We all got colds.
Layla loves Benjamin in this overwhelming way... she only wants to hold him, kiss him, hug him. She practices putting diapers on her baby dolls. And feeding them. She's so motherly, naturally.
Benny is awake more during the day. He smiles sometimes and giggles out loud when sleeping.
He's losing hair.
We dealt with jaundice (and won!)
His belly button fell off.
He had his first bath (and loved it, minus the cold parts).
Layla is testing, testing, testing our limits. She's fast entering the lovely 2 year old phase.
Layla loves school - NO more tears at drop off - success!!
We signed her up for "camp" and school next year - she'll start going 3 days a week.
I survived my first 2 days of watching both babies by myself. Not only did I survive - we actually had fun! We made it to music class, open gym at romp and roll and a visit to see Heather, Adam & Justin.
I ordered 5 books and started one - Gone Girl. I've read 7 pages so far. At this rate I'll finish all 5 books by 2097.
We celebrated Superbowl with Shari & Brian - the tradition continues! Josh made an intense amount of food.
I cried. A lot. Thanks, hormones.
I no longer look 5-6 months pregnant. I now look 3-4 months pregnant. I can't wait to start dieting and working out. OH! And.. I now have stretch marks. I think 11 of them. Post baby stretch marks, who knew? I pray they'll fade - or become a cool thing to have.

I have so much more to write and tell and stories to say but instead I'm going to eat some lunch. And snuggle. And clean. And maybe even nap -- two kiddies is NO joke. And yes, they're 19 months apart. And yes, I worry I'm not giving one enough attention or Layla is bored or she's eaten organic fruit snacks for the 8th time today because I'm too tired to say no...

But I wouldn't change it. I am happy and learning and attempting to be the best mama and the best wife I can be.


(since writing this post, Layla has thrown up 3 times. I'm terrified she has the stomach virus going around. please say a prayer as I have NO CLUE how to take care of a sick baby while also taking care of a newborn!!)

(apologies now for the picture overload! all from my phone)

After school snuggles with my two babies. 
Josh taught her how to drive....


Nursing Benny. Layla needed mama. Make room! :)

<3 love <3

At the doctor's with me.... slept the whole time, so sweet. 

Out to eat and loving life. 

Again... lots of babies on mama's lap! 

Mid-Day snooze

Successfully gave both kiddies a bath. Felt like I deserved a gold medal. 

Superbowl Sunday!! Wearing a Dolphins & Eagles outfit...too bad it was the 49ers vs the Ravens!

Handsome fella!

Layla Jules, Benjamin Sawyer, Layla Denisa (our neighbor's baby and Benny's girlfriend - they are 5 days apart)

Just hanging out....

Success!! Went to music class and had FUN!!


Watching a movie.. in a basket.. with her baby dolls... 


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