My little family!

My little family!

Monday, January 14, 2013

My baby boy.....

Today, I am 39 weeks.
Today, in (roughly) 5 hours, we will be a family of 4.
Layla will become a big sister.
I will become a mother of two.
Josh will become a father of two.
We will have a SON!
.... we are ready. We can't wait. It's a perfect day to have a baby!!!

A little letter to my little one...

Dearest Benjamin,

This is my first letter to you - one of many.
The time has come for you to make your arrival and we are so very ready.
You are coming into a world full of love. We already adore you and you're not here yet.
These past 40 weeks have been hard, amazing, interesting and special.
I have worried about you, thought about you, dreamt of you.

This pregnancy was so very different then Layla. Maybe it was chasing your sister around. Maybe it was the scare we had mid-way through. Maybe it was the way my belly grew to a size I didn't think was humanly possible. And despite all the sickness, all my complaining, all my tears -- I wouldn't change a THING. I loved every second of the pregnancy, even the hardest parts, because it brought me closer to you.

I hope today is easy. I hope I recover quick so I can take care of you. I (selfishly) hope you breastfeed easily, sleep well and are comfortable.

Above all, please know how much we love you. Your sister will take care of you, your Dada will be your best friend and biggest supporter, and I..your Mama.. will simply adore you.

Happy Birth Day, my sweet.
Lots of love and see you soon!!!

Your Mama

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