My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

week 33!

American Idol ....?? ;)

My little teenager. UHHHHHH! 

MMMMMM. Matzah Soup for our little family!
REAAAAAAALLY short, quick post because I'm uncomfortable, busy and sleepy ;)

1. Layla will be 18 months tomorrow. She starts school one week from today. I'm going to vomit. 
2. We had a great week. Saw lots of friends & family. Saw a great movie "Silver Lining Playbook". 
3. I am excited for what we have coming up!! Sesame Place on Saturday. Baby Sprinkle next weekend.
4. The new baby's room is about 80% together. I love it so far. 
5. Josh has wavered back & forth on the new babe's name (despite it being basically set in stone for a while) - I wonder if it will stay the same?! Only time will tell - meanwhile, I've ordered quite a few personalized items. Oops. 
6. We are finally going to start on the kitchen soon. Problem is we're 5 1/2 weeks from the baby coming - um... this is a serious issue. Unless they start next week and RUSH, can it be done pre-baby?! 
7.........I think the baby is coming to come earlier then 1/14/13.

Layla in my belly... for comparison. I'm MUCH bigger and MUCH lower this time around. 

Baby boy in my belly!!

  • How far along? 33 weeks, 2 days.
  • Total weight gain/loss: Up 1.0 pounds. A total of 39.6. I was ecstatic to FINALLY gain just ONE pound. Hope this trend continues. (I weighed this same amount my last pregnancy as well)
  • Maternity clothes? Yes. I'm in a pair of maternity jeans from my last pregnancy today - they were expensive but I remember hating them. I figured I'd try them again today. I HATE THEM. They keep falling and I'm so n comfortable. I'm going to donate them stat.
  • Stretch marks? Not yet. Can we make it the next 5 1/2 stretch mark free?? HOPE SO! C'MON BIO OIL!
  • Sleep: No. I mean. No. It's rough. Sometimes it's better then others but it's painful, I pee 4086490 times a night and I'm just so uncomfortable.
  • Best moment this week: Hands down, Layla running around her room picking up clothes and saying "It's so cute!" - I got it on video. It's amazing. Of course this is a tie with feeling the babe's movement and getting his nursery in order!
  • Have you told family and friends: Yes.
  • Movement: Constant.
  • Food cravings:  Hungry but heartburn is making it worse & worse. Water is the biggest culprit. Uh.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: I've had some nausea recently - glad this symptom is returning. NOT.  
  • Gender prediction: BOY!! 
  • Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks out the wazoo.
  • Belly Button in or out? Barely in.
  • Wedding rings on or off?  I think today is my last day with my rings. They are tight. Granted it's warm out (like, seriously.. it's December and it's between 60-70 - what is happening?!) 
  • Happy or Moody most of the time: Back & forth. I'm beginning to have anxiety about it all. I think the worst part is I'm worried about Layla. I'm spoiling her silly these next few weeks.
  • Weekly Wisdom: Nap when the baby naps. Stop playing words with friends. And enjoy challah french toast.
  • Milestones: The nursery is almost complete. My rings barely fit and my feet are swollen -- the end of this pregnancy is nearing!! ;) 
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    1. Water and ice give me crazy heartburn but I crave it so it's torture! Oh and challah French toast is mine and hubs fave!! Might need to make some thus weekend. Looking good!!