My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goals before 30. (Part 1)

In just over 10 months, I'll be turning 30.
I'll be saying goodbye to my 20s.
The best years of my life, thus far.
A time of change, happiness, sadness, love lost and love found, moving, discovering and learning.
I think back to the past decade and can divide it into emotions, cities, smiles or tears.
I'm ready for 30...
but not without wanting to accomplish a few things before!

My list. My goals. I hope I can accomplish some (if not all) of these. This is the first 5.... I'll write the next 5 later. When I have more time and can concentrate  Enjoy -- what are your goals?? (The remaining include eating organic, reading more books, traveling, dates with my love and more!)

1. "Skinny Minnie" -- It's no secret that weight gain is inevitable as you get older. Combine two pregnancies in 2 years and you've got yourself some WORK to do. My body is different. I'm wider, fuller, thicker. My boobs and butt no longer resemble a 21 year old. And while I'd love to proclaim that I LOVE my mama body... I'd be lying. I'm craving that feeling of feeling thin.  Despite loving all the dessert I've consumed over these past few months, I'm sick of feeling slow. Sluggish. Out of shape. SO... my goal for 30 (or rather the month before as we'll be spending a week on the beach in the Outer Banks) -- I goal is to get to my college weight. Not the skinny, borderline anorexic number but rather the graduation from college number. I know I can do it. Breastfeeding will help me lose some of this weight and then diet & exercise will help with the rest. It will be hard work, no doubt. Josh has been working out almost daily at our new local gym (couldn't be prouder of you, babe) and I can't wait to join him. They have free babysitting so I have NO excuse.

Enough said.

2. "Martha Stewart" -- We bought our new, single home in March 2011. Layla was born in June 2011. And thus began the months upon months of NON-DECORATING. The house remained the same. The cream walls and boring art. It drove Josh & I crazy but we never made a change - until recently. We're finally starting to decorate and buy furniture we love. We're going slow and making it our own, but it's coming together. My goal is to have the entire house (or as close as possible) represent us. I want to print more pictures. Invest in furniture. Paint. Add lighting. We've already started and I can't wait to see the finished products.

I love this whole room. It's so inviting and warm.

3. "Get it together" -- Organization. I pride myself on being on time, keeping track of everything (via my planner that I carry everywhere), keeping daily track of our finances, never paying a bill late -- but my drawers and closets tell a different story. They are messy and I'm constantly searching for important paperwork when needed. I need to get it together and organize our lives. Binders, a file cabinet or something of the sort. A home for batteries, coupons and pictures. Everything needs a space and I need to figure it out. My goal is to have all of important paperwork in one place and organize/clean every junk drawer.

I need all of these.

4. "Picture this" -- A few years back, I discovered the fun of a professional photographer. I've learned how amazing & important a picture can be. These days are flying by and I never want to forget any moment. I took weekly pictures of Layla, monthly pictures of Layla and professional pictures every 3 months for her 1st year of life. I LOVE these pictures and vow to do this again with baby B. I've created albums and will continue to do so. I don't want B to feel left out so I promise to do the same amount of pictures with him that I did with Layla. My goal is to take a million pictures of our family, frame and organize them into photo books and FINALLY CREATE OUR WEDDING ALBUM!!

Similar to my camera - combined with my new IPhone 5 - I'm set for picture taking!!

5. "Snobby Goal"-- I never dreamt I'd be able to afford a Louis Vuitton bag. Or rather -- never thought I'd marry someone who could ;) My goal before 30 is to buy, cherish and love a Louis Vuitton bag. It's silly and naive and dumb to spend that much money on a bag - but they're beautiful and classic and I dream of them. And my goal before 30 is to own one. 

Hello, lover. (Torn on which bag I want - I love them all)

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