My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


A slight break from the usual family update to post this very important message.
I, Courtney, am officially addicted to online shopping.
*Hi Courtney*

No. Seriously. I'm addicted. And I am equally addicted to finding the best deals.
Am I alone?
(I mean, obviously not).

Anyhow -
I just needed to share this amazing website - Ebates.
I am NOT being paid for this (although I should!).
I just want to make sure my fellow online-addicted-shoppers are making back the money they deserve. Literally.
If you aren't familiar with this website, head on over and shop away.

Basically -
prior to any and all online shopping, you start with Ebates.
From there, you search for whatever store you choose to shop from.
That's it -
You are redirected to the store's website and you shop normally.

Here's the kicker - the stores give a percentage back to you in CASH for whatever you purchase - sometimes it's only 1%, other sites give up to 15% and higher.

I get checks in the mail. A lot of them.
Just straight up cash for doing what I was already planning on doing - shopping. You can still use any coupons you have/find via google.
It's a no brainer, honestly.

And between all of the cribs/changing tables/bedding/curtains I've been buying as of late, I'm about to be handsomely rewarded via CHECK IN THE MAIL.

Can you tell I'm excited?

Just sign up at the link above - you'll see what I mean.

Again - I'm NOT being paid for this post. I just want to make sure everyone I know realizes how cool it is to get paid to shop.
Quite literally.
Bear in mind not every store is on there - but they are always adding more which is awesome.

So have fun friends. And if you're addicted to shopping like I am, make sure you google for any coupons or promotions before clicking CONFIRM ORDER - yesterday I literally got $29 off of a $40 order. Pretty insane.

(p.s. here are a few things I've bought recently! I'll do a full room reveal once it's painted and ready - I'll do that with Layla's room too!)

Baby B's room inspiration from Project Nursery (thanks Pinterest) - I love how clean and modern it is. See that Glider? I ordered something very similar on Walmart.Com. YES!

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail on Amazon!

My biggest splurge for the room but I LOVED them - Rugby Blackout Panels in Navy & White from

Badger 6-Basket Changing Table from Overstock.Com!

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