My little family!

My little family!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Flo-Rida!! 10/12/12-10/17/12

A bit late but a little recap of our FABULOUS (and very sleep-deprived) vacation to Orlando & Fort Lauderdale!!!

BSE in Orlando!!

We arrived on Friday afternoon after a non-exciting (the best type) of flight to Orlando. I was concerned as Layla is now a girl on the go, but she was perfect on the flight. Never fell asleep but laid on my lap and rested, watching assorted movies, eating assorted snacks and laughing at various fellow passengers. Josh's parent's picked us up and we drove to our hotel - the World Quest Resort (about 1 mile outside of Disney World but basically ON Disney property) - it was fantastic. We got a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo-style resort - complete with a full kitchen, full living room, dining room and screened in porch. It was lovely and perfect for us (not to mention the price was amazing) - I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay. Also - they have a huge, gorgeous pool (which we didn't take advantage of) and a free continental breakfast which was great. After we settled in, chose our rooms and set everything up, Layla promptly went in for a nap and slept great (in our bathroom - it was the only place that was big and dark enough to setup the pack and play, lol). She woke up and Josh's sister, Sydney, arrived shortly after. We all got ready and went to Downtown Disney for dinner and walking around. We had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant and then decided to walk around a bit. Layla was in HEAVEN - she loved everything Disney -- especially the big statues of the princesses and the Woody & Buzz lego set-up. She squealed in delight and loved running around. It was so nice -- they were even set-up for Halloween so we got some fun pictures. We went back to the hotel and all passed out - it was a great day.

Josh and her grandparents at Downtown Disney!!

Loving the princesses!!

Love of my life.

Josh and her grandparents again!! 

Saturday, Layla woke up around 5:30 AM but had slept all the way through so we couldn't be annoyed - we cuddled in bed before handing her off to the grandparents. Of course within about 12 hours, she learned how to open all the bedroom doors so I was up for the day as well ;) We had breakfast, played and then Layla took her morning nap. I was so excited because she was sleeping so perfect. After nap time, Sydney went to Disney world and Josh, Layla, his parents and myself went to our Alma Mater - UCF!!! It was SO MUCH FUN - it was lovely to show Layla where we met and fell in love. The campus is insanely beautiful and I'd give anything to spend another year (or four) going to school there. We walked around, visited Josh's Kappa Sigma fraternity house (including taking Layla inside - it smelled gross, just how I remembered it) - had lunch at Wackadoos (YUM), went to the book store and spent an obscene amount of money on clothes, took some pictures, then decided between the heat and Layla, it was best if we went back to the hotel. It was a great day and we had so much fun. Layla took a nice afternoon nap and Josh & I made plans for a date night. We ended up having dinner at this AWESOME restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge- holy moly was it good. We ate at Jiko (without reservations!!) - and it was so so much fun. The whole resort is surrounded by animals and we were able to see a lot of them - giraffes, birds, and so much more! Dinner was SO good and we were happily full before deciding to go back to the hotel.

kisses <3

Family picture at UCF - one of my favorite spots on campus.

Sunday, Layla woke up at 5:30 AM again -- but slept through! We woke up early and made plans for the day. Thus began the lack of sleep. We tried to put Layla in for a nap and she started SCREAMING - bad. She was clearly scared or nervous and could not settle down. I tried getting ready and leaving for my sorority's 10th anniversary brunch but felt so guilty leaving Layla in hysterics. Eventually I had to leave and later found out Josh calmed her down but she never napped. Blah. They (Josh, his parents, Sydney and Layla) went to Seaworld while I went to my brunch. It was a really lovely time and it was so nice to see so many sisters. Our sorority is in the process of getting a house on campus which is SO EXCITING - I'm really proud to be a founding sister and can't wait to see the house completed!! After brunch, I decided I'd meet them at Seaworld (thanks to half off tickets from our Sesame Place season pass!) - it was so much fun. Layla passed out as we walked backed to the car and was in a deep sleep for about 20 minutes before I parked and everyone got out of the car - just enough noise for her to wake up :( BLAH. No afternoon nap. We ordered dinner in, settled in to bed, and our LONG night began. Layla woke up sometime around 2 AM and could not settle down. Somehow Josh managed to rock her back to sleep and she passed out in bed with us (first time since she was a little babe) - we all slept like rocks.

Playing with Dada!!

Josh's mom woke us up on Monday to remind us we had reservations for breakfast with the characters. Exhausted but excited, we quickly packed and went to a yummy breakfast at the Yacht Beach Club & Resort - last time, Layla was terrified of the characters but this time she was LOVING IT!! It was great and the perfect way to end our trip in Orlando. We packed up the car and started the 3+ hour car trip back to Fort Lauderdale. Sometime within the first 30 minutes, Layla passed out and did not wake up again until we pulled into the garage at Josh's parents house. SLEEPY was an understatement. Poor girl. We spent the day relaxing and seeing family. That night, Layla & I went to grab ice cream with Laura - now that it's out in the public, I'm SO SO SO excited my best friend from college is having a baby in APRIL! I couldn't be happier for her & Clay and I love that our babies will be so close in age. I'm secretly hoping she has a boy so that our little guys can be BFF. Josh went to Miami that night to see some friends -- we put Layla in for bed. She passed out and later woke up multiple times, crying and unable to sleep. It was terrible. I barely got any sleep and either did Josh. She seemed really scared and the only way she got comfortable was by sleeping ON me. Frustrating.

Hi Donald Duck!!!

Big hugs!!!

Um, please don't smother her.

A little nervous of Goofy but liked him if he sat down :)

They all loved Layla's high ponytail!

Minne Mouse hugs!!!!

Tuesday was a day of napping on mama, swimming in the pool, lunch with Josh's grandparents and lots of playing. We were ALL exhausted but made the best of it!! That night, Layla and I went to Deerfield Beach to have our pictures taken by my dear friend, Oona. She is SO talented and has started her own photography company (Isla Charm photography) - I'd highly recommend her to anyone. We took the pictures on the beach and it was so much fun. Layla loved playing in the sand and was such a good girl for the pictures -- I can't wait to the pictures!! I dropped Layla off at home, she (shockingly) went to sleep without a problem, and I met Josh, Laura, Clay & Nicole at La Bamba (yummy Mexican) - it was great to see our dear friends and spend time with them. Another night of lack of sleep. Another depressing night. Began to think Layla would never sleep again.

Wednesday included naps on mama, packing, spending time with Josh's grandma, and then a flight back home. Layla slept basically the entire time which was good because I was beginning to go crazy from lack of sleep by then. We made it home, got out of the van, and Layla decided to throw up everywhere. A lot. I don't know what happened but it sucked. She wasn't sick - I think she had motion sickness combined with lack of sleep. We gave her a bath and thought she'd pass out happily (she LOVES her crib and room) but ended up screaming crying and throwing up twice. Josh was drunk (his only way to cope with flying) so I was alone in a horrific night of Layla waking up.

(the good news it the next night, we needed to sleep train her -- it sucked but it only took one night -- by the next night she slept basically all the way through and now she's back to napping twice a day and sleeping 11-12 hours a night. Those first few days consisted of marathon naps of 2-3 hours each... I guess she needed to make up all that lost sleep?!)

All in all, A LOVELY trip. It is always nice to be surrounded by family and friends. It was also our last trip down before baby B is born... CRAZY!!!! It's now time to get serious.

We are now in the midst of waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit us... Josh is off of work, Layla is sound asleep in the crib and I'm hopeful and anxious but ready. I just don't want to lose power. That would stink. I pray everyone is safe and warm and has enough food to last a while!!!!

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and will update soon -- time is flying by. We have the painter coming this week, I'm waiting on a quote for our kitchen and assorted other house updates, and we have lots of fun things coming up. We celebrated Halloween this weekend at party (which is good because it appears Halloween itself will be a complete wash out) - Layla was an elepaphant and Josh & I were Juno & Pauly Bleaker (haha).

Lots of love, later gators!!!!


Hi, I'm an elephant.


Thanks to pinterest....a cookie dough on the bottom, reese's peanut butter cup in the middle, brownie batter on the top mix that needed to be eaten with a spoon and was quite possibly the best thing I ever tasted.

Playing at Matt & Danielle's Halloween party!!

Love her.

So much room to run around!! (Take note of all the cars lined up -- this is the best party house ever)



Pauly Bleaker and Juno?  We both look ridiculous. 

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