My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

25 weeks!!

  • So much going on - so much to write about but of course no time!!!
  • We are now the proud owners of a Chrysler Town & Country Minivan!!!! It's SO gorgeous, so luxurious, so perfect -- Ive never loved a vehicle more. It is the top of the line and I feel so spoiled. It has everything - leather, heated seats, automatic doors, two DVD players, navigation, remote start, security, etc. etc. etc. - it's just gorgeous. It's even the color I wanted (a rich, deep blue). I feel so great in it and I know our kiddies will love it!!
  • Layla & I were able to meet up with Rachel yesterday in Princeton for a girl's afternoon of lunch and a bit of shopping. It was SO good to see my best friend - having her in NYC is rough and I love our time together and can't wait to see her again soon!
  • We joined Sesame Place this weekend - I'm so excited to have season passes that extend until next October!!!
  • We go to Florida on Friday for a nice, long time! (Friday-Wednesday) - we'll start off in Orlando and then go to Fort Lauderdale. I can't wait!! Lots of plans including downtown Disney, UCF to see the campus and show Layla where we met (with tailgating for Josh), my sorority's 10 year brunch and more!!
  • This past weekend, one of my sorority sisters passed away. I remember Tiffany so vividly and it breaks my heart to hear of this TRAGIC, SUDDEN, HORRIFIC loss. No words to describe it. I'm so sad for her husband, family and best friends. Life is so short.
  • On that note... I'm off. Tales of our last family vacation as THREE when I return. xoxoxo

Not my actual van but the same style - gorgeous!!

Layla, Mama & baby boy in my belly!!

Love between Dada and Layla.

Typical Layla morning.... cup of milk snuggled on the sofa, surrounded by Mr Bear & Kyle - her two favorite stuffed animals. No idea why we named him Kyle.

Just for fun ;) Layla at 25 weeks!!!

Me at 25 weeks with Layla!!

And me at 25 weeks with BSE!! much bigger.

How far along? 25 weeks, 2 days.  
Total weight gain/loss: I was too scared to weigh myself. I hate this weight-gaining-business.
Maternity clothes? I'm loving my newest maternity Mavi skinny jeans - thanks to my fabulous mother in law! I recently got new boots for fall and the past two days, I've paired them together.  
Stretch marks? None yet other then the old ones I keep seeing on my sides. They're my battle wounds from gaining/losing/gaining/losing weight.
Sleep: BAAAAAAAD. Weird dreams...and I've officially started with horrific pain while turning off in bed. I had this with Layla too. It sucks. The snoogle pillow helps slightly. 
Best moment this week: Getting a MINIVAN!!!! lol I'm such a MAMA!!! 
Have you told family and friends: I think anyone that sees me now knows I'm preggo eggo! Lots of strangers keep asking when I'm due :) 
Movement: Lots of movement.
Food cravings:  I'm always hungry. And I always want dessert. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: This was a good week. The rare nausea appearance.  
Gender prediction: BOY!! 
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? In! Funny looking.
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!! Anxiety is setting in about the baby's room so I'm going to start that after our Florida trip.

Weekly Wisdom: If your husband is on a mission to get you a minivan - he will succeed!!!! :)
Milestones: I think the biggest milestone is that I'm getting to a great point in the pregnancy for the baby boy - the further along we go, the better he is! Lots of movement. And can we talk about how I'm less then 2 weeks away from the 3rd trimester?!

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