My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

24 weeks!!

Layla's IPAD drawing.... gorgeous if I say so myself ;) A budding artist, indeed.

Cousin loving at Ben & Irvs last week - Layla 15 months and Abbey 5 and 1/2 ;)

Post-dinner ... yogurt face and yummy as ever.

Our new addition!!! Pictures do NO justice!!

Happy Thursday!!!
Happy OCTOBER!!!
Happy Fall.
Happy, happy, happy.

We had a great week!! Layla is officially a climbing, running, crazy machine. She is SO STINKING funny and says more & more everyday. I wish I could video tape every second because it's amazing.

Friday, for the first time, Layla was put to bed by someone other then me, Josh or my mother in law. I was very nervous but Kelly, one of our babysitters, is very sweet. Turns out I had NOTHING to be afraid of - Kelly came with a friend and as soon as they got to our house, Layla literally CLAPPED AND SQUEALED! Mind you, she's only met Kelly TWICE (Kelly babysits for us every other Friday but always comes after Layla is asleep) -- she was so excited and had a great time. Josh & I went downtown to see Melanie & Eric's new apartment in the city -- it's SO SO gorgeous and we're so thrilled for them (and SO happy my best friend is staying in Philadelphia!!) -- we had a super yummy dinner at Tequilas and it was a lovely night!!

Saturday, Josh & I went on another day of test driving. We test drove the Cadillac SRX (ehh) while Layla played with Abbey, Max & Remi. We picked up Layla and I took her home for an (awesome) long afternoon nap while Josh continued the car search. I'm thinking we're going to end up with a Nissan Quest minivan but we'll see!

Sunday, Shari & Brian came over to play for the day!! We adore them and always have a blast. Shari & I took Layla to HomeGoods where I scored some really fun things for the house (my newest and latest hobby - decorating, finally!!). Home for Layla's afternoon nap - Shari & I decided it was time to go back out to DSW - I found two really gorgeous pairs of boots for fall!

Monday, Layla & I had music class - always a blast. She's a little trouble maker and has a hard time staying away from all the stuff she's not supposed to touch but it's okay - she is so cute while running around with her little friends. She is so animated - every time the teacher brings out instruments, she screams and claps. It's so funny. We got home to a super clean house (love my cleaning lady) and naps - all while our new swing set was being built!!! (It's so nice - 3 swings, a 10 foot slide, a cargo net, a rock climbing wall, a sandbox, a clubhouse, and more!!) We played on it for a little bit before we went to my normal doctor appointment for Baby B. He looked great, heart rate was 160 (Layla & Josh got to hear it!), he measured perfectly - and the doctor was very positive about the latest ultrasound results - yay! After that, we had dinner with my parents, Kim, Abbey & Remi - super yummy. Layla's favorite restaurant - she chows down on matzoh ball soup, pickles and sour tomatoes - amazing.

Tuesday, we started a new class at a local kids gym - it's called Toddler Tunes 1 - it's ages 10 month - 24 months. Layla really, really loved it!! It was a little hard for her to sit during the circle times (she's never had circle time before) but loved every second of free play (it's an assortment of things for the kids to climb in, on, etc..) - I think this class will be a good preparation for when she starts school in a couple of months. After that, we had her 15 month check up (3 weeks late) - she did great, measured perfectly, and is exactly on track!! She also had 3 shots - poor thing. Home for naps! Dinner at PF Changs and home to relax.

That's about it... she had a great day with our nanny, Brooke yesterday and is just the cutest, sweetest thing!!!

We have a lot of exciting things coming up.... Sesame Place this weekend for Halloween, a play date with Ariella and Addison, a visit with Rachel in Princeton on Tuesday... and then Florida next week for 6 days!!

I have some posts coming up ... including:
1. Layla's 16 month post on Saturday
2. 30 things to do before 30
3. House Updates (finally)
4. Car Updates (hopefully)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!

Getting big. Really, really big.
How far along? 24 weeks, 3 days. He is the size of an ear of corn or a cantaloupe! 
Total weight gain/loss: In the past 2 weeks, I've gained 2.8 pounds for a total of 20.4 pounds. Hello 20 pound weight gain. Nice to see you. Not. I'm about 4 pounds less then where I was with Layla at this point so I'm hopeful I won't gain quite as much.
Maternity clothes? All maternity pants and loving maternity shirts versus non-maternity.  
Stretch marks? None yet.
Sleep: Insomnia in full force. I'm able to fall asleep fairly easy but wake up often and early. Frustrating but every so often I get a better night's sleep allowing me to catch up. 
Best moment this week: Having Layla & Josh hear the heartbeat at the doc appointment on Monday. Love that sweet sound. 
Have you told family and friends: Yes. Yes. Yes. 
Movement: Lots of movement.
Food cravings:  I'm hungry all the time. I'm just trying to enjoy it. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Random smells but otherwise somewhat okay.  
Gender prediction: My baby BOY!! 
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? In! Flat. Funny looking.
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Feeling really great. Yesterday I felt pretty off but I blame the flu shot - I feel better today and I'm starving despite just having breakfast.

Weekly Wisdom: Time won't slow down so enjoy every second. I'm so nervous about the newborn stage but so ready for those late night feedings and billions of cuddles and kisses.
Milestones: This is a BIG week. 24 weeks is considered viability week - if the babe was born, he has a very high chance of surviving - clearly we want him to remain in my belly for another 15 weeks but it's a great point in pregnancy!!

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