My little family!

My little family!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

16 months!!

16 months and PROUD!!

Looking at her daddy!

Lounging with Mr Bear!!

I love this FACE!

Mom. I'm done taking pictures. Let me play. Thanks.

15 month stats:
Weight: 25 pounds as of Tuesday. Although, when I changed her diaper and re-weighed her while the doctor left the room, I got about 24 1/2 pounds - haha.. a half pound of pee!
Height: 31 inches
Eating: Getting better. 3 meals a day. Using spoons. 3-4 cups of organic whole milk. Tons of water.
Clothes: 12-18 month, 18 month and 18-24 month.
Diaper: Size 4. Size 5 at night.
Shoe Size: 4 1/2

My little love, Layla...
Happy 16 months to YOU!!! My days of calling you my little baby are quickly coming to an end so I'm squeezing in EVERY LAST snuggle, kiss and hand hold I can. You are an independent, walking/running/climbing, singing, dancing, jumping, talking, yelling, laughing silly machine. I simply can't get enough of you and love waking up to your smiling face every single morning.

Now that you are a walking machine, you are starting to thin out. This absolutely BREAKS my heart... I love your little rolls and they are disappearing before my eyes! You no longer look like a baby to me. Your hair is getting so long (but I refuse to cut it again, especially bangs..) - your big blue eyes glimmer in the sunlight and your little butt is the cutest thing I have ever seen. You are really, really great at walking and while you fall often, you pick yourself right back up and carry on. I still carry you a lot outside the house but I'm going to start letting you walk more to get better at balance. You are not quite great at walking in shoes so you are still mostly barefoot, but with the cooler temperatures coming soon - we need to get you in shoes everyday. We are going to buy you boots and a jacket this afternoon - it's time to get you bundled! I wish you'd keep hats on but you pull them off the second I plop one on your head. Oh well :) You are just about 50th percentile for weight, head and weight - pretty much where you have been all along! Your last doctor appointment was great and he seemed to be very impressed with your fruit obsession and talking - proud mama!

We had the swing set installed last week and I KNOW we will be using it often. You loveeee to swing and it will be hard to get you back inside, I'm sure! You are great and playing by yourself and you are starting to really get into books. We are working on letters and numbers everyday - you like to point out letters you know and you're getting good at singing the ABC's (although I'm the only one that would realize that's what you are singing..) You are cousin obsessed - every day you name every single family member and it's the sweetest, cutest thing.

You continue to learn commands and can very easily give something to someone when asked. You answer NO to mostly everything but it usually means yes. You climb on everything, unplug everything, turn off/on everything and try to get in trouble often. You giggle when I take you away so we have implemented the 10 second time-out. It doesn't work but we're working on a bit of discipline ;)

The TV/movie obsession continues... this month? Sesame Street, Tangled, Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, RIO..sometimes Aladdin, Lion King and others. We limit it and you'll continue to ask but we can distract you with music and toys! You love to hand us the remote and ask for something.. mostly RIDER! (Tangled)

You continue to sleep 11-12 hours a night and nap twice a day, usually about an hour each - sometimes more! Your bedtime is 7:30 PM and you wake up around 6:30 AM/7:00 AM most days. It's nice having more time with you during the day and you aren't exhausted as bedtime but go to bed SO easily, it's wonderful. You need Mr Bear and Kyle to fall asleep but sometimes, you throw Kyle out of the crib right away then get comfy with Mr Bear. Josh thinks Kyle keeps watch (ha ha).

The talking explosion continues as you add new words everyday - you repeat everything we say (so watch the cursing around Miss Layla!) and you seem to retain a lot. I have no doubt you are smart and dedicated and will love to learn in school.
Food is a battle but it's getting better. We discovered you love Ketchup so we're hoping that will increase your food intake. You still love all fruit, yogurt, cheese, all sweets and french fries. You can chow down on all the organic snacks I buy so it's good to keep those with us at all times! Plus a lot of them have veggies in them and it's a great way to sneak those in your diet.

Our weeks are packed with lots of fun things!! We are going to music class and having lunch with Pop-Pop every Monday. You are SO funny and love to dance and play with all the little kids, although you are a bit of a trouble maker - always touching things you shouldn't ;) We are seeing some signs of temper tantrums (crying covering your eyes and laying down on the kitchen floor in anger) but I'm hoping this passes quick! On Tuesdays, we now officially go to Romp & Roll for Toddler Tunes - it's SO much fun! Lots of new people to meet and lots of exercise and songs to dance to! Wednesdays are spent with Brooke, Thursdays at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pops house and Fridays with your mama, free as a bee to shop, run errands or play!

This weekend coming up will be your 8th trip to Florida! We are going to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale and it will be a great time. I'm a little nervous because you have been on a great schedule lately, but I know you'll adapt quickly and it'll be so much fun to spend time with your Florida family!! 

We had so much fun at Shadybrook Farms this month and now that fall is here, we're ready to break out the coats (you got a new one today!) and boots and enjoy the cooler temperatures!! Halloween is approaching fast and I think you'll love all the lollipops! 

3 more months as a family of 3.... we are soaking up every second. When people ask if you know there is a new baby coming, I say no. Then I remind myself that you shouldn't as you are a baby yourself!! We plan to spoil your rotten with lots of trips to the Aquarium, Sesame Place, classes, play dates and more. We love you so much and we are so proud of you - keep learning and growing my angel. 


Nothing but love for your cousin, Max. 

Playing with Shluffy - take note of her delicious legs.

Fun at Shadybrook Farms!!

Love the pumpkins!!

Rosh Hashana with Mom-Mom Millie!

Playing at Sesame Place yesterday -  loved every second.

Leaving Sesame - happy, full, sleepy!

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