My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birthday wish list!!

First and foremost. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your sweet words and kind messages. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of compassion and I want you to know it deeply impacted me. I feel like my baby boy is surrounded by an intense amount of love which is ALL this mama can ask for.

With the last entry being a little more emotional then I initially anticipated, I decided it was time for a fun little post. With my 29th birthday looming on the horizon (one week from tomorrow), I decided to make my wish-list. Why not, right? I mean - you only turn 29 once!

First up... the gift I have already received from my fabulous husband. A brand new Marc Jacobs baby bag. While some may call this ridiculous unnecessary, I call it fun! I love my baby bag that I used with Layla (Coach) but it's WAY too small for one baby, let alone two!

Cute, practical, cleans easily and is FUN!

The rest are wishes... not a plea for gifts, so don't judge ;)

A prenatal massage. Or 5.
Josh's mom bought Layla the CUTEST little pair of TOMS and now I'm jealous - I think I need my own!
A few new maternity pieces - clearly nothing from above. This was the first image I found that fit the thought.
Date nights with Josh - without having to pay a babysitter ;) Layla goes to bed early so we have a babysitter come every other Friday and hang out while Layla sleeps - easy peezy! BUT it would be even more fun if someone came over and did it for FREE!
Although we bought new construction last year, I would love to re-do our kitchen and add an island. The picture above is actually close to what I'd want- we need new stainless steel appliances. I think I want the cabinets a bit darker but I love this idea.
A new Dodge Caravan. We are test-driving on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll end my lease early and I'll be cruising like the cool girl that I am in this puppy!
Jamaica. Enough said.

I SERIOUSLY want the rest of our house painted - specifically the living room, master bedroom and 3 bathrooms. The new baby's room will be painted in November by Josh's dad - can't wait!

AND.... obviously.
World Peace. That would be lovely.
Has anyone been watching the news lately?
Depressing. Depressing. Depressing.

Ok... have a great weekend everyone!!

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