My little family!

My little family!

Friday, September 7, 2012

15 months!

15 months -- really???


Just hanging out with Mr Bear

15 month stats:
Weight: The last time I weighed her, she was 24 pounds or so :)
Height: Also a guess...31 inches?
Eating: A struggle. 3 meals a day. Lots of snacks. 3-4 glasses of organic whole milk. Tons of water.
Clothes: 12-18 month, 18 month.
Diaper: Size 4. Size 5 at night.
Shoe Size: 4 1/2

My apologies in posting this one day late. I swore I'd ALWAYS be on time for your monthly posts, but yesterday got away from me. I'm sorry my sweet girl. Maybe it's because I'm in denial that you're actually 15 months old!!! Considering your 1st birthday was now 3 months ago (and your thank-you notes are still sitting on the desk to be written), it's perhaps true that I'm not ready to let all this time slip away.
You, my girl, are a WALKER! I can officially say with pride that your days of crawling are (almost) behind you. Everyday, your balance gets better. You have started running and you try to jump (while yelling "JUMPY! JUMPY!") - it's the cutest, sweetest thing. You now own 2 pairs of shoes (sneakers and sandals) but they're both a little too big so you are mostly barefoot. Grandma ordered your first pair of TOMS and I can't wait to get them in the mail. I need to start putting you in shoes everyday so you can walk outside (your favorite place to be - you constantly yell "OUTSIDE!"). I finally took you for your 2nd haircut at Wiggle Worms - you weren't as eager this time but you sat long enough. I don't love the bangs they cut and I'm still putting your hair back or in clips. It's getting so long and so light. You are also thinning out more and more due to all the moving around. I love your rolls and kiss them often because I know they'll be gone. I had to reschedule your 15 month doctor appointment for a few weeks from now so we'll learn your percentages for height & weight soon enough.
Playing, laughing, giggling, chasing the cats, playing with water bottles and talking are your favorite things nowadays. You play SO nice by yourself but you are truly a social butterfly. You can't get enough time with your cousins and friends which is why we enrolled you in school (3 more months until you start). I love how social you are and I think it's great that you can play so nice with bigger kids. Sometimes they forget you are a baby and you get very sad when they take your toys. You'll learn fast how to get them back! You are obsessed with Rigby and Shluffy and chase them all around. Rigby lets you pet him but Shluffy only lays for a few seconds before he runs away. You love your blocks, new Sesame Street toys, books, and other random toys. The car and your chair are your favorite places. You also LOVE to play with wallets - you take mine apart almost daily. You are getting really good at commands ("Please bring me Mr Bear, Layla" - it's so wonderful to see how much you understand us! If I ask you a question, you always answer with a very loud YES or NO! It's adorable.
You, my girl, are TV obsessed. You now hand us the remote and ask what you want!! Your favorites are "Elmo" (Sesame Street), "Ryder" (Tangled), "Birds" (RIO) and "Woody" (Toy Story 3). We try to limit us much as possible because you can get completely lost in a movie for a full 2 hours if we let you.
Despite lots of teething this month, you are continuing your great sleeping patterns. You are even back to your 2 naps daily!! You sleep 11-12 hours every night and you are going to bed later and later. Last night was almost 8:00 PM before you went to bed and you were happy as can be. I'm happy that the days of 7:00 PM bedtimes are behind us - it makes it easier to go out to dinner, etc. Speaking of going out to eat (our favorite family past-time), it's starting to get a little bit harder. You can eat and quickly get bored - we tend to show you movies on our phones to past the time and can occupy you with games, toys and books but it's not as easy as before. We knew this day was coming - you are a girl on the go, after all!
Mom-Mom asked me the other day if I knew how many words were in your vocabulary - if I had to guess, at LEAST 40! It's amazing to me how much you pick up, and fast! You remember everything, it's incredible. You are very good at repeating but what's more incredible is how much you retain. You can name almost every single family member, especially when we look at pictures.
Again, food is our battle - going on a few months right now. You are getting better at trying things and if we allow you to feed yourself, you'll eat more and more. You mainly stick with fruit, yogurt, cheese and snacks (all organic, at least) but I'd love you to eat more veggies and protein. All in due time, I suppose. You can seriously chow down on french fries. Shocker ;)
Starting next week, we'll be going to two classes - music on Mondays and toddler tunes on Tuesdays - I am excited for you to make new friends (and maybe I'll make some new mommy friends!) - I love to get us out of the house and experience new things. With Fall right around the corner, we have lots to do - apple picking, pumpkin picking, lots of walks, lots of time at the playground (without all the heat!), Halloween (you're going to be the cutest elephant the world has ever seen) and more! Also this month, we'll be heading to Atlantic City for a night away and you'll get some alone time with Grandma while Mama & Dada head to DC for my birthday! :)
We now know that Baby Bear is a BOY!!! I know you are going to be an incredible big sister - every so often you'll call him "Money" - I guess it's similar to his name?? I love it and I can't wait to see the friendship the two of you will form. You'll be 19 months apart - when people hear this, they always comment how I'll have my hands full. I smile and nod but I secretly want to scream... my heart will be full of love and I'm the luckiest mama alive!!!
I love you, my girl. Don't worry - you'll always be my favorite. Just don't tell your brother.

Oh, ya know, just having some meatballs, yogurt and apple sauce for dinner.

I love you, Kyle.

Just hanging out. In a semi-yoga move.

Splash Splash Splash! It took all summer (and my whole life) but I FINALLY like to swim!


I love you, Dada.

Best friends.

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