My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The BIG 30 for Dada!

What a greaaaaaat week we had!

My best friend, the love of my love, my other half and the best Dada this side of the Mississippi turned the big 3-0 on Sunday. He was having a hard time with the idea of leaving his 20's and I wanted him to see how awesome his 30's would be. Besides, isn't it weird to share a decade as a daddy with a throwing up 21 year old ;) It's time to realize 30 is the new 20 and we couldn't have been more excited to shower him in love and surprises!!

Last Friday, Josh's mama was scheduled to fly in. Josh started to suspect something was up (I bought Josh's mom her favorite yogurt ahead of time and he suspected something) but he was still shocked when I went to pick up "lunch" and returned with his mama!! After Layla woke up from her nap, she was equally as excited and thus began the weekend of fun. I went for a mommy afternoon to get my eyebrows waxed and a mani/pedi (holy moly. I opted for the deluxe extended massage pedicure and I'm hooked). Later that night we went for dinner at Cheesecake Factory - always yummy!! The Olympics started and I passed our shortly after.

My handsome man cheering to turning 30!
Saturday, we woke up - got ready and I went to the salon to get my haircut and colored (finally) - prior to leaving, I told Josh to shower and pack and be ready by 12:30. He was pretty surprised and continued to ask where we were going.. I never caved and left for my appointment. Got home, kissed our sweet girl goodbye and on the road we were.... he quickly discovered we were NYC bound and smiled the whole drive there. We had a lot of traffic (an intense amount going through the tunnel) but finally made it to our hotel. We stayed at The Strand Hotel in midtown (I found it on - it was very nice. The room was small but clean and pretty. Our view was of nothing good but was fun nonetheless. We quickly valeted our car, checked in, sat down for a minute before we were in a cab again - we had show tickets to TRACES! Josh was so excited.. this was a show we randomly saw on America's Got Talent and thought was amazing. It was basically a Cirque De Sole-style show. We had 5th row center seats and we loved the whole performance. I think my mouth was wide open in amazement the entire time!! After the show, we cabbed it back to the hotel to relax for about an hour - we then got ready and went to our favorite restaurant, Piccolo Angolo. YUMMMMMMY. We stuffed our faces. In a food coma, we walked around a bit then headed to the bar to meet up with my best friend Rachel & her husband Jason. I also surprised Josh & invited his dear friends from growing up, Haylee & Amanda. It was a great group and we stayed out having drinks (me, water..) for a couple of hours before I realized my eyes were shutting. Back to the hotel!

Sunday (Josh's actual birthday) - we Josh slept in while I patiently waited for him to wake up. I sung him happy birthday, realized it was bad nausea day for me (uhhh) but tried to push through. After 3 failed attempts at finding a breakfast place, we walked a bunch and found a cute little place to eat. A good amount of food in our tummy and we walked back to the hotel, checked out and left! We made awesome time home (no traffic) and played the BEST music ever (we took turns picking random obscure songs that popped into our head). Of course it was the most amazing thing to get home to Layla (Josh's mom takes the best care of her!!) and we smothered her in a billion kisses. We were starving so of course we were off again to the new Ale House that just opened in our neighborhood - really nice and so good!! Josh & Layla wore the shirts I bought them - they looked adorable. After lunch, me and Josh crashed while Layla & Lisa played. One last surprise... at 5 PM, my entire family and a few close friends came over for pizza, beer and cake!!! It was the perfect way to end the night.. the kids all played, Josh and my brothers played basketball, we all relaxed and it was a great night.

Josh's shirt - "Vintage 1982" Layla's shirt - "My Dada is 30" with her name on the back (

Monday, I didn't feel good (again) but I managed to wake up and head to Costco with Lisa & Layla. Home for naps, then we went out again to the mall -- I met the nicest mama there and I really wish I got her number. She had the cutest little girl (1 month younger then Layla) and she recently moved to the area. I regret not getting her number and I'm hoping to find her at the mall again (I'm so weird) - mama friends are hard to find!! ANYWHOOOOO.. we shopped a bit (this weekend Layla got her first pair of sneakers from Stride Rite and the cutest outfit from Baby Gap, thanks Grandma!!!). Monday night, Josh's mama cooked yummy spaghetti and meatballs. (OK now I see why I gained 2.8 pounds this week. I ate. A lot.)

Tuesday, Josh's mama left. :( We hate when she has to go... but she'll be back in August, September AND November.. wahooooooooo!!!! After the airport, Layla & I took naps then went to lunch with my amazing neighbor Deni... it was our first lunch out together and definitely not our last. I'm SO excited to have a neighbor I love and she happens to be pregnant, due 4 days before me!!! :) :)

SO that's that.... we had a great week. Layla is doing amazingggggg. NEW words everyday. I can't wait to write her 14 month update next week because I think this past month has been her biggest month of growth yet... walking, talking, a whole new little girl!!!
Until then, ta ta and cheers to hopefully feeling better sooooooon!!!

Pretty. And serious.

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