My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Layla.. my sweet.

Playing with Mom-Mom Rose!!

I'm SO SO SO behind with Layla updates.... it's been a busy few weeks but amazing nonetheless. Layla's changing every day, growing by the second and more beautiful then ever.

A quick recap of the past few weeks/weekends:

1. A trip to the aquarium with Dada & Abbey allowing me several hours at home with nothing to do but SLEEP, lay (and a side dish of laundry). It was so very appreciated and they had a great time. He took our niece Abbey along and I gave him MAJOR credit for taking a 5 year and 1 year old - alone - to a big place like the aquarium. He did amazing!!! They came home fed, happy, napped and with brand new stuffed animals as souvenirs. So proud.

2. We had a great dinner at our dear friend's Ariel & Rich -- it was yummy and Layla got to play with baby Blake - she LOVED the piano!!

3. We had a HUGE weekend of parties - first, an amazing (and hopefully annual) party at Matt & Danielle's new house. It was amazing - face painting, moon bounce, lots of food and drinks - we spend the entire day outside with family and friends (and mosquitoes, eek) and it was a lovely time. Layla of course loved every second with all the kiddies and we had a blast. The next day, we ventured to New Jersey for my cousin Ivy's son's 1st birthday - Mason! He is SO SO cute and it was a really great time. Their house is gorgeous and I was inspired to decorate my own, stat. We also got to spend lots of time with Mom-Mom Rose which was the best part. After that, Layla and I went straight to a BBQ at Jaime's house -- too much fun!!! We saw tons of friends and it was great. Unfortunately, we also found out the devastating news about Josh's Uncle Stu's passing so we left early.

4. Josh's mama came into town this past weekend!!! ALWAYS a blast - we ate a lot, played a lot, celebrated Addison's 1st birthday, took lots of naps and Layla & Grandma got to bond!! It's always sad when she leaves but she'll be back in September to watch Layla for us while we escape to DC for a night - right around the corner!!!
5. Layla's becoming a walking MACHINE! These past couple of weeks, her confidence has sky rocketed and she's walking more and more!! I bought her new shoes (silver sandals, adorable) along with her sneakers to wear. I'm so proud of her!!

6. I've been going to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week. No big help yet but sometimes I bring Layla with me and she's hilarious. She stands at my head while I get adjusted and pulls my hair (ow).

7. She's back to napping twice a day, randomly.... back to sleep every 3 hours. She needs it!! Still going to bed at 7:30 and sleeping 11-12 hours.

8. She's a teething machine - lots of pain :( Tylenol and teething tablets help.. my poor girl.

9. She doesn't eat. I mean, she does.... but it seems like so not enough. I force feed her but she's a snacker with a random big meal here and there. Hoping this passes but I know she's getting enough. She drinks a ton of water and milk so at least there's that.

10. She is the funniest talker ever. Her latest vocabulary words are amazing and I'm obsessed. She's learning to say the new baby's name (it sounds like MONEY when she says it, too funny).

... okay, that's that. We are getting excited for music class starting September 10th and Romp And Roll starting Tuesday. I need to buy her school supplies (Sleeping Bag, Lunchbox, School Bag and more). She is such a toddler sometimes but still my BABE. She snuggles like no other and is in a bit of a mommy phase... I'm soaking up every second (so much that I didn't put her in for an afternoon nap because I wanted Layla cuddles - big mistake - naps are too important, haha).

Next week will include Layla's 15th month update (ahhhhhhh).

I'll update soon on baby BSE. Our newest little love.

Playing at Addie's house - her new car - of course Layla is saying.... MOM, CAN I GET THIS FOR MY HOUSE??

Grandma cuddles!!

A surprise visit from mama's BFF Aunt Rachel... we love her!!

Chowing down on a sour tomato. Ew.

Layla & Mr Bear... silently watching Tangled. Layla's favorite movie.

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