My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tales of a baby in transition...

Last night, Layla woke up at 2:20 AM. Crying. Hard.
We finally got her back to sleep at 3:00 AM.
She woke up at 3:40 AM. Crying. Hard.
We finally got her back to sleep at 5:00 AM.
She woke up at 5:20 AM. Crying. Hard.
At some point she managed to put herself back to sleep until 7:00 AM.
We have no idea why.
We think teething?
SO.. please excuse my writing as I'm going on little sleep and quite tired.

We are going through a transition period.
Things are happening.

Last Tuesday started Layla's quest to give up 2 naps per day.
She just DID NOT want to nap in the morning. And struggled a bit in the afternoon.
This was tough for us as her schedule was so set, so easy, so perfect.

We then decided to re-evaluate.
And so began...

The 3 problems we are trying to figure out.

#1 - When two naps become one....
-- It's very common from age 13-18 months for babies to give up two naps a day. As Layla is supposed to sleep approximately 12-14 hours a day total, and currently sleeps around 11 1/2 hours per night, this makes sense. I am completely okay with going to one nap, however -- we can't, for the life of us, figure out when that nap should take place. I either try too early and she'll resist the nap and scream OR I am waiting too long and she's overtired and impossible to settle down. She did nap twice a day a few days but that was with the morning nap in the car (45 minutes total). SO what am I missing?!? I need to come up with a better nap routine (and bedtime routine) ASAP so we can remedy this problem....

# 2 - Bye-Bye bottles.....
--Layla was almost exclusively breastfed until around 11 months, receiving about 4-5 bottles of formula a week total. After that, we went to formula for one month, then switched to organic whole cow's milk. She has never had an issue and has grown to love bottles. Which was great! Until now. You are supposed to stop using bottles and switch to sippy cups/regular cups by 1 year of age. Bottles are bad for teeth and there are assorted other reasons we need to say bye-bye bottles.. we are down to one bottle a day (the night-time bottle) and it's been okay, although I'm positive that's why napping as been a disaster.

# 3 - No more milk before bed.....
--Our nap time/bedtime routine has always been the same (since 5 1/2 months). New diaper. Sleep sack. Goodnight Moon. A bottle. Rocking. A lullaby. Bed. And like clockwork, Layla knew the routine and went right to her crib, happily clutching her Mr Bear & Kyle. Then this Mama realized I had created a BAAAAAD habit. Layla's bottle (previously being nursed) pre-sleep has created a bad problem. She can't fall asleep without it. She LOVES the bottle. She falls asleep happily. She nuzzles her head into my chest post-bottle and goes into the crib. But besides needing to know how to go to sleep without a bottle, she can't have milk directly before bed. It's bad for the teeth, belly and assorted other reasons. So we need to break this habit.

SO ... that's that. We have a rough transition period. I feel so bad. I know this is hard. And I have NO idea how I'm going to stop the bedtime bottle (although I may soon switch to water and see if that helps break this habit).

We are in transition and I'm trying to stay positive and know this isn't forever and I'm not a bad mama. It's just hard.

We've had a good time nonetheless (including a play date with Addison and the Aquarium yesterday with Justin, Max, Remi, my sister & Heather). She is happy and crazy and lovely. She is so much fun. She is going to walk She squeals in delight at every little thing and she is repeating everything we say.

I feel guilty for crying through these hard times because she is so very special and wonderful and perfect.

This, too, shall pass.

Any mamas have ANY tips??? Tell me what to do - pleaseeeee!!

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  1. Hey lady.

    Being a mommy is hard, don't put pressure on yourself to always do everything exactly when the world tells you too. I found that once I didn't give a crap about what Nat was "supposed" to be doing at week "blah-blah", I really calmed down, and both Nick and Natalie are much happier lol :)

    Natalie had a very similar night time routine to lay la's. She still has milk before bed now, but we sit and watch about 10 minutes of TV on my lap with her cup instead. When she is done we go upstairs and brush her teeth then do our reading. If you mix up the nighttime routine a bit to avoid the RIGHT before bed milk it might help her still feel full in the tummy :)

    <3, V

    Thats my only suggestion! Hang in there :)