My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Layla's 7th trip to Florida...

I can't believe it. Layla has now been to Florida SEVEN times in less then THIRTEEN months! That's pretty insane!! (And amazing....!!)

Her first trip was in August 2011. She was a peanut and met her Florida family for the first time.
Her second trip was in October 2011. We went to Fort Lauderdale and Sarasota.
Her third trip was in November 2011. THANKSGIVING!
Her fourth trip was in January 2012. We celebrated Great Grandpa's 90th birthday!
Her fifth trip was in April 2012. DISNEY WORLD!
Her sixth trip was in May 2012. First time away from us. Mama & Dada went to Miami for four glorious days but missed her sweet.
Her seventh trip was in June 2012. And we returned on 4th of July (yesterday!) I sum up this trip. (First, the bad.. followed by the good!)
  • NO SLEEP. Layla had a rough time adjusting and slept awful at night and naps were a doozy. The only way she slept was on someone (Grandma..) - it was tough for her (and us) but we made it. Despite the lack of sleep, she was a happy cookie (mostly).
  • DIAPER RASH. The worst she has ever had. Her bum looks like it's on fire. :( I know the culprit - she had eaten an insane amount of blueberries and grapes in a few days (like, more then a grown man could eat). It caused lots of poop. Which causes lots of dirty diapers. Which causes a horrific diaper rash.
  • POOP IN THE TUB. First time for everything?
  • HATES SWIMMING. We tried. Twice. Once at Laura & Clay's BBQ and once in Josh's parents pool. Both failure. She just doesn't like it. We keep trying, though. Maybe one day? She didn't seem to HATE the float so we'll continue to try. At least she likes the baby pool.
  • HATES DOGS. Cried with every lick and bark from Lucy & Max. I felt worse for the dogs then Layla. She seems to like Max (he's little) when he doesn't get too close or bark. But as soon as he starts yapping... game over. Tears galore.
  • SHY PHASE. She's becoming very selective of who can hold her. She literally says "NO!" when someone tries to hold her and she doesn't want them to. Eventually she'll warm up to everyone but every so often I'll get a pleading "MAMA!" look (along with her yelling MAMA) like she needs help. Amazingly, Josh's mom is one of her favorite people in the world. Despite not seeing her everyday, she clearly remembers the time spent together because she is always SO excited and happy to see her Grandma. AND.... she now says GRANDMA! (Or "Gr'Ma").
  • TALKING (on to the good!). A REPEATING machine. If you're around Layla, watch what you say. She will repeat it. And fast. Too many new words to remember...but CLAP CLAP CLAP, Plane, Night Night, GG (Josh's Great Grandma) and more.
  • PERFECT PLANE BABY! Josh's grandparents gave us their southwest points allowing us to get Layla her own seat. A true blessing as having her on my lap can become both squished and awful very fast. I ordered her the CARES aviation system (a 5-point harness) - it was perfect. Thanks to a lot of snacks (Cheerios, Goldfish, Blueberries, Grapes, Crackers and Bananas) and our IPAD she sat in her own seat for the bulk of both flights. When she wasn't in her seat, she was sound asleep on me! SUCCESS!
  • 'RIO' LOVER! I mean. Honestly. Am I shocked? Layla's had a funny obsession with birds for a long time (she yells BIRDS and points to the sky every time we're outside) -- Josh introduced her to Rio last week and we've watched it probably 12 times since. She watches the ENTIRE movie, without movie. She LOVES the music. She dances, claps and "sings" along. It's too funny and adorable and perfect for flights.
  • NO WALKING! Now one day shy of 13 months and still a crawling, cruising, standing machine but NO walking.. not one step. I'm not worries as I know she'll do it when she's ready. Plus, I'm not in a huge rush to chase her everywhere -- however I cannot wait to see her take those first few steps. Her little legs will look so funny walking.
  • A LOVER. There is nothing better then that sweet smile and immediate kiss & hug she gives us every morning. She is so sweet, so funny and so wonderful.
So that's that. We had a great time.
We started Josh's 30th birthday celebration -- family during the day on Saturday, friends at night on Saturday with dinner for 14 at YOLO and drinks with his friends all over the town.
We got to spend lots of quality time with our friends at Laura & Clay's BBQ on Sunday. Layla came with us and was perfect. She even cheered for Spain in the soccer match!
We got to see Amy, Jordyn, Kole, Stacey & Colin on Monday. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. So much fun and too short of a time. Can't wait to see you again ladies!
We got to go to the movies - TED - holy moly funny.
We had lots of family time. Lots of food. AND most importantly.. lots of fun :)

Cheers until tomorrow, Layla's 13 month entry..... AHHHHHHHHHH!

Rocking a bikini!

Lunch date with the adorable Kole!

Rio on the plane! In a trance.

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