My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

12 weeks!!!!

(So as you can see, I've been blogging but not posting - just saving as drafts) - Now we are up to date!
First and foremost, the cat is officially OUT of the bag.
Everyone and anyone that is in our lives is now aware of baby bear's presence in my belly.
It feels goooooood.
I feel like I'm free.
And it helps that I can complain explain to people why I'm pale/not hungry/starving/crying/laughing.
The joys of pregnancy.
Per some books, I'm now out of the 1st trimester.
Per others, it starts at 13 weeks, 3 days. (exactly 1/3 of the pregnancy).
Per others, it starts at 14 weeks.
Either way, I'm there or getting very close.
And I'm just waiting to feel better. For now, it seems I'm getting worse. Bluch!!
Ready for pops of energy and no more nausea.
I love being pregnant but this part is hard.

However... Friday confirmed how much I want and love this baby already.

We had our regular doctor's appointment scheduled. I was 11 weeks, 4 days at the time. I was SO SO SO excited to finally hear the heartbeat. That sweet sounds echoing through the doctor's office is music to a mama's ears. We switched practices so I'm meeting all the doctor's (so far, I've now loved 2 out of 2 - success!) - she was so so sweet and kind and made me feel like my appointment was important. She brought out the Doppler, put alcohol on my belly and started moving it around. Silence. She tried for another minute, then said that the baby may be in a weird position and we'll just have a quick ultrasound to confirm the baby's heart rate. Sad but happy to see our peanut again, I smiled and waited. While waiting, she decided to try again - this time squirting cold jelly on my belly. Again. Silence. She moved all around, nothing. Nada. Now I was scared. We head into the tiny room they use for ultrasounds and she starts the process - she is moving the machine all around my belly and can't find the baby. MY HEART BREAKS. I am crying and wondering what is going on. I feel pregnant. I look pregnant. I've not bled. What is happening?? The doctor's face falls and I am so so nervous. She says she's going to have the ultrasound tech come in and do a vaginal ultrasound (sorry TMI) - she said because my bladder isn't full, the regular ultrasound may have been hard to see. And just like that..... I see my sweet baby. My little blob with arms and legs and hands and waving and dancing. A sweet relief washes over me. A heart rate of 162 is read. MUCH higher then last time. (GIRL?!). All my doubt washes away (although the anxiety stayed with me for the next hour).

What a scary time.

We have our next ultrasound on Friday combined with blood work (sequential screening) so I'm VERY much looking forward to seeing the baby again.

We are now 12 1/2 weeks. We are chugging along. Getting excited to celebrate Josh's 30th birthday. Trying to push through this horrific summer heat and have Layla enjoy all the mommy/daddy time she can.

Before we know it, a little squishy bean will be invading our (not so) quiet home!!

How far along? 12 weeks, 3 days.
Total weight gain/loss: I am now up exactly 3 pounds.
Maternity clothes? I'm getting VERY close to needing maternity jeans, or at least the belly band. These puppies are tight around my belly beginning this week! Both of my sister in laws lent me maternity clothes, time to wash those puppies and hang them up.
Stretch marks? Started bio-oil last night and praying to the stretch mark gods.

Best moment this week: Going FACEBOOK public - the response was unbelievably sweet and kind and got me so excited!

Have you told family and friends: We are out of the closet!
Movement: Not yet.
Food cravings: Hot dogs. Fries. Egg and Cheese.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells. I gagged and dry heaved for 5 minutes while brushing my teeth this morning. UCH.
Gender prediction: I still think it's a boy. Josh thinks it's a girl.
Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Um. Josh made fun of me last night for the way I say "crayons" - I cried. Literally. Who am I?

Weekly Wisdom: Eat to avoid nausea and headaches.
Milestones: I think it's a milestone that we told everyone!!

First time seeing our bean - do you see it?? Little and cute. Heart rate was around 133.

Perfect little profile - hand by the face!
Waving HELLO!! Heart rate around 133.

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