My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We have a WALKER!!!!

Layla & her BFF Remi.... ladies lunching ;)

A BIG WEEK for our dear, fear Layla Jules.

On Monday, July 23rd -- Layla and I were playing in the living room. I put her a little away from me while sitting on the sofa and she took one giant (unassisted) step towards me. I screamed for Josh to hurry in the room. I put her a little further away and she took two more steps. We took our her video camera (er.. IPhone) and began the tape... and BOOM! Our girl continued to take a few steps, over and over, squealing in delight while Josh & I cried our eyes out. It was the most exciting, proud moment I believe I've felt as a parent yet. She looked SO happy, so confident. She knew it was a huge achievement. It was so exciting. I am trying to post the video (despite my horrific appearance in it) but I can't seem to be able to - I'll try again later. Yesterday, she was a little hesitant to try to walk again but by last night was taking more steps -- she even did a bunch in the middle of the room to get to my niece Abbey - it was awesome.

We had a great weekend...

Friday, we had a yummy dinner at Las Margatritas with the Kushners.

Saturday, we joined Costco (literally the highlight of our weekend - not even embarrassed to say that out loud), took naps (Layla for 2 1/2 hours!) and headed to celebrate our dear Ariella's 1st birthday. I adore her parents (Dana & Craig) and it was nice to see a lot of friends I haven't seen in a long time. Layla had a great time and of course loved the Elmo theme ("MELMO!!!" she shouted at every single Elmo sighting on the napkins, balloons, etc).

Sunday, Brooke babysat so Josh & I could go see Batman with Melanie & Eric (at 9:30 AM..haha) - it was a lot of fun and I'm glad we got to go! After Layla's nap, we jetted over to my sister's house for yummy food and lots of playing.

Monday, Layla and I went to Target in the morning while our backyard was made pretty and the cleaning ladies worked their magic. Afterwards, she napped and then we went to lunch with my dad at Olive Garden. So yummy. I really music class and can't wait for the fall semester to begin!! Then the walking began!!!

Tuesday, we had a great morning. We woke up at 7:30, quickly got ready, went to the movie theatre to buy tickets, visited my work (everyone couldn't get over how big Layla got!) and then we went to see RIO!! It was Layla's 1st time in the movie theatre and she did incredible. I mean, far beyond how I thought she would do. She didn't mind the dark or loud noises and LOVED the big screen! She danced, laughed, giggled and yelled.. so funny. They do $1.00 movies on Tuesday mornings of old kids movies so it was perfect. We went with my sister in law Danielle and my nieces Ava & Marley. Lots of fun!! Layla made it about 3/4 the way through, then got sleepy so we left. We ended up having a surprise late lunch with my sister & Remi, then babysat Remi (while Layla yelled REMI in her face over and over hahaha). It was a lot of fun. I'm starting to get used to the idea that there will be two babies around... I still can't believe it.

On another huge and exciting note (I almost didn't want to type this out for fear of jinxing it..) - Layla is now sleeping 11 1/2 - 12 hours every.single.night. No more crying and needing a pat on the butt. No more early wake ups. She's also going to bed later. Instead of a strict 7 PM (and sometimes even 6:45) she's now closer to 7:30 PM (and sometimes 7:45!) - and sleeping until at least 7 AM, sometimes until 7:45 AM!!! It's a WHOLE NEW WORLD. And I'm enjoying every single second!!!!!!!!! Please don't change!! We are officially on one nap a day and it ranges from 45 minutes - 2 1/2 hours. I like it (although sometimes I wish she'd nap a little longer) but I'm not complaining. GO LAYLA GO!
So that's that....
We are getting ready to celebrate our favorite Dada's 30th birthday this weekend... I may have a couple of surprises up my sleeve (he literally has no idea what we are doing) and I'm hopeful he enjoys his celebration!

better run - promise to take more pictures this week!!


2nd trimester!!!
Still feeling gross.
Had a great weekend, nonetheless.
Ready for our next appointment (next Friday) - I reaaaaaaally am beyond ready to HEAR the heartbeat! And we will get to make our next ultrasound appointment -- ready to know if this little bugger is a BOY or a GIRL!
(I'm completely lost ... any mommy intuition is now out the window!)

14 weeks and looking BIG!

How far along? 14 weeks, 2 days.
Total weight gain/loss: I made up for my loss last week - haha - up 1 pound for a total of 3.8 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Either my "fatty" jeans or maternity jeans. It's hot as anything outside so I'm finally wearing lots of dresses despite my pale legs.
Stretch marks? Every morning I think I have one but it's just an imprint of my PJS - none!

Sleep: WEIRD dreams. Still waking up but not quite as much and my insomnia is finally settling down - waking up to pee.
Best moment this week: Thinking I felt the baby. I'm not positive but I know it's coming. Love that feeling. Also, Layla walking her first steps. Holy moly exciting.
Have you told family and friends: Yup!
Movement: I'm SO sure I felt it but who knows.
Food cravings:  Hot dogs from Costco. Cherries. Crasins. Bagels.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still dealing with bouts of nausea - blah. Ready to feel better.
Gender prediction: I literally have NO idea - I can't wait to find out!!
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Generally happy. When I feel good and when I keep myself busy, I'm happier then when I allow myself to feel how sick I still feel. 

Weekly Wisdom: Don't buy tasty cake pies. You will eat them.
Milestones: We are 100% in the 2nd trimester per every book on earth - time to feel BETTER!!!

Belly in clothes!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

13 weeks!

Please excuse my pajamas. And side ponytail. And overall appearance. But focus on BABY BEAR growing away!

Well hello.
And welcome to 13 weeks, 3 weeks.
Also known to MANY as the 2nd trimester (40 weeks divided by 3..)
I'm officially in my 2nd trimester and barely seeing the benefits so far.
BUT - I have to say - right now, at this very second, I feel good!!
So maybe the nausea and exhaustion can leave??? (and never return!)

We had our sequential screen on Friday - this is the ultrasound & blood work test to measure the baby and see the odds of having a chromosomal disorder. They do one more round of blood work between weeks 16-20 and can determine the odds even further. The ultrasound was GREAT!! We loved the tech and the baby looked perfect -- he/she was jumping & waving it's little hands and feet. The heart rate was 153. Nice and strong. Josh thinks the baby is a girl based on the heart rate (higher then 140 tends to be girl) but the tech said that's only 65% true in most cases and doesn't start until 2nd trimester, so right now I'm still team BOY! I'm looking forward to the next ultrasound (between weeks 18-20) so we can see our baby bear again and learn the sex!! Our next appointment is August 3 - SO SO SO ready to finally hear the heartbeat!!

How far along? 13 weeks, 3 days.
Total weight gain/loss: I lost a bit - up 2.8 now.
Maternity clothes? I have started wearing maternity jeans. I can still get away with my regular jeans but I need to keep them unbuttoned.
Stretch marks? C'mon BIO-OIL, don't fail me now!

Sleep: Insomnia and pee-breaks make for tough nights...however last night, I slept really, really well - I needed it!
Best moment this week: Seeing the baby on the ultrasound! AND everyone at work telling me I "popped" yesterday!

Have you told family and friends: YUP! People keep texting/emailing/calling to tell us congrats, it's very sweet!
Movement: Not yet. I swear I keep feeling it.
Food cravings:  Egg and Cheese from Manhattan Bagel. Hot Dogs. TastyCake Pies.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I need to keep food in my tummy - but smells aren't bothering me quite as much.
Gender prediction: I wavered a bit and started thinking girl a little - but still on the boy train! Happy either way. A BFF for Layla no matter what.
Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Both. My emotions are still everywhere. I cried in the car while talking to my mom yesterday on my lunch break. Enough said. 

Weekly Wisdom: Don't worry (too much) about weight gain. And don't worry (too much) about Layla. Stress is good for NO ONE!
Milestones: 2nd trimester FUN!!!!!!!! (Now hurry back and feel 100%) ;)

I couldn't help it - my sweet girl driving Winnie the Pooh all around town!
Belly in clothes! (12 weeks 4 days)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tales of a baby in transition...

Last night, Layla woke up at 2:20 AM. Crying. Hard.
We finally got her back to sleep at 3:00 AM.
She woke up at 3:40 AM. Crying. Hard.
We finally got her back to sleep at 5:00 AM.
She woke up at 5:20 AM. Crying. Hard.
At some point she managed to put herself back to sleep until 7:00 AM.
We have no idea why.
We think teething?
SO.. please excuse my writing as I'm going on little sleep and quite tired.

We are going through a transition period.
Things are happening.

Last Tuesday started Layla's quest to give up 2 naps per day.
She just DID NOT want to nap in the morning. And struggled a bit in the afternoon.
This was tough for us as her schedule was so set, so easy, so perfect.

We then decided to re-evaluate.
And so began...

The 3 problems we are trying to figure out.

#1 - When two naps become one....
-- It's very common from age 13-18 months for babies to give up two naps a day. As Layla is supposed to sleep approximately 12-14 hours a day total, and currently sleeps around 11 1/2 hours per night, this makes sense. I am completely okay with going to one nap, however -- we can't, for the life of us, figure out when that nap should take place. I either try too early and she'll resist the nap and scream OR I am waiting too long and she's overtired and impossible to settle down. She did nap twice a day a few days but that was with the morning nap in the car (45 minutes total). SO what am I missing?!? I need to come up with a better nap routine (and bedtime routine) ASAP so we can remedy this problem....

# 2 - Bye-Bye bottles.....
--Layla was almost exclusively breastfed until around 11 months, receiving about 4-5 bottles of formula a week total. After that, we went to formula for one month, then switched to organic whole cow's milk. She has never had an issue and has grown to love bottles. Which was great! Until now. You are supposed to stop using bottles and switch to sippy cups/regular cups by 1 year of age. Bottles are bad for teeth and there are assorted other reasons we need to say bye-bye bottles.. we are down to one bottle a day (the night-time bottle) and it's been okay, although I'm positive that's why napping as been a disaster.

# 3 - No more milk before bed.....
--Our nap time/bedtime routine has always been the same (since 5 1/2 months). New diaper. Sleep sack. Goodnight Moon. A bottle. Rocking. A lullaby. Bed. And like clockwork, Layla knew the routine and went right to her crib, happily clutching her Mr Bear & Kyle. Then this Mama realized I had created a BAAAAAD habit. Layla's bottle (previously being nursed) pre-sleep has created a bad problem. She can't fall asleep without it. She LOVES the bottle. She falls asleep happily. She nuzzles her head into my chest post-bottle and goes into the crib. But besides needing to know how to go to sleep without a bottle, she can't have milk directly before bed. It's bad for the teeth, belly and assorted other reasons. So we need to break this habit.

SO ... that's that. We have a rough transition period. I feel so bad. I know this is hard. And I have NO idea how I'm going to stop the bedtime bottle (although I may soon switch to water and see if that helps break this habit).

We are in transition and I'm trying to stay positive and know this isn't forever and I'm not a bad mama. It's just hard.

We've had a good time nonetheless (including a play date with Addison and the Aquarium yesterday with Justin, Max, Remi, my sister & Heather). She is happy and crazy and lovely. She is so much fun. She is going to walk She squeals in delight at every little thing and she is repeating everything we say.

I feel guilty for crying through these hard times because she is so very special and wonderful and perfect.

This, too, shall pass.

Any mamas have ANY tips??? Tell me what to do - pleaseeeee!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

12 weeks!!!!

(So as you can see, I've been blogging but not posting - just saving as drafts) - Now we are up to date!
First and foremost, the cat is officially OUT of the bag.
Everyone and anyone that is in our lives is now aware of baby bear's presence in my belly.
It feels goooooood.
I feel like I'm free.
And it helps that I can complain explain to people why I'm pale/not hungry/starving/crying/laughing.
The joys of pregnancy.
Per some books, I'm now out of the 1st trimester.
Per others, it starts at 13 weeks, 3 days. (exactly 1/3 of the pregnancy).
Per others, it starts at 14 weeks.
Either way, I'm there or getting very close.
And I'm just waiting to feel better. For now, it seems I'm getting worse. Bluch!!
Ready for pops of energy and no more nausea.
I love being pregnant but this part is hard.

However... Friday confirmed how much I want and love this baby already.

We had our regular doctor's appointment scheduled. I was 11 weeks, 4 days at the time. I was SO SO SO excited to finally hear the heartbeat. That sweet sounds echoing through the doctor's office is music to a mama's ears. We switched practices so I'm meeting all the doctor's (so far, I've now loved 2 out of 2 - success!) - she was so so sweet and kind and made me feel like my appointment was important. She brought out the Doppler, put alcohol on my belly and started moving it around. Silence. She tried for another minute, then said that the baby may be in a weird position and we'll just have a quick ultrasound to confirm the baby's heart rate. Sad but happy to see our peanut again, I smiled and waited. While waiting, she decided to try again - this time squirting cold jelly on my belly. Again. Silence. She moved all around, nothing. Nada. Now I was scared. We head into the tiny room they use for ultrasounds and she starts the process - she is moving the machine all around my belly and can't find the baby. MY HEART BREAKS. I am crying and wondering what is going on. I feel pregnant. I look pregnant. I've not bled. What is happening?? The doctor's face falls and I am so so nervous. She says she's going to have the ultrasound tech come in and do a vaginal ultrasound (sorry TMI) - she said because my bladder isn't full, the regular ultrasound may have been hard to see. And just like that..... I see my sweet baby. My little blob with arms and legs and hands and waving and dancing. A sweet relief washes over me. A heart rate of 162 is read. MUCH higher then last time. (GIRL?!). All my doubt washes away (although the anxiety stayed with me for the next hour).

What a scary time.

We have our next ultrasound on Friday combined with blood work (sequential screening) so I'm VERY much looking forward to seeing the baby again.

We are now 12 1/2 weeks. We are chugging along. Getting excited to celebrate Josh's 30th birthday. Trying to push through this horrific summer heat and have Layla enjoy all the mommy/daddy time she can.

Before we know it, a little squishy bean will be invading our (not so) quiet home!!

How far along? 12 weeks, 3 days.
Total weight gain/loss: I am now up exactly 3 pounds.
Maternity clothes? I'm getting VERY close to needing maternity jeans, or at least the belly band. These puppies are tight around my belly beginning this week! Both of my sister in laws lent me maternity clothes, time to wash those puppies and hang them up.
Stretch marks? Started bio-oil last night and praying to the stretch mark gods.

Best moment this week: Going FACEBOOK public - the response was unbelievably sweet and kind and got me so excited!

Have you told family and friends: We are out of the closet!
Movement: Not yet.
Food cravings: Hot dogs. Fries. Egg and Cheese.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells. I gagged and dry heaved for 5 minutes while brushing my teeth this morning. UCH.
Gender prediction: I still think it's a boy. Josh thinks it's a girl.
Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Um. Josh made fun of me last night for the way I say "crayons" - I cried. Literally. Who am I?

Weekly Wisdom: Eat to avoid nausea and headaches.
Milestones: I think it's a milestone that we told everyone!!

First time seeing our bean - do you see it?? Little and cute. Heart rate was around 133.

Perfect little profile - hand by the face!
Waving HELLO!! Heart rate around 133.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

13 months!

13 month stats:
Weight: Somewhere around 22-23 pounds. Her last weigh-in was 22 pounds, 15 ounces.
Height: Not sure, maybe 31 inches at this point?? 
Eating: 3 meals a day, 4 cups of whole milk, lots of snacks!  
Clothes: 12 month, 12-18 month, 18 month.
Diaper: Size 3 (getting to be too tight). Size 4 at night.  

13 months. No way did we celebrate your 1st birthday ONE month ago. I think I'm in shock as I keep telling people you "just turned one!" - I'm so excited to step into toddler phase but I still can't believe that you have celebrated a birthday. This past month has gone by in the blink of an eye and I vow to cherish each and everyday with you as you are changing constantly and I need to enjoy every second!
Your are so very beautiful and constantly changing. Your little chubby legs and arms are beginning to thin out - it's crazy how much your body is changing!! Despite your long hair sometimes covering your eyes, I've decided not to cut it again - I'd love to watch it grow and grow!! It's a beautiful shade of light brown and getting lighter everyday. Of course your big, blue eyes are what people comment on the most - they really are the perfect shade.
Tricks, tricks, tricks!! You are quick at picking up new things - we show you something once and you immediately catch on! You LOVE to dance and clap - you yell "CLAP CLAP CLAP!" and make sure everyone around you is dancing too. It's so adorable. You love to play with all of your toys and you can entertain yourself for hours. Although this month has been really busy, my plan is to spend the next few months primarily outside - it's hot but with the baby pool, we'll make it work! Hopefully Daddy & I will build a deck soon so we have somewhere fun and safe to play outside! I think walking will be right around the corner - I know I keep saying that, but you're so very close. When you use the walker we have (or Grandma got you in Florida) you look so cute. You are getting very good at the stairs and you are the faster crawler alive.
We've been doing our best to limit your TV watching but now that we've discovered RIO, you're HOOKED!!! It's not my proudest mommy moment but I love watching your face light up when the movie starts and you dance the entire time. I'm going to try introducing other movies with music - this is of course for our "down time" - the goal is to play, play, play!!
Sleeping. Our biggest battle. You had a great month until last week - you went from your 6:30 AM wake-up and slowly starting getting up earlier and earlier... then Florida rolled around and you completely could not sleep at all. I felt so bad for you. BUT - with a little luck (and tough love AKA sleep training) yesterday morning, you are BACK! Last night you slept 7 PM to 6:20 AM - success! You also napped twice yesterday at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house no issues. So hopefully you are back to good! You love to cuddle with Mr Bear and Kyle (your stuffed animals for sleeping) - it's so so cute. When we do bedtime routine, you get a story and bottle - you play with your hair, drink your bottle, bury your head in my shoulder and go right to sleep in the crib. So cute.
You will be done with bottle by your 14 month birthday. I wanted to be done by 12 months but that's okay.... you needed a little more time! We're done with the morning bottle so it's only the 3 bottles during the day (2 for the naps and 1 for bedtime) - I know you can do it!
Talking is your speciality - new words You love to call our names (MAMA!!! DADA!!!) and you love to yell out RIGBY!!! (One of our cats). You also love Elmo ("Melmo") and love to spot anything with Elmo on it just to say his name. You are so so so smart. We are working on teaching you letters. SO far you know the letter "S" -- very good baby! My goal is to teach you 5 letters this month.
You are a great eater but I'm trying to introduce more veggies into your diet. You eat a lot of fruit and carbs but not too many veggies - I am going to try making smoothies (with Kale and Spinach) - I think you'll love them!! Your favorites foods are blueberries, grapes, cheese (all kinds), bagels, bread, cheerios, french fries, bananas. We try to introduce new foods often and you try everything at least once!
With Music Class on hiatus (there is a short summer session we will try on Fridays), I'm looking for new and exciting things to do with you. I am going to set up some play dates soon as you LOVE to play with kiddies and we'll be going to Camden Aquarium a few times this month (including on Monday with Pop-Pop). I want to keep your mind constantly learning and growing and I think the best way is seeing new things!
With our news of new baby officially public, I can now let you know this - I promise you'll always be our best friend, our love, our joy. You will be the perfect big sister. I will spend these next 6 months spoiling you silly and enjoying our days as a family of three - while these past 13 months have been perfect, I know adding a new baby bear to the house will make us even happier (if that's possible). Please always know how much we love you and adore you. And remember to share with your baby brother or sister ;)
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

We love the bath - except when we first get in and when we rinse shampoo out!

We love to play with bath toys!

Pretty blue eyes!!


11 weeks.

official baby bump!
How far along? 11 weeks, 4 days.
Total weight gain/loss: I am officially up exactly 2 pounds.
Maternity clothes? No - I'm going to need to wear my belly band soon I'm sure but until then I'm squeezing my butt into my regular jeans.
Stretch marks? NO! Stay awayyyyyyyy!
Sleep: So sleepy. Insomnia again. Combined with exhaustion, yucky combo. I slept pretty good last night which was nice! 
Best moment this week: We have baby bear's doctor appt today - hopefully we'll FINALLY get to hear the heartbeat!
Have you told family and friends: Making the announcement TODAY!
Movement: Nope.
Food cravings: Not really. I ate 4 cheeseburgers this week. Sometimes I want to eat everything in sight, other times food is gross.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Bad smells.
Have you started to show yet: I think I'm JUST starting to pop.
Gender prediction: Still thinking boy - so much that I'm about to buy the cutest little boy outfit online. Hard to resist.
Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Less moody then before! Wahoo! Still cry. Who doesn't? :)

Weekly Wisdom: If your body is craving a cheeseburger, eat it.
Milestones: We are announcing today!!!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!!!

10 weeks, 1 day.

How far along? 10 weeks, 1 day.
Total weight gain/loss: I'm officially 1.2 one pounds.
Maternity clothes? Nope - not yet - soon enough, I'm sure.
Stretch marks? Nope – seriously time to get cracking on the bio-oil.
Sleep: I AM EXHAUSTED. Like, all the time. Between preggo symptoms and a chronic on-going cough and 24 hours of severe left eye pain (seriously?), I'm just so sleepy. The great news is (as of late) my insomnia isn't too bad so although I wake up often, I'm able to fall back asleep. 
Best moment this week: Yesterday, we gave our guestroom furniture to Nonnie (my sister in law's mama) - it's official. The guestroom is no longer a guestroom, but rather a soon-to-be nursery!!! It's starting to feel more and more real.
Have you told family and friends: I have told more work friends, which is a relief as I look like a walking zombie sometimes -- we will get announce officially at 12 weeks - just 13 more days to go!
Movement: No but I always swear I feel movement.
Food cravings: Rather food hate. Lately, nothing is good. I'm having issues and bagels are the only thing I can tolerate. Uh.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Food. Smells. Being awake.

Have you started to show yet: Nope but I don't think I'm too far off!
Gender prediction: I already call him by his name.. I'll be SO shocked if it's a girl!

Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Bad. I just don't feel well which results in tears. A lot of them. And the guilt of not being able to play with Layla all the time.

Weekly Wisdom: Ask Josh for help. He's very receptive. Take Layla's million kisses a day. They're magic.
Milestones: We leave in a couple of days for Florida. First flight with baby bear in my belly. Praying I feel good. And can catch up on some much needed REST and RELAXING while in Florida. We will also be celebrating Josh's 30th birthday (a few weeks early).... this is a HUGE milestone!

9 weeks!!

My dearest baby bear number 2 - you are NOT being neglected. Just because I was literally blogging Layla's weekly pregnancy updates the minute they were needing updating and I'm always behind with you does not equate to less love.

I think about you often. I know our little family will embrace your warm smiles and you'll help to grow my heart in a way I didn't think possible.

A small letter...

Dearest grape,
Please work with mama to help me feel better? I'm having a hard time concentrating on growing you when all I can think about it is my severe exhaustion, eating enough to keep the nausea at bay and finding the energy to remember to take pre-natal vitamins. Despite it all, you are so very worth it.
You are simply the best thing that has ever happened to us (combined with your sister) and we're so excited to include you in our family sing-a-longs. Be prepared, we sing a lot and often. And dance too. And we like bad, bad songs including (but not limited to) LMFAO.
Keep on chugging along,

How far along? 9 weeks, 2 days.
Total weight gain/loss: I keep gaining and losing the same pound. I'm hovering around my original weight which is good.
Maternity clothes? Nope - although I wore a maternity shirt today because I was too lazy to find something else. It's just a black t-shirt but I secretly like knowing it's maternity.
Stretch marks? Nope – I finally bought Bio-Oil, now it's time to use it.
Sleep: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy. But sometimes it seems a LITTLE better. It's tough with your sissy as she has been sick since Sunday.
Best moment this week: Avoiding the plague Layla seems to have gotten - I don't want to get sick - I always feel like if I'm sick, you can't feel well either. We are less then 3 weeks away from telling everyone about you!
Have you told family and friends: Here & there - told my boss at work - that was fun!
Movement: Not yet - can't wait for that sweet flutter.
Food cravings: EGG & CHEESE ON A PLAIN BAGEL. I'd like one for every meal. So random.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of throw up and poop. Too bad that's the newest fragrance of our house, lol.

Have you started to show yet: Nope but my bloat can look like a belly sometimes!
Gender prediction: TOTALLY thinking boy.

Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: A mess. I cry. A lot. And I laugh a lot. And I am trying to remember this, too, shall pass and I'll feel better soon!

Weekly Wisdom: I need to take some time for myself. I need to ask for help. I need to work on extra sleep and more water. I need to help my little baby bear GROW!
Milestones: Slowly making our way towards 2nd trimester... and finally realizing I'm pregnant. It takes a long time for these things to sink in. 

8 weeks!!

Okay, okay... I'm not being as good as I was with Layla as far as blogging goes for baby # 2. I'm really only a week behind and it's not my fault - I wasn't exactly sure how far along I was until last Tuesday!! BUT - thanks to a very positive and exciting first doctor's appointment (so so so in love with my new doctor's office) followed by an equally exciting dating ultrasound (baby's heartbeat was 133 - boy??), we now know I'm 8 weeks, 2 days along. My due date is officially JANUARY 21, 2013. A perfect due date, yes? So I'm 5 days later then I originally thought - not too bad, although this 1st trimester is a doozy and everyday closer to the 2nd trimester seems good to me. I'm feeling better then I was last week and MUCH better then I was with Layla, but nausea/exhaustion/no energy is a very real problem right now. Pushing through and getting more & more excited that our little family will soon be FOUR!

How far along? 8 weeks, 2 days.
Total weight gain/loss: As of last week, I was actually down 1.6 pounds which means I'm exactly where I was when I found out I was pregnant. I think I'll gain a bit this week as carbs are my BFF due to nausea.
Maternity clothes? No although due to bloat my jeans can feel tight by the evening rolls around.
Stretch marks? Nope – must buy bio-oil. Stat.
Sleep: Exhausted. Early bedtimes and napping when I can. We had Josh's mom here the past few days which was awesome - lots of rest! I still wake up several times a night but I'm okay.
Best moment this week: The ultrasound. Seeing the little (teeny) peanut and that lovely heart flicker.
Have you told family and friends: Slowly telling more and more people -- I can't wait until July 9th when we can tell the world!
Movement: No although I swear I always feel something.
Food cravings: None. Half the time I don't want to eat, the other half I only want cheerios or bagels. And ginger ale.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes. Smells. Food. The morning.

Have you started to show yet: Nope but i think I'm just a few weeks away from that!
Gender prediction: Still thinking BOY, especially after the heartbeat was low!

Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: An emotional mess. Josh calls me crazy when I'm pregnant. I'm trying to avoid being insane. It's not easy.

Weekly Wisdom: Layla's 1st year when by in the blink of an eye - trying to soak up every second, even the sleepless ones.
Milestones: First ultrasound, blood work done, appointment made for sequential screen! 

5 & 6 weeks... let the fun begin!

Is it true – can it be??
Another baby…….??
That’s right, folks. This lovely family of three is expecting to add another member in January of 2013!!
Let’s back up….
Josh & I were in constant discussion of when to add another little one. We knew we didn’t want to wait too long between the two but couldn’t decide when to start trying. Low and behold, the discussion was a moot point.
A few days upon returning from our lovely vacation in Miami, I realized I was late. One week went by. Then 10 days. Then Josh begged me for to take a test. I told him I’d take a pregnancy test on Wednesday, May 23rd if needed as that would put me at two weeks late. And then Wednesday rolled around. After work, I stopped at CVS, grabbed Gatorade, milk, gum and an “Answer” pregnancy test as it was on sale. I came home, proceeded to head to our powder room and discover that two lines quickly appeared.
“JOSH!!!” I yelled.
Layla crawled into the bathroom. I started laughing and crying at the same time.
“We’re pregnant” I sobbed.
“No, we’re not. You’re lying” yelled Josh.
“Nope, serious. We’re pregnant! I yelped.
Layla laughed. Josh jumped up and down. I cried. And cried some more. I couldn’t believe it. Was it real? Was this part of our “plan”? When are we due?? And that’s when we both realized the best news possible…… we are lucky enough to become pregnant again. We are blessed. This IS part of our plan as this is what happened. We quickly counted on our fingers and realized the kiddies would be 19 months apart. AN IMMEDIATE BEST FRIEND. A partner for life. The best news we could have ever received.
Minutes later, my sister called to say hi… she sensed something was wrong and we decided to face time her and showed the positive pregnancy test. Always our biggest supporter, she screamed and cried and helped made me realize how amazing and exciting this was. We then called my parents, Josh’s parents and assorted others. We told our best friends. We told Layla over and over. We hugged and kissed and rejoiced in the fact that our family is growing.
SO here we are. Last week, my mom took a blood test and showed my number at 4500 – a nice strong pregnancy. She is taking my blood again tonight to confirm we’re moving along and I have my first doctor’s appointment on Monday, June 4. I decided it was time to switch offices so I’m looking forward to meeting new doctors. While my last office provided me well and helped to produce the most perfect child I’ve ever seen, it’s time to move on. There were several thing I was disappointed in (not being able to stick with one doctor, late appointments, the wrong due date constantly popping up in my file, and no one ever remembering I had placenta previa just to name a few).
So that’s that. A new office. A new BABY. We think the due date is around January 16, 2013 but we’ll find out more at the appointment.
Cheers, excitement and everything good in life.
Actually week 5....

Actually week 6....

How far along? 7 weeks, 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure but I think I may have gained about 0.8 since in the past 2 weeks. I expected a gain because I was dieting so heavily until getting my big positive test!
Maternity clothes? Not yet! I am avoiding pulling everything down that I put away and I’m squeezing into every pair of jeans I own until they don’t fit anymore!
Stretch marks? Nope – I am starting my bio-oil routine this weekend. It’s time! I truly believe in it.
Sleep: My first inclination I was pregnant... insomnia. I wake up several times a night and have a hard time getting back to sleep. Combine this with Layla’s early mornings and I’m one sleepy pup!
Best moment this week: I have two favorite moments from the past couple of weeks – obviously the night we found out we’ll be a family of FOUR was huge, exciting, amazing. Also, while taking Layla’s 1 year photos, we shot several “Secret” shots in a big sister shirt. She looked so beautiful and excited – although she has no idea her life is about to change in a BIG way!
Have you told family and friends: Our families and best friends are in “the know” – I have told a couple of work friends and we plan on making the big announcement around July 4 (going into the 2nd trimester).
Movement: Nope – although I always think I do, I realize it’s probably gas or something. Haha.
Food cravings: Nothing really. I’m trying to avoid giving into my cravings too much to avoid the 52 pound weight gain from last pregnancy!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I made spinach dip this weekend and wanted to vomit everywhere. Strange but true. Also, dirty diapers are starting to make me a little queasy – however (KNOCK ON WOOD) I’m feeling mostly good with waves of nausea (seldom).
Have you started to show yet: No – I can still suck in pretty good!
Gender prediction: I have a VERY strong feeling it’s a boy. So much that I’ll be SHOCKED if it’s a girl.
Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In! Never popped last time, wonder if it will this time?
Wedding rings on or off? On – hopefully for a long time.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Back & forth. Right now, I feel so yucky due to a cold that I’m having a hard time pushing through. I’d love to crawl into my bed and sleep for days but that’s currently not an option. Wah.
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every second. And remember EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
Milestones: Officially knocked up with # 2 ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Layla's 7th trip to Florida...

I can't believe it. Layla has now been to Florida SEVEN times in less then THIRTEEN months! That's pretty insane!! (And amazing....!!)

Her first trip was in August 2011. She was a peanut and met her Florida family for the first time.
Her second trip was in October 2011. We went to Fort Lauderdale and Sarasota.
Her third trip was in November 2011. THANKSGIVING!
Her fourth trip was in January 2012. We celebrated Great Grandpa's 90th birthday!
Her fifth trip was in April 2012. DISNEY WORLD!
Her sixth trip was in May 2012. First time away from us. Mama & Dada went to Miami for four glorious days but missed her sweet.
Her seventh trip was in June 2012. And we returned on 4th of July (yesterday!) I sum up this trip. (First, the bad.. followed by the good!)
  • NO SLEEP. Layla had a rough time adjusting and slept awful at night and naps were a doozy. The only way she slept was on someone (Grandma..) - it was tough for her (and us) but we made it. Despite the lack of sleep, she was a happy cookie (mostly).
  • DIAPER RASH. The worst she has ever had. Her bum looks like it's on fire. :( I know the culprit - she had eaten an insane amount of blueberries and grapes in a few days (like, more then a grown man could eat). It caused lots of poop. Which causes lots of dirty diapers. Which causes a horrific diaper rash.
  • POOP IN THE TUB. First time for everything?
  • HATES SWIMMING. We tried. Twice. Once at Laura & Clay's BBQ and once in Josh's parents pool. Both failure. She just doesn't like it. We keep trying, though. Maybe one day? She didn't seem to HATE the float so we'll continue to try. At least she likes the baby pool.
  • HATES DOGS. Cried with every lick and bark from Lucy & Max. I felt worse for the dogs then Layla. She seems to like Max (he's little) when he doesn't get too close or bark. But as soon as he starts yapping... game over. Tears galore.
  • SHY PHASE. She's becoming very selective of who can hold her. She literally says "NO!" when someone tries to hold her and she doesn't want them to. Eventually she'll warm up to everyone but every so often I'll get a pleading "MAMA!" look (along with her yelling MAMA) like she needs help. Amazingly, Josh's mom is one of her favorite people in the world. Despite not seeing her everyday, she clearly remembers the time spent together because she is always SO excited and happy to see her Grandma. AND.... she now says GRANDMA! (Or "Gr'Ma").
  • TALKING (on to the good!). A REPEATING machine. If you're around Layla, watch what you say. She will repeat it. And fast. Too many new words to remember...but CLAP CLAP CLAP, Plane, Night Night, GG (Josh's Great Grandma) and more.
  • PERFECT PLANE BABY! Josh's grandparents gave us their southwest points allowing us to get Layla her own seat. A true blessing as having her on my lap can become both squished and awful very fast. I ordered her the CARES aviation system (a 5-point harness) - it was perfect. Thanks to a lot of snacks (Cheerios, Goldfish, Blueberries, Grapes, Crackers and Bananas) and our IPAD she sat in her own seat for the bulk of both flights. When she wasn't in her seat, she was sound asleep on me! SUCCESS!
  • 'RIO' LOVER! I mean. Honestly. Am I shocked? Layla's had a funny obsession with birds for a long time (she yells BIRDS and points to the sky every time we're outside) -- Josh introduced her to Rio last week and we've watched it probably 12 times since. She watches the ENTIRE movie, without movie. She LOVES the music. She dances, claps and "sings" along. It's too funny and adorable and perfect for flights.
  • NO WALKING! Now one day shy of 13 months and still a crawling, cruising, standing machine but NO walking.. not one step. I'm not worries as I know she'll do it when she's ready. Plus, I'm not in a huge rush to chase her everywhere -- however I cannot wait to see her take those first few steps. Her little legs will look so funny walking.
  • A LOVER. There is nothing better then that sweet smile and immediate kiss & hug she gives us every morning. She is so sweet, so funny and so wonderful.
So that's that. We had a great time.
We started Josh's 30th birthday celebration -- family during the day on Saturday, friends at night on Saturday with dinner for 14 at YOLO and drinks with his friends all over the town.
We got to spend lots of quality time with our friends at Laura & Clay's BBQ on Sunday. Layla came with us and was perfect. She even cheered for Spain in the soccer match!
We got to see Amy, Jordyn, Kole, Stacey & Colin on Monday. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. So much fun and too short of a time. Can't wait to see you again ladies!
We got to go to the movies - TED - holy moly funny.
We had lots of family time. Lots of food. AND most importantly.. lots of fun :)

Cheers until tomorrow, Layla's 13 month entry..... AHHHHHHHHHH!

Rocking a bikini!

Lunch date with the adorable Kole!

Rio on the plane! In a trance.