My little family!

My little family!

Friday, June 22, 2012


my house is a disaster.
I mean - it literally looks like a tornado came through.
There are dirty dishes in the sink.
I found a sock in the sofa.
I have about 86 loads of laundry to put away and another 137 loads of laundry to do.
The real truth? My cleaning lady NEVER showed on Monday (I love her cleaning skills but she is an awful, awful, awful example of how to run a business) - she's not answering my texts or phone calls.
I need help.


A to-do list. This will hold me accountable, no?
Probably not. But it'll make me feel better.

1. Empty dishwasher, load, repeat.
2. Put away laundry and do the piles of laundry taking over our closet.
3. Put away Layla's toys so the living room appears clean for 3.6 seconds. Vacuum. Repeat.
4. Find a place/throw out everything from Layla's 1st birthday party. It is over. Face it.
5. Scrub the bathrooms. FIND A NEW CLEANING LADY.

... And, while I'm at it... a to-do list of things I need done around the house, in general.

1. Call Steve, the landscaping guy, and have the brush removed from the backyard.
2. DECK - at least pricing?
3. Put together Layla's water table.
4. Price swing sets.
5. Begin the transfer of toys from living room to basement - let the playroom transformation begin! (Need furniture, bookcases, etc etc etc).
6. Price out pull-out sofas for basement and living room.
7. Finish office. Get rid of book case in there. SELL BOOKS, DVD'S. (Yard sale?) Make this room look better as it's the first room you see when you walk in. Get pictures for big wall. 5 black & white canvases?
8. Paint living room.
9. Clean out guest room. Give furniture to Nonnie. Paint. Re-organize closet.
10. Find new homes for litter boxes. Blah.
11. Re-decorate master bedroom. Paint. Make warmer. Re-organize closet.
13. Put away the remaining 9 month clothes of Layla. Re-organize closet.
14. Call Stanley steamer and have all carpets mega-cleaned. It's amazing how quickly light-colored carpets stain.
16. Clean out car. Seriously detail it.
17. Price out bigger cars.

........ okay. I think that's it. Probably not.

Oh. And it would be nice if my awful cough would go away.

And it would be doubly nice if Layla's low-grade fever and rash would go away.

IN OTHER NEWS - THE HEAT WON!!!!! They are the champions. Josh's mind can rest easy. Until football season.


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