My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I'm done counting by week for Miss Layla... haha. I'll continue to post her monthly updates but no need to feel the pressure of the weekly update, right?

(let's be honest. I'm a bad blogger but on the road to getting better, again)

Feeling okay. Still fighting a wicked cough.

Getting very excited for our trip to Florida tomorrow... plans include - SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP. And eating. And then a nap. And then eating. Also....

Saturday - Lunch with Josh's family. Mani & Pedi. Dinner at night with 12 of our friends to start the celebration of Josh's upcoming 30th birthday (July 29) - I'm so excited to see our friends, have a nice night out and begin the celebration of my sweet. He's having a tough time with the whole "turning 30" thing - I'm trying to get him to see how amazing it is. He says he'll come around soon ;)

Sunday - BBQ at Laura & Clay's house - lots of fun, sun, food and pool! Layla will be coming with us so that should be good :)

Monday - LUNCH with my darling AMY! I can't wait to see her, Jordyn & Kole <3 So excited.

Otherwise... NO plans. Hoping to keep it that way. We are there until Wednesday afternoon which should leave time to just chill out and enjoy family.


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