My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

54 weeeeeeeeks!!!!

Squinting on the beach.. I wish I took more pictures, she LOVED it!!

The best IPhone App ever - Elmo and Layla facetime!

Layla's current favorite toy *thanks Rosenthal family!!*- this is after visiting the doctor yesterday, a big burst of energy!

A fast update.
When did I become the world's worst blogger?

I blame vomit & fevers.


We had a great couple of weeks. We got a new 6 foot privacy fence. We created a list of things we want for the house. We played. We sang. We danced. We made our way down the shore for the weekend with the Kushners for a nice weekend away in Ventnor (thanks for letting us borrow the house Aunt Karen & Uncle Brad!!) - we loved the beach, the sun, the cousin bonding..

We drove home Sunday. Prior to our departure, Layla took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the pack & play despite Max & Abbey played right outside her door. Weird. We woke her up. Packed the car.

She fell asleep in the car. Again.

Something was strange....

We made our way off the highway, Layla woke up and cried blood murder... and then threw up. All over. The car seat. Herself. Elmo, cookie monster and Ernie were also hit in the crossfire. We cleaned up, got her home, and thus began the 4 days of throwing up/bad fevers/general unhappiness.

My poor, sweet angel. I feel so bad.

We're pushing through and hopeful today is the last day. She hasn't thrown up since last night at 11:30 (progress?) and her fevers are low. I'm keeping Tylenol in her so she doesn't get too uncomfortable.

In other news... I started emailing schools. All the local synagogues. I think she will start going twice a week in January... I'm scared/excited/nervous.

I'll write more later. Or not. But I'll try. Music class is over. Need to make plans for Mondays & Tuesdays to keep us from getting bored.

Lots of love. I am also sick with a bad chronic cough. Hopeful we'll all be healthy by our trip to Florida next weeeeeeek! :)

p.s. a very special Father's Day shout out to my dear husband. I'm so sorry I didn't spoil you more this time around. I'm a bad, bad planner/wife and will make it up to you, promise.

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