My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

51 weeks!!!

51 weeks (plus one day) - ready for the pool!
Another week, come and gone.....
ONE more week until Miss Layla Jules turns the big O-N-E!!! The chance to face forward in the car, eat chocolate, drink milk, try peanut butter and assorted other fun and exciting adventures!! We are days away from toddler-ville and I'm so excited to step into the next adventure!!!

Our week became MUCH better then last week...

Thursday, we had our weekly dinner at my parents. Poor Josh was still mega-sick so Layla and I went alone. It was great to see the family, including Mom-Mom Millie & Mom-Mom Rose!! My cousins were also there along with Aunt Karen & Uncle Brad... I loved seeing everyone! Allison made this AMAZING video full of pictures as a surprise for Mom-Mom Millie's upcoming 90th birthday. It was so sweet and so beautiful... I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!

Friday, I decided it was time for the sleep training to begin. That night, Layla woke up twice (a random 11:30 PM wake-up and again around 4:00 AM). I let her cry it out and had to go in twice both times (without picking her up, just laying her back down and rubbing her back). It was hard but both times she managed to put herself back to sleep. I was very proud of her. That day, Josh's sickness remained so we took it easy and relaxed.

Saturday, we woke up to find Layla had slept from 7:30 PM - 6:10 AM. YES!!! It took ONE night of sleep training and our girl was back.... I felt like an idiot for not sleep training earlier but whatever, it worked and I was happy. ALSO, Josh woke up feeling BETTER! WOOOOOOOOO! My husband was BACK! I felt so bad for him, he was completely out of commission and missed playing with Layla so much!! That day, Layla and I headed to Masons Mill where Layla had a PHOTOSHOOT! My awesome sister in law Danielle has really become an amazing photographer and was gracious enough to do a huge photo shoot! It was sooooo much fun. Layla did great despite the HOT weather and I can't wait to see the pictures!!! We are going to do a second photo shoot indoors complete with a cake smash, wahoo! After that, we spent the day relaxing and cleaning. That night, we went to our favorite local Italian place as a little family, it was yummy! We were going to hit up the local carnival but thunderstorms took over and instead we went home, put the babe to bed and watched "We Bought A Zoo" (loved it).

Sunday was spent cleaning some more and lots of relaxing. After the babe's afternoon nap, we went to Rachel's dad's BBQ (sooooo good to see my BFF, home from NYC and looking gorgeous as ever). Afterwards, we went to a BBQ at my sisters house - a blast per usual.

Monday was Memorial Day - so fun! We went to a BBQ at Jaime's casa and it was great to see everybody. Layla played with the other kiddies there and after getting over her initial shyness, she was crawling all over the house and attempting to cruise along every piece of furniture.

Yesterday, Layla and I spent the day at the mall - she's SO much fun and loves looking around and yelling "HI!" and "WHAT'S THAT??" while pointing to anyone and anything. It's so sweet. After her (2 hour) afternoon nap, Melissa & Addison came over for a play date!! The girls haven't seen each other in a little while and it was SOOOOO sweet to see them "playing" together. They kept touching each other, exchanging toys and giggling. I love it. It was super hot so we set up the baby pool for them - I thought Layla would HATE it (as the bath isn't her favorite place in the world) and it turned out (after the addition of some warmer water) she LOVED ITTTTTTTTTT! As in, splashing, drinking the water, playing, standing, crawling, dunking her head... who was this baby??? I was so proud of her and can't wait to play with the pool again!!!

Better run - until next week - the ONE year letter... wow. wow. wow.

My little water baby!


Drinking the water.. what a weirdo!

All smiles!!

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