My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

50 weeks.

Look close, you can see her right eye is still half-swollen shut. Never stops her from reading!

The letter of this week is S.
The number of this week is 4.
Why, you ask?
S stands for SICK & SLEEPY!!!!
… The past few days have been really rough. Josh came down with a horrible case of something resembling the flu+strep throat+assorted other horrific sickness. He was completely bed ridden when he was being pumped with medicine. The doctor confirmed it was a nasty bug and prescribed an antibiotic on Monday which seems to be doing the trick. He had been sick for the past couple of weeks with a cold and it seems to have manifested into this nightmare. He’s heading back to work today and I finally saw signs that my normal husband was back (instead of the sick, sad, coughing man that has been living in my house the past few days…).
…to top that off, on Monday, Layla woke up with her right eye completely crusted shut. Now mind you, SHE has been sick off and on with a cold for the past few weeks as well and apparently her sickness turned into PINK EYE? Yes. I kid you not. SO… off we were to the doctor Monday afternoon. Her ears, lungs, mouth and everything else appeared fine so the doctor prescribed eye drops (4 times daily for a week uh) – they seem to be working. Within 12 hours her eye looked better and by today she looked completely normal.
And 4?? The number of the week?? (OR the number of the past TWO weeks?)
That’s the time Layla has been waking up. Anywhere between 3:45 and 4:30. It’s been a nightmare. I think I’ve created a horrible sleeping habit. I thought long and heard and I realized what happened…
Back when we were in Florida (the first time, April 20-25th) – she had a really rough time adjusting and woke up several times. Of course, we rushed to comfort her and rocked her back to sleep. This was the start of her waking up. The second trip to Florida she slept great but woke up around 5:15-5:30 every day. Still too early (although at this point I’d love for a 5:30 wake up). I think between being sick and getting used to us coming to rock her back to sleep, she’s having a hard time putting herself back to sleep. We’ve pushed her bedtime from 6:45/7:00 to 7:15. I’ve stopped breastfeeding. It’s been a rough month for her, I know. And I feel bad but something has to change. Due to lack of sleep at night, her naps have been affected – ranging from 45 minutes – 1 hour. (She used to do around 90 minutes). SOOOOO… long story short, we will be sleep training her beginning Friday morning. It has to happen and it’s going to stink but my sweet girl NEEDS to sleep and her mama is possibly going insane from severe sleep deprivation. This morning I somehow managed to get her back to sleep from 4:30 – 6:00 AM. In our bed. She literally hasn’t slept in our bed in MONTHS. I was so tired, I was unable to properly realize I could be setting us up for a horrible new habit (haha).
… BUT… luckily, Josh seems to be better, Layla’s eye is better… and we will get Layla BACK to sleeping good and normal!!!
In other news… (hahaha)
We had a great weekend. Friday, we saw the Avengers (so fun). Saturday, we went to the park where Layla’s birthday will be (AMAZING!! I’m obsessed) and Sunday we celebrated Mom-Mom Millie’s 90th birthday. A perfect celebration to honor one of the most wonderful women in my life.
I’m in awe that Layla will be one – 2 weeks from today!!!!
I’m excited. Nervous. Ready for the party.
I’m tired.
BUT – on an exciting note – I think I lost another 2-3 pounds this week. I’ve been really concentrating on weight watchers and its working!!!!
Also, we’re going to join the Ambler Y this summer – a huge, gorgeous outdoor pool, a gym (with free childcare) and more... I am excited!!
This was the brain-dump of all posts. Hahaha. I blame lack of sleep.
Giggles at the park.

Layla & Remi playing at the park. BFF!

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