My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5 & 6 weeks... let the fun begin!

Is it true – can it be??
Another baby…….??
That’s right, folks. This lovely family of three is expecting to add another member in January of 2013!!
Let’s back up….
Josh & I were in constant discussion of when to add another little one. We knew we didn’t want to wait too long between the two but couldn’t decide when to start trying. Low and behold, the discussion was a moot point.
A few days upon returning from our lovely vacation in Miami, I realized I was late. One week went by. Then 10 days. Then Josh begged me for to take a test. I told him I’d take a pregnancy test on Wednesday, May 23rd if needed as that would put me at two weeks late. And then Wednesday rolled around. After work, I stopped at CVS, grabbed Gatorade, milk, gum and an “Answer” pregnancy test as it was on sale. I came home, proceeded to head to our powder room and discover that two lines quickly appeared.
“JOSH!!!” I yelled.
Layla crawled into the bathroom. I started laughing and crying at the same time.
“We’re pregnant” I sobbed.
“No, we’re not. You’re lying” yelled Josh.
“Nope, serious. We’re pregnant! I yelped.
Layla laughed. Josh jumped up and down. I cried. And cried some more. I couldn’t believe it. Was it real? Was this part of our “plan”? When are we due?? And that’s when we both realized the best news possible…… we are lucky enough to become pregnant again. We are blessed. This IS part of our plan as this is what happened. We quickly counted on our fingers and realized the kiddies would be 19 months apart. AN IMMEDIATE BEST FRIEND. A partner for life. The best news we could have ever received.
Minutes later, my sister called to say hi… she sensed something was wrong and we decided to face time her and showed the positive pregnancy test. Always our biggest supporter, she screamed and cried and helped made me realize how amazing and exciting this was. We then called my parents, Josh’s parents and assorted others. We told our best friends. We told Layla over and over. We hugged and kissed and rejoiced in the fact that our family is growing.
SO here we are. Last week, my mom took a blood test and showed my number at 4500 – a nice strong pregnancy. She is taking my blood again tonight to confirm we’re moving along and I have my first doctor’s appointment on Monday, June 4. I decided it was time to switch offices so I’m looking forward to meeting new doctors. While my last office provided me well and helped to produce the most perfect child I’ve ever seen, it’s time to move on. There were several thing I was disappointed in (not being able to stick with one doctor, late appointments, the wrong due date constantly popping up in my file, and no one ever remembering I had placenta previa just to name a few).
So that’s that. A new office. A new BABY. We think the due date is around January 16, 2013 but we’ll find out more at the appointment.
Cheers, excitement and everything good in life.
Actually week 5....

Actually week 6....

How far along? 7 weeks, 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure but I think I may have gained about 0.8 since in the past 2 weeks. I expected a gain because I was dieting so heavily until getting my big positive test!
Maternity clothes? Not yet! I am avoiding pulling everything down that I put away and I’m squeezing into every pair of jeans I own until they don’t fit anymore!
Stretch marks? Nope – I am starting my bio-oil routine this weekend. It’s time! I truly believe in it.
Sleep: My first inclination I was pregnant... insomnia. I wake up several times a night and have a hard time getting back to sleep. Combine this with Layla’s early mornings and I’m one sleepy pup!
Best moment this week: I have two favorite moments from the past couple of weeks – obviously the night we found out we’ll be a family of FOUR was huge, exciting, amazing. Also, while taking Layla’s 1 year photos, we shot several “Secret” shots in a big sister shirt. She looked so beautiful and excited – although she has no idea her life is about to change in a BIG way!
Have you told family and friends: Our families and best friends are in “the know” – I have told a couple of work friends and we plan on making the big announcement around July 4 (going into the 2nd trimester).
Movement: Nope – although I always think I do, I realize it’s probably gas or something. Haha.
Food cravings: Nothing really. I’m trying to avoid giving into my cravings too much to avoid the 52 pound weight gain from last pregnancy!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I made spinach dip this weekend and wanted to vomit everywhere. Strange but true. Also, dirty diapers are starting to make me a little queasy – however (KNOCK ON WOOD) I’m feeling mostly good with waves of nausea (seldom).
Have you started to show yet: No – I can still suck in pretty good!
Gender prediction: I have a VERY strong feeling it’s a boy. So much that I’ll be SHOCKED if it’s a girl.
Labor Signs: No. No. No.
Belly Button in or out? In! Never popped last time, wonder if it will this time?
Wedding rings on or off? On – hopefully for a long time.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Back & forth. Right now, I feel so yucky due to a cold that I’m having a hard time pushing through. I’d love to crawl into my bed and sleep for days but that’s currently not an option. Wah.
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every second. And remember EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
Milestones: Officially knocked up with # 2 ;)

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