My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

11 months and 48 weeks!!!

11 month stats:
Weight: If I had to guess, close to 21 pounds? 
Height: NO idea? Maybe 30 inches?? 
Eating: 3 meals a day, puffs and Cheerios for snacks, 4-5 bottles a day of formula and officially weaned off of nursing :(   
Clothes: 9 month (small), 12 months, 12-18 months and even some 18 month!
Diaper: Size 3. Size 4 at night.  

My sweet,
11 MONTHS - what?! Where did these past 11 months go?? Are you SURE you're going to be one year old next month? Are you sure you're my talking, crawling, almost walking, always smiling, beautiful, sweet little toddler-to-be instead of my squishy, blue-eyed newborn?? 
If it's possible, you're prettier then ever. Your big, blue eyes glimmer in the sun and your ash blond/light brown hair is SO long, I think it's time I finally take you for a haircut. Your whole body is changing - your fabulous rolls and chubby hands and feet are slimming out too quick for my liking - I guess all the moving you do is really burning some calories!!
You have so many tricks, I can't even keep track - you yell, screech, giggle, growl, fake cry, throw tantrums -- you randomly learned how to blow bubbles with your mouth while we were in Florida - too funny. You can walk holding on to furniture or pushing anything that moves (toys, high chairs) - you pull up on everything and you're the fastest little crawling lady, it's hard to keep up!! You give hugs and kisses like a champ and make a kiss noise all the time. You love to squeeze your stuffed animals - huge hugs for everyone from Mr Bear to Kyle to Wubba! You can also switch the lights off and on, your speciality! 
Of course you still love TV and music - Sesame Street still leading away with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in a close second. We listen to music all day, everyday and you clap your hands right in rhythm - too cute. You love the music class CD's we listen to in the car. You giggle and sometimes move your lips to pretend you're singing along - the best. 
Sleeping is great - I'm so proud of you for sleeping SO well this past trip to Florida - the trip 2 weeks ago was a lot rougher and you slept horrible, but you got it together and slept great for grandma - HUGE RELIEF!! My only wish is that you'd sleep a LITTLE later - your wake-up time is 5-5:30 AM and I miss the day of 6-6:30 AM - but you sleep through the night and you continue to nap twice a day for 1-2 hours at a time. How can I complain?? You love your nap time routine and you especially love teething tablets as it appears you've been NONSTOP teething since the age of 3 months. My poor girl - but we swoon over your mouth of pearly whites, too cute for words. 
You never stop talking - your favorite word is HI - but you also shout mama, dada, mom-mom, ball, uh-oh, byebye, wubba, dat (cat), dog, and more - incredibly smart and clever. 
Although sick a few times this month (including right now, sporting a lovely fever and stuffy nose), your love of food has rarely dulled. You LOVE all fruits and veggies, you can't get enough of meat, chicken and turkey, bagels and all bread - you didn't like spaghetti and sauce (BUMMER!) but you will eat plain pasta. I literally can't believe how much you love all different foods and I hope it continues -- I think the days of pureed fruits and veggies are probably coming to an end as you love to feed yourself. You continue to drink a lot of water - a few cups a day! I won't be introducing juice anytime soon. OH - and I do believe you are a lover of sugar. The few tastes of whipped cream and the one taste of chocolate shake I gave you had you swooning!! ;) I can't wait to see you eat cake at your birthday party!!
You still love music class - we would probably go everyday if we could!! I'm so glad and it's such a fun bonding time. 
It's been an exciting month for you - you're a professional traveler!!! You had your 5th and 6th trip to Florida and experienced the best of the state - Orlando AND Fort Lauderdale!! I felt so guilty leaving you for 4 days but you could NOT have done better - you loved spending so much time with your Florida family and I was so proud of you. The moment I got to hug you after those 4 days away was pure bliss. The first time you saw Daddy & I your eyes lit up and my fear of you not remembering us was quickly gone. We are a family :) 

I am officially done nursing you. I miss it already. The last time was on Thursday - you sweetly touched the side of my face and I knew that part was over. I loved every second (even the painful, sleepy ones) of breastfeeding and I will ALWAYS remember those moments. 

The invitations are sent, the RSVPS are rolling in, I'm getting all the decorations in order -- it's official, your 1st birthday party is fast becoming the biggest drain on my wallet and the most fun I've ever had planning anything, perhaps even my wedding ;) I want this party to be one you'll look back on fondly and realize how very special, important and loved you are. 

Until your 1st birthday,
Your mama

Scared of dogs -- but learned quickly Max and Lucy are the cutest, friendliest pups around!! 

Grandma & L - take note of Layla's bruise on her forehead - uhhh

Mama & Layla ready for some sun!!

Excited much?


Monorail fun!

MMM Puffs at Breakfast with the Characters!!

Didn't HATE the characters, but didn't love them either... maybe next time she'll love them more!



Dada and Bunny

Goofy.. she wasn't sure he was a nice guy.

We love Minnie!

We love Mickey!

We love Pluto!


Our rings on our wishing star at dinner in Cindarella's Castle

talking on the phone!

Getting SO tall. 

Playing in her room and looking at the birds!

Our view from the balcony at the Fountain Bleu in Miami!


Double Relaxed

Great-Grandma, Grandma, Bunny and Max!

Sharing with Shluffy!



At the beach in Miami!

Dinner at Gotham Steak - YUM!

My handsome man at the pool.

Celebrity sighting!! 


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  1. I love her so much. hope she feels 100% asap. your miami pics - to die for, and the disney pics, i cry. i love you guys so much. is she REALLY almost 1????