My little family!

My little family!

Monday, April 30, 2012

47 weeks!!

Music Class FUN! 

My little lady has been asleep since 1:40 PM - a 5 AM wake up, one nap this morning, one nap in the car PLUS this long afternoon nap?? I'm sensing teething or a growth spurt - or something strange!!

Either way, here we are at 47 weeks.

We had a great, relaxing weekend which was perfect before our next trip to South Florida on Wednesday!

Layla is amazing - eating everything in sight (meatballs, pasta salad, turkey, chicken, bagels), saying new words literally everyday (ball, Elmo, Baby, Cat, JOSH!) - and just incredibly sweet and lovable.

I'm dreading our trip down there because I can't imagine being away from her for so long but I'm also admittedly a tad excited for some major hubby & wife quality time, lots of sleep, lots of sleep and lots of eating.

I gained a couple of pounds last week while we ate our way through Orlando - I know this week will be another doozy but then I'm back on track. I have another 9 pounds to go and I know once I stop breastfeeding it will become much easier. We are now down to one feeding a day for breastfeeding - I'm SO sad and not ready to let go. I thought I'd be happy to be done with it but I was mistaken - nursing her these past (almost) 11 months has been this most amazing thing.

Today also marks a very special occasion for our dear friends, Rachel & Jason - they have left us and gone to the big city. They made their very big move to Hells Kitchen in NYC where they will be living for the next few years - I know they will do amazing there and I can't wait to visit, but it hurts my heart to not have my BFF 30 minutes from me.

AND! Most importantly of all - WE HAVE A NEW FAMILY MEMBER!! Samantha Kendall was born this morning - my brother Adam & Heather are SO excited to have a little girl. She is perfect, squishy and completely adorable - everything went well and we are so very lucky. I can't believe we now have NINE babies between the 4 of us (me, my two brothers and my sister)....

Ava, Abbey, Justin, Marley, Max, Andrew, Layla, Remi & Samantha.

6 Girls. 9 Boys. ALL amazing!!!

Cheers to a great day. Next time I write, Layla will be 11 months and we'll be in Florida for her 6th trip - holy moly.




MOM. Give me Cheerios NOW. 

Remi Leah shopping at the mall - she is such a great baby!!

SKS - so cute!!!

Bundled up Sammy and Aunt Kim!!

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