My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

46 weeks and FLORIDA!

My sweet - sunbathing and looking lovely ;)

We are BACK!! After a week in Florida, we are home and attempting to get back to normalcy before we return to Florida in SIX days... no joke. We had a lovely time and I'm so sad it's over... a quick rundown of our trip. Of course I'm missing a million details but hopefully i remember the important stuff.

Prior to our trip, we discovered Layla had a throat infection so she started amoxocillin.

Thursday night, we left for the airport and our trip began! Layla did great on the flight and slept the entire time. It was an 8 PM flight so I was a little worried as her bedtime is 7 PM. Clearly she was okay with the later bedtime - she loved playing in the airport! The flight was slightly delayed so by the time we got our luggage and made our way back to Josh's parents, it was nearly midnight. We got Layla to bed and promptly passed out.

Friday morning, Layla woke up around 5 AM (thus beginning the week of early mornings and non-naps.. my poor girl does NOT sleep well when we're not at home). Josh's mom was eager to have some quality time so Josh & I went back to bed. We woke up, got dressed, and Layla & I headed for Boca Raton! My friend Oona was having a Matilda Jane trunk show (adorable Women & Children's clothing) - it was so nice to spend time with her and see her daughter, Isla. While we were there, Oona took a few pictures of Layla - I can't wait to schedule a full time session with her - her photography skills are incredible!! Layla slept both ways to Boca which helped a lot but I realized our schedule would basically be non-existent in Florida.. despite my best efforts. We got home and Josh's grandparents were waiting with open arms to play with Layla. We got Publix subs for lunch and hung around the house all afternoon. The rest of the day was spent playing, napping, giving baths and seeing Aunt Sydney. After the baby went to bed, Josh & I had a great dinner with Laura, Clay, Bill & Jessica - it's always good to see our friends while we visit Florida!

Saturday, after a rough night of sleep, I was beyond ready for a little mama time - I went shopping at Target and to Salon Saavy for a manicure, pedicure and waxing - so so nice! Layla played at home and enjoyed lots of family time. That night we had dinner at J. Alexanders with Josh's parents and sister - very fun and yummy too! Layla did great - she loved sharing my chicken and fries. We came home, put the babe to bed and Josh & I went to get frozen yogurt.

Sunday, we had a great breakfast with Josh's whole family (including grandparents and Aunt Diane) at Blue Moon Diner.. it was so good and great to see everyone. Layla's love of waitresses continued and her constant smile earned her a huge free milkshake. It was so sweet of the waitress that I actually let Layla have a SMALL taste of whipped cream and chocolate shake - shockingly she loved every taste. I can't wait until she has cake at her 1st birthday - she's going to love love love it. We spent the day playing and relaxing. That night, Ross & Jaime came over to meet Layla - they brought her a really sweet gift! We went to have dinner at La Bumba with them and Avi - super yummy.

Monday, we were ORLANDO BOUND! We packed up the car and drove the three hours to the city where Josh & I fell in love. We debated heading to UCF but never made it there - we'll have to show her our Alma mater one day. After a nice drive up, we checked into our beautiful hotel - The Coranado Springs. It was a GORGEOUS resort, HUGE beyond belief. We checked in, quickly saw our rooms, and headed for the pool! It was quite chilly that day (around 72 degrees and really windy) but we couldn't miss out on the sunny outdoors! We had lunch by the pool and relaxed. Layla promptly fell asleep on me and I loved every second as it's rare that she sleeps on me now that she's a little older. After she woke up, Josh took her in the pool and she hated it - uhh. Between baths and the pool, it's clear Layla is not a water lover. Bummer. We went to our rooms, unpacked, showered, gave Layla a bath in the sink (haha) and decided it was early enough that we headed to Downtown Disney! (Great idea Joshua!) - it was so nice and the perfect way to spend our evening. We walked ALL around, made t-shirts (Layla's said her name and "1st trip to Disney") and Josh surprised me with matching anniversary t-shirts (had our names, the date and our wedding date), shopped, dinner at Wolfgang Puck and lots of walking. We went back to the hotel, had ice cream and relaxed. Layla had a really rough time sleeping that night - we made it work but I felt really guilty for all the rough days/nights she was having (sleep wise) - considering the lack of sleep, she was so very happy!!

Tuesday we woke up and celebrated the fact that it was our 2nd anniversary and DISNEY DAY!!! (I will have to do another post about our 2nd anniversary...this weekend hopefully). We got dressed and off we were to the Contemporary for breakfast with the characters at Chef Mickey! It was so much fun!!! The food was better then i remembered and our table was perfect. Layla was a little nervous around the characters and cried a bit when they touched her - she was happier looking at them from a distance. We took a million pictures, ate a lot and took the monorail to the MAGIC KINGDOM! The weather was insanely perfect - 73 and sunny. No sweating! The day was spent running around and soaking up every second. Layla went on her first rides (DUMBO!), Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean. Josh & I rode Space Mountain and the new Goofy roller coaster. We did a lot of walking and playing. It was really fun! A very different experience then going to Disney World alone - having a baby with you brings on a whole new element. Lots of breaks (diapers, bottles, sunscreen) and a whole different perspective. We loved it and I think Layla will look back at pictures from her 1st trip to Disney World happily. We made our way back to the hotel, passed Layla off to her grandparents, got dressed and Josh & I made our way BACK to the Magic Kingdom for our anniversary dinner at Cinderella's Castle!! (Not without squeezing in a quick ride on Snow White first, haha) - the dinner was FABULOUS! It was expensive but worth it - we took a picture with Cinderella (included in the price) and made our way to the table. Our little table was the best in the house, at the window overlooking the carousel and park. It was so beautiful - all the princesses came around and took pictures with the guests. It was so fun! Dinner was yummy. Afterwards, Josh & I walked around, went on a few more rides and headed back to the hotel - exhausted.

Yesterday, we woke up early, packed, breakfast at Cracker Barrel (YUM!) and went to Orlando airport. After an hour delay, we finally boarded and headed home - Layla was awake the entire flight but was a gem. Played with her toys and was perfect - she cried a bit at the end (may have been her ears?) - we finally got home and couldn't have been happier. It was great to see the cats, Layla was happy to see her toys and crib, and now we are back to reality!!

It was a great vacation and memories made to last. I feel like I could sleep for weeks but I'm pushing through and looking forward to our next trip - cheers to lots of vacations, lots of family time and lots of love!! Here are a few pictures from our trip - all from my cell phone so quality isn't perfect but you get the idea! Hopefully I'll get a chance to upload my camera this weekend...

On another note, we're waiting for my sister in law, Heather, to go into labor!! Hoping it's this weekend while I'm in town!

Also, our dear friends Rachel & Jason have officially found an apartment and make their big move to NEW YORK CITY on Monday..... I will SERIOUSLY miss them and it will be tough having my best friend in another city but I wish them all the happiness in the world and can't wait to visit (OFTEN!!!!!!!)

At the airport - ready to head home - wearing her "First Trip to Disney" shirt I made her in Downtown Disney - TOO CUTE!

Our little family!

Best. Face. Ever. Playing with Grandpa on the monorail to Magic Kingdom!

Breakfast with the Characters - Minnie Mouse!

My dear friend & sorority sister, Oona, took a few pictures of Layla... she is so talented!! If anyone in South Florida needs pictures, I highly recommend Isla Charm Photography!

Layla & Isla - BFF <3 (Oona's daughter)

Layla playing at the Matilda Jane trunk show at Oona's house!

Naps by the pool at our beautiful hotel!

Ready for ORLANDO!!

Our little Minnie Mouse!

At the end of the day in Disney World - passed out and cute as a button.

Ready for our 2nd anniversary dinner in Cinderella's Castle!

Layla's first ride - DUMBO!

Enjoying every second at Disney World.

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