My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

45 weeks!

What else is new. A quick quick quick entry in between doing 10,000 things!
A good week despite Layla's first bout with antibiotics.
She was acting funny last week - a little more fussy, a little less hungry.
We had a great weekend despite her not feeling well - played with Remi - had friends over - a play date with Jackson on Sunday - lots of outdoor playing.
On Monday, music class was cancelled (Miss Sandy hurt her back) - we headed to the doctor instead and the doctor said she had a throat infection. Poor girl. He didn't do a strep culture so I was little hesitant to treat with antibiotics - but with our flight tomorrow and being away, I didn't want to chance it - so here we are, day 3 of amoxicillin. She, of course, LOVES her medicine - practically begs for more! Too funny.

Some fun new tricks - pulling up on EVERYTHING - she can stand for a really, really long time and is getting better at figuring out how to get back down. She climbed our entire set of stairs on her 1st try. She has figured out how to pretend to talk on the phone - she picks up our cell phones (or anything that looks like a phone such as a remote or a piece of food, haha) - puts it up to her ear and nods or says "YA!" - it's amazingly funny and cute.

She is getting really into gibberish talk and her new words amaze me - yesterday she said LAYLA! Or so we think??

I have a million things on my brain - i need to pack - tomorrow night is our flight - lalalalala. I'm so excited and have been looking forward to this trip for so long.

On a side and fun note, we are getting estimates right now for a privacy fence and a DECK! I love being outside and right now our house doesn't have a great outdoor area besides our front porch - I can't wait to have a big deck as an area for us to play on!!

ALSO - I'm officially 9.2 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight!!! We'll see when I weigh in tomorrow if I've lost anymore but I doubt it. I don't think I'll be able to lose more until I give up breastfeeding officially - as of now, Layla still nurses twice daily (when she first wakes up and once in the late afternoon/early evening). I'm so sad to give it up but I will be officially done by our Miami trip (may 2nd) - ahh.

ALSO - we got Layla's birthday invitations in the mail - SO STINKING CUTE! I'll post a picture after I send them out.

Sorry for writing to fast and horrifically - happy hump day!!
Post-bath. Addicted to standing!

My sweet girl loves it outside!

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