My little family!

My little family!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Abbey, Dr Suess, Food, SO BIG!

a strange mix-up of a Friday blog entry!!

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL NIECE ABBEY HANNAH!! Today, Abbey turns 5 and I'm so proud of the little lady she has become. She is unbelievably funny, smart, witty and adorable. She calls me Ninny. She LOVES Layla (especially holding and feeding her) - she is a great big sister to Max and will soon have her own little sister in a few weeks!! She loves make-up, Lady GaGa, Coraline, Annie and anything chocolate. She's so very special to me and I love every second I get to spend with her!!!

Newborn monkey!

One of my favorite Abbey pictures.

My pretty flower girl!

little friends.

2. Today is Dr Suess's birthday as well -- he's a big hit in this house as we read many of his books everyday!!!

see, we love you Dr Suess!

3. This week, Layla had raspberries and provolone cheese for the first time. And peaches. And she is obsessed with banana organic puffs now that she has mastered the art of feeding herself.

4. SO BIG - As in, you ask Layla...."How big is Layla" - and she proudly raises her arms while we yell SO BIG! It's unbelievably adorable.

...cheers to the weekend, lots of fun plans including visiting the Mom-Moms, girls night out, date night on Sunday (thanks to Karen for babysitting!!) and a million giggles in between.



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