My little family!

My little family!

Monday, March 19, 2012

41 weeks

41 weeks. Your eyes are the most beautiful color I've ever seen.

41 weeks and....
A whole new woman.

Last Friday, while at work - I got a call from Josh shouting "SHE CRAWLED ACROSS THE LIVING ROOM!". Mind you, the week prior I got the same call from my mama. So while I was excited, I thought this was another fleeting moment. For weeks upon weeks, Layla has crawled here and there (a few strides each way) but never as her sole mode of transportation.

That all changed on Friday. I came home from work, put her on the floor, threw one of my necklaces a few feet away - and BOOM - Layla was off. My sweet blob of a baby is now an official crawler. And FAST. And everywhere. And addicted to all wires, electric outlets, and anything not meant for baby. Josh likes to title these things NFL (Not For Layla). We have a ton of baby proofing to do but we're so proud - It's so much fun watching her explore areas she hadn't found prior. She's keeping me on my toes but I'm enjoying every second.

This weekend was really fun. Last Tuesday, we had play date with my friend Melissa & her daughter Addison (6 months old). Josh & Keith were at work so it was a ladies afternoon :) We took the girls to the park (taking serious advantage of this insane end-of-winter weather) and Addie rode the swings for the first time while Layla squealed in delight swinging away. It was a great afternoon.

Yesterday, I threw a small baby drizzle for my sister Kim & sister in law Heather. They're both expecting their 3rd baby (two girls) next month - it was  a great little party. Lots of yummy food, adorable decorations, family, friends and lots of love. I'm so excited to see the two new baby girls and I'm sure my (sometimes existing) baby fever will kick in when I see their little faces!! (To answer the question I get asked most often, we hope to have a second little babe sometime next year).

Today, Layla & I along with our friends Ariel and baby Blake (2 months old) went to the zoo. We had a great day and it was so much fun. I don't think Layla could really see any of the animals from her city mini (at the aquarium last week, she could get right up to the fish tanks and loved it) but we enjoyed it nonetheless!! Blake is SO cute and I always love spending time with Ariel!!

So right now, our days are filled with chasing our little monster, feeding her every food (her newest favorite is yogurt!) and trying to figure out why she refuses to nap. Sometimes we're looking to get 30 minutes. UHH. It's really frustrating but she's SO HAPPY all day that I can't complain. She also has continued to sleep through the night (7 PM to 6:30 AM, or so). I'm going to work on a nap schedule (considering 9:30 and 1:30) and hopefully that it will work!!

OH! And we picked a 1st birthday party destination!!!! It will be at a park in Doylestown - I will be mailing in our security deposit Wednesday but I'm SO excited. The park is amazing, huge pavilion and there is an 8 story CASTLE in the middle of the park for the kiddies to climb!! There's also a huge toddler area - perfect!! I can't wait!!!!

Layla is currently crawling to the trashcan - off I go. At least I"m burning calories! ;)

Enjoying the warmth on our porch! The hat barely stayed on despite my best efforts. 

A sweet afternoon snooze. We are giving Aunt Kim your carseat this week and you're moving on up to the big girl carseat! 

At the zoo today. I can't. 

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