My little family!

My little family!

Monday, March 12, 2012

40 weeks!!!!

Happy 40 weeks to my sweet!!
Cuter then ever.

This week was great - lots of fun and lots of growing!!

Last Thursday while at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pops house, Layla CRAWLED!!! She has since but taking little crawls here and there but not quite zipping around the house crawling yet (she prefers to roll or scoot) - I think once she realizes how fast she can get around crawling, that will be her main mode of transportation!

Friday, Josh's parents arrived for a nice long weekend.
Friday night, we had dinner along with my parents at Mad Mex - it was really yummy and Layla was really great despite waking up with a horrific cold Friday morning!! We came home after dinner and she promptly fell asleep.

Saturday, we woke up, had a nice breakfast out and played a bunch. Layla decided napping was for the birds that day so it was a bit of a struggle. While she attempted to nap in the afternoon, Josh's mom & I went to babies r us. We always have fun shopping together - it's a blast! That afternoon I went to get my haircut and colored while they all played. By Saturday night we were all exhausted (and Layla NEVER napped, oy) so we ordered in some yummy Italian. Josh & I went to a late night movie with my sister and brother in law (Friends with Kids - horrible).

Sunday, we woke up to even more beautiful weather and decided we needed to get outside a bit!! Destination was Camden Aquarium -- what a blast!!! It was so much fun and Layla loved it! I can't wait to go back!!

Today, we went to music class (last one of winter session!), Layla & I dropped off his parents at the airport (she slept the whole way, both ways) and now we're enjoying the lovely weather!! Layla is taking her second nap of the day and things are back to normal.

Probably the most exciting thing of all?? Josh has won a sales incentive trip from his company to MIAMI! We are so proud and excited. Only 30 people (out of 1200) won the trip based on sales... I couldn't be happier and prouder of him. It's an all expenses paid trip - staying at the Fountain Bleau!!! I can't believe it. It's the first time we will be leaving Layla - she'll be staying with Josh's parents for 4 days. I'm a little nervous because we are already heading to South Florida end of April so it will be a lot for Layla - traveling and such, but we will make it work.

Did I mention Layla is officially sleeping through the night??? 7 PM - 6:30 AM is her (current) schedule. I'm so proud of my sweets.

Lots of love from the Englands.
Life. Is. Good.

Layla is in her new Dolphins hat!!

Family time at the Camden Aquarium!

Layla and the Easter Bunny - hahahaha (Josh calls it the Jewish version)

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