My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

42 weeks!

In a sweet dress from ROME - thanks Aunt Kim!

Laughing. Hysterically. At the washer machine.

layla, crawling. (everywhere).
layla, teething. (awful).
layla, growing. (out of her car seat).
layla, loving. (everyone, everything, especially the cats).

....what a week!

Were going through a bit of a rough time right now. She is teething. BAD. Two nights ago she woke up at 3:30 AM for the first time in a LONG time. Crying. Sobbing, more like it. I went in and nothing soothed her. It was clear she was in pain. I ended up nursing her and she fell back asleep for another hour or so but woke up again around 5 AM crying. She was pretty miserable all day yesterday and napping was a doozy. Last night, she woke up at 4 AM and I ended up nursing her again but she then slept until about 6:30 AM (her normal wake-up) and is happier today. The problem is, I don't see any new teeth!! She won't let me near her mouth to check and she is chomping on everything in sight (including my shoulders, OUCH!) - we know she is teething - this is how she always acts. Hoping we're back to normal by tonight!!

We had a great week otherwise - lots of fun crawling and exploring!!! Layla is no longer scared to leave the rooms we are sitting in and is now crawling everywhere. We haven't really baby proofed much but it's clear we need to - stat! Josh is going to put the gates on the stairs, I'm going to plug up the outlets, we're going to hide all the wires - and hope for the best?! I need to get something for my fireplace because she is obsessed with banging on the marble. 

This past weekend was great for me because I got to see so many girlfriends - Rachel, Shari, Amanda & Melanie... love them so much and so does Layla!!!

We also had a great play date on Saturday with Layla's little girlfriends, Addison and Ariella. We haven't had all three girls together in a LONG time so it was extra fun!! They all sat up and "played" - mostly stealing toys from each other and hitting each other in the head - fun fun!! It was great and I love that Layla has friends already. 

(typing as fast as possible before Layla eats the cable box or cat's food - currently distracted by puffs)

We saw the best movie this weekend - HUNGER GAMES! I was obsessed with the books and thankfully the movie did not fail, woo!!! 

Really starting to plan her first birthday - need to order invites, decorations, Layla's birthday outfit and more!!

ALSO - we are coming up on our TWO Florida trips within 2 weeks - 3 cities (Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Miami), 4 flights, lots of fun but very nervous. I need to order Josh's 2nd anniversary present, I need to figure out Layla's 1st Disney outfit, I need to go shopping for me and get some new fun clothes (especially for Miami) - all amazing and exciting!!!!

ALSO - we are officially on baby countdown!! Baby Kushner and Baby Soloff will be here within the next few weeks and I cannot wait to get my hands on newborn squishyness!!!!!

(She is currently licking my legs. Literally. Is this the fun of a 9 1/2 month old?! hahaha)

Spring music class starts next week, we are going to Atlantic City for the night on Friday, Josh's mom sent us gorgeous DVF (for GAP) clothes for Layla and my house isn't a complete messy disaster. I'd say that's a good Tuesday!!! ;)


Monday, March 19, 2012

41 weeks

41 weeks. Your eyes are the most beautiful color I've ever seen.

41 weeks and....
A whole new woman.

Last Friday, while at work - I got a call from Josh shouting "SHE CRAWLED ACROSS THE LIVING ROOM!". Mind you, the week prior I got the same call from my mama. So while I was excited, I thought this was another fleeting moment. For weeks upon weeks, Layla has crawled here and there (a few strides each way) but never as her sole mode of transportation.

That all changed on Friday. I came home from work, put her on the floor, threw one of my necklaces a few feet away - and BOOM - Layla was off. My sweet blob of a baby is now an official crawler. And FAST. And everywhere. And addicted to all wires, electric outlets, and anything not meant for baby. Josh likes to title these things NFL (Not For Layla). We have a ton of baby proofing to do but we're so proud - It's so much fun watching her explore areas she hadn't found prior. She's keeping me on my toes but I'm enjoying every second.

This weekend was really fun. Last Tuesday, we had play date with my friend Melissa & her daughter Addison (6 months old). Josh & Keith were at work so it was a ladies afternoon :) We took the girls to the park (taking serious advantage of this insane end-of-winter weather) and Addie rode the swings for the first time while Layla squealed in delight swinging away. It was a great afternoon.

Yesterday, I threw a small baby drizzle for my sister Kim & sister in law Heather. They're both expecting their 3rd baby (two girls) next month - it was  a great little party. Lots of yummy food, adorable decorations, family, friends and lots of love. I'm so excited to see the two new baby girls and I'm sure my (sometimes existing) baby fever will kick in when I see their little faces!! (To answer the question I get asked most often, we hope to have a second little babe sometime next year).

Today, Layla & I along with our friends Ariel and baby Blake (2 months old) went to the zoo. We had a great day and it was so much fun. I don't think Layla could really see any of the animals from her city mini (at the aquarium last week, she could get right up to the fish tanks and loved it) but we enjoyed it nonetheless!! Blake is SO cute and I always love spending time with Ariel!!

So right now, our days are filled with chasing our little monster, feeding her every food (her newest favorite is yogurt!) and trying to figure out why she refuses to nap. Sometimes we're looking to get 30 minutes. UHH. It's really frustrating but she's SO HAPPY all day that I can't complain. She also has continued to sleep through the night (7 PM to 6:30 AM, or so). I'm going to work on a nap schedule (considering 9:30 and 1:30) and hopefully that it will work!!

OH! And we picked a 1st birthday party destination!!!! It will be at a park in Doylestown - I will be mailing in our security deposit Wednesday but I'm SO excited. The park is amazing, huge pavilion and there is an 8 story CASTLE in the middle of the park for the kiddies to climb!! There's also a huge toddler area - perfect!! I can't wait!!!!

Layla is currently crawling to the trashcan - off I go. At least I"m burning calories! ;)

Enjoying the warmth on our porch! The hat barely stayed on despite my best efforts. 

A sweet afternoon snooze. We are giving Aunt Kim your carseat this week and you're moving on up to the big girl carseat! 

At the zoo today. I can't. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

40 weeks!!!!

Happy 40 weeks to my sweet!!
Cuter then ever.

This week was great - lots of fun and lots of growing!!

Last Thursday while at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pops house, Layla CRAWLED!!! She has since but taking little crawls here and there but not quite zipping around the house crawling yet (she prefers to roll or scoot) - I think once she realizes how fast she can get around crawling, that will be her main mode of transportation!

Friday, Josh's parents arrived for a nice long weekend.
Friday night, we had dinner along with my parents at Mad Mex - it was really yummy and Layla was really great despite waking up with a horrific cold Friday morning!! We came home after dinner and she promptly fell asleep.

Saturday, we woke up, had a nice breakfast out and played a bunch. Layla decided napping was for the birds that day so it was a bit of a struggle. While she attempted to nap in the afternoon, Josh's mom & I went to babies r us. We always have fun shopping together - it's a blast! That afternoon I went to get my haircut and colored while they all played. By Saturday night we were all exhausted (and Layla NEVER napped, oy) so we ordered in some yummy Italian. Josh & I went to a late night movie with my sister and brother in law (Friends with Kids - horrible).

Sunday, we woke up to even more beautiful weather and decided we needed to get outside a bit!! Destination was Camden Aquarium -- what a blast!!! It was so much fun and Layla loved it! I can't wait to go back!!

Today, we went to music class (last one of winter session!), Layla & I dropped off his parents at the airport (she slept the whole way, both ways) and now we're enjoying the lovely weather!! Layla is taking her second nap of the day and things are back to normal.

Probably the most exciting thing of all?? Josh has won a sales incentive trip from his company to MIAMI! We are so proud and excited. Only 30 people (out of 1200) won the trip based on sales... I couldn't be happier and prouder of him. It's an all expenses paid trip - staying at the Fountain Bleau!!! I can't believe it. It's the first time we will be leaving Layla - she'll be staying with Josh's parents for 4 days. I'm a little nervous because we are already heading to South Florida end of April so it will be a lot for Layla - traveling and such, but we will make it work.

Did I mention Layla is officially sleeping through the night??? 7 PM - 6:30 AM is her (current) schedule. I'm so proud of my sweets.

Lots of love from the Englands.
Life. Is. Good.

Layla is in her new Dolphins hat!!

Family time at the Camden Aquarium!

Layla and the Easter Bunny - hahahaha (Josh calls it the Jewish version)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

9 months!! (yesterday)

9 months and very much loving Mr Bear!

Mr Bear!


here's my teeth mama!

love bug!!

9 month stats:
Weight: 19 pounds, 14 ounces at your 9 month appointment yesterday. 50% for both - right on target baby!
Height: 28 ½ inches!  
Eating: 3 solid meals a day. Breastfeeding every 2-4 hours.  
Clothes: 6-9 month, 9 month and 12 month.
Diaper: Size 3. Size 4 at night.  

A question I get asked almost every single day – “Is your baby ALWAYS this happy??” in which I happily respond “YES!!!” It’s true. You are forever smiling, laughing and blabbing away at anyone that will look your way. One of the moms at music class told me it seems I am always smiling so it’s not surprising my daughter is always smiling. This is one of the nicest things anyone could say. If there is anything I can pass down to you, it’s happiness.
I know I probably say this every month – but this age is by far my favorite. You are truly a little person – smart, funny, witty, determined and unbelievably gorgeous. Your blue eyes stare at me with curiosity and interest and I kiss your gorgeous cheeks 1000 times a day. Your hair is SO long and I am nervous I may have to trim your bangs soon. The back is long and almost resembles a mullet – I laugh every time I brush it. It’s this beautiful shade of light brown and I wonder if it’ll continue to get lighter?? Your skin is the perfect shade and I will be very careful to use sunscreen this summer to avoid any burns.
You have so many new tricks up your sleeve – the most recent is “SO BIG!!!” You love to clap and dance and your attempts at crawling are unbelievably adorable, although lately I think your frustration is setting in. You want to crawl so badly and you get frustrated when something is out of your reach, but you’ll wiggle and roll your way to it. You beeline for all cords and plugs (let the baby proofing seriously begin). When we let you watch TV (which I try to avoid but is clearly inevitable), you LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street. We have a dance party almost every night and the soundtrack seems to always play LMFAO – you giggle and squeal in delight as Daddy jumps around with you. Music is a great way to calm you down and we always have something playing – especially during dinner and bath time! You clap and rock and dance – it’s so much fun.
Sleeping has been solid lately but of course I always wonder what tricks you’ll pull out ;) This past week or so, napping has been a struggle. I am hoping we can get back the long afternoon naps but at this point I take what I can get. You still go to bed promptly at 7 PM following your favorite bedtime routine (diaper, sleep sack, Goodnight Moon read by Dada, nursing, rocking, lullaby, bed) – you sleep through the night and wake up anywhere between 5 AM – 7 AM. Today you ate around 5 AM and went back to bed until 6 AM which was a nice treat. I am hoping you can start sleeping a little later but it’s certainly nice to get a full night’s rest so I can’t complain. All sleeping is in the crib nowadays – I introduced a “lovey” – a small little blanket/stuffed animal that I keep in the crib with you. Hoping it makes you feel more secure and allows you to sleep a little extra.
You LOVE eating – all foods!! It’s so much fun to watch you try new foods and you have truly mastered the art of feeding yourself puffs and cheerios. The doctor said we can give you all foods (except for peanuts, honey, egg whites and milk) so we’re going to slowly introduce meats, dairy and more!! I’m so glad you like to eat all the fruits and veggies. It’s important to eat healthy and I hope you continue this trend forever.
You now have SEVEN teeth – ahhhh! The doctor recommended wiping them down every day and said you’ll need to see the dentist by age 3. It’s strange thinking about you getting teeth cleaning but important too!
Next week is our last music class of winter session – I can’t believe we have now completed two rounds of music class!! It’s your favorite (and mine too!) so we’ll be starting the spring session in April. All the kids love you and play with you – it’s so sweet to watch.

Spring is fast approaching and I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the warm weather!! I hope to get outside everyday for walks, swings – anything! I want to take you to the zoo also.

This weekend, your grandma & grandpa are coming to visit – we’re so excited and it’ll be a great weekend filled with lots of hugs and kisses!!!!

The anxiety is setting in that your 1st birthday is less than 3 months away – let the real planning begin!!! I know you won’t remember your birthday party but I hope you’ll look back at the pictures one day and realize how much we love you!

You are so smart, so special, so beautiful and we love you more and more everyday!!!!!!!!
Love forever,
Your mama

snowy kisses!

Barely any snow this winter - bummed because you love snow!


red nose ;)

obsessed with blueberries

tiger ;)

the next kate moss?

Wubba lovin'

You love Grandma!!

Nightly England dance party!

Post-bath yumminess 

Kisses for Layla, love Layla

9 month pictures! (Unedited) 

9 month pictures! (Unedited) 

9 month pictures! (Unedited) 

9 month pictures! (Unedited) 

9 month pictures! (Unedited) 

9 month pictures! (Unedited) 

Monday, March 5, 2012

39 weeks.

39 weeks!!!! That means, as of today, Layla is out of the world as much as she was in my BELLY! I had her at 39 weeks - so nutso!!!!

39 weeks pregnant and ready for the hospital!

39 weeks old!

39 weeks!

Every time I figure out my dear, sweet Layla.. she flips whatever schedule I thought we had upside down ;) Currently, she is playing in her crib instead of napping (I'm watching on the video monitor) - prior to last week, she always took a solid 2-3 (sometimes 4) hour nap in the afternoon with a shorter nap (usually in the car) in the morning. Now? I'm fighting to get her to nap at all. It's a tad frustrating. She's doing so well at night with an obnoxious wake up time but again, can't complain as she is now sleeping through - 7 PM to 5:30 AM is our current sleeping schedule. I'm positive this will change very soon as nothing seems to stick too long! ;)

It's been a great week - between all of her new tricks (SO BIG!, clapping, bye-bye, dancing) she's really putting on a show!!

The past few days she seems to be out of sorts. A lot more cranky then normal during the day and eating a lot more (both solids and nursing). Apparently there is a "9 month growth spurt" and Layla is right on time!! I still can't believe she will be nine months tomorrow. AH!

We had a great week - music class was awesome today. She is so cute and is starting to share all the toys I have to bring with me with all the kids in class. They adore her and dance with her and hold her hands - it melts my heart. Next week is the last class of the winter session - 2 week break then starts up SPRING session - wahoo!!! Despite this BIZARRE, warm winter.. I'm ready for Spring. Warmth, sunshine, outdoors, flowers and rain showers, picnics and bike rides. I can't wait for it all!

This weekend we visited my mom at work, Mom-Mom Millie at home and Mom-Mom Rose at the rehab center. It was a great time and Layla loves seeing everyone!

Yesterday, my dear friend Karen & her sister Lisa asked if they could babysit Layla for the afternoon - YES!!! Josh and I had a lovely day-date...mall, lunch at cheesecake factory and the movies to see "Wanderlust" - it was so much fun and we are so very appreciate. Thanks girls!!!

Layla's new foods this week were noodles (obsessed) and corn (loved!).

Cheers until tomorrow, Layla's 9 month entry!!

Also - yesterday was my niece Marley Isabella's 3rd birthday. Marley is one of the sweetest, calmest, most loving little ladies. I have said since her birth if I could clone a baby, it would be here - she is just so wonderful to be around. She's goofy and funny and loves to give hugs and kisses. I love you Bubba - happy birthday my girl!!

baby Bubba!!!

Honorary flower girl at our wedding!

Layla & Marley!! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Abbey, Dr Suess, Food, SO BIG!

a strange mix-up of a Friday blog entry!!

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL NIECE ABBEY HANNAH!! Today, Abbey turns 5 and I'm so proud of the little lady she has become. She is unbelievably funny, smart, witty and adorable. She calls me Ninny. She LOVES Layla (especially holding and feeding her) - she is a great big sister to Max and will soon have her own little sister in a few weeks!! She loves make-up, Lady GaGa, Coraline, Annie and anything chocolate. She's so very special to me and I love every second I get to spend with her!!!

Newborn monkey!

One of my favorite Abbey pictures.

My pretty flower girl!

little friends.

2. Today is Dr Suess's birthday as well -- he's a big hit in this house as we read many of his books everyday!!!

see, we love you Dr Suess!

3. This week, Layla had raspberries and provolone cheese for the first time. And peaches. And she is obsessed with banana organic puffs now that she has mastered the art of feeding herself.

4. SO BIG - As in, you ask Layla...."How big is Layla" - and she proudly raises her arms while we yell SO BIG! It's unbelievably adorable.

...cheers to the weekend, lots of fun plans including visiting the Mom-Moms, girls night out, date night on Sunday (thanks to Karen for babysitting!!) and a million giggles in between.