My little family!

My little family!

Monday, February 6, 2012

8 months!! (And 35 weeks)


You love Mr Bear!

Waving hello!

"Just one second!"

Smelly my feet Bear!

My ladybug is 8 months old.

8 month stats:
Weight: Roughly 19 pounds per the last time I weighed her on my scale.
Height: No idea - we'll find out next month at the 9th month appointment!  
Eating: Breastfeeding every 3 hours or so. Food twice a day!! 
Clothes: 6 month (getting small), 6-9 month and 9 month.
Diaper: Size 3. Recently starting using size 4 at night.  

8 months old and a whole new woman!! 
I think about the past 8 months and I wonder where they went. You, my friend, are incredible. You are smart, funny, witty, clever, independent and unbelievably beautiful. I look at your perfect face and I can't believe you are mine. Your hair is getting lighter and lighter, your eyes are the most insanely stunning shade of blue, your skin creamy and light. Dare I say, you are the  most gorgeous baby I've ever seen ;)

You are a lean, mean, moving machine! You are days away from crawling (I think?) and you roll faster then we can catch you! If I lean you up against something, you'll stand holding on unassisted. You sit beautifully and with the best posture. You eat your feet, move all over and I do believe we need to baby proof this house as soon as possible!! You've very much into the jumparoo and the walker at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house. You still love to sit on the floor in the living room surrounded by millions of toys. Aunt Kim bought you a set of plastic blocks to play with and they seem to be your favorite!! You are awesome with an iPhone and remote and sometimes manage to turn the TV on somehow. It's so funny. You look at the phone and smile because I always take your picture - plus we play you the "Wubba Wubba" song (Grover) and you DANCE! I mean, full on.. rocking back and forth, "clapping" your hands (not quite but almost!)... you are a huge fan of music. No surprising considering so are your Mama & Dada! 

Sleeping was up & down this month but I think we're on a good roll -- you had your first mega-cold the past few days which put a damper on your sleeping habits (but not your smiles!), but last night you slept 7 PM - 7:30 AM waking once at 5 AM to eat! During the cold, you wouldn't nurse from me. You FINALLY just nursed again about an hour ago and I'm hoping it was because you were congested. I love our special time together and I'll be so very sad when it's over. You have been taking your afternoon nap in your crib the past couple of days (including right now) and I'm hoping this trend continues. It's much easier to get things done without you sleeping on me for 3 hours every afternoon - although I may cheat and sneak a snugly nap in every once in a while ;)

You are the best eater - you try all new foods so excited and eager. This week's food was pumpkin - so yummy!! No major issues (other then constipation which we combated with prunes everyday!). I love feeding you dinner. I hope you continue to eat organic and healthy the way you've done these past couple of months - it's making me re-think the way I eat too, which is always a good thing!

You now have FOUR teeth - almost 5!! Two on the bottom and two on the top. They are so cute but I think it's a really painful process. The teething tablets really help. You bite everything and drool a lot - I love it!

You continue to love music class - the teacher brings out the guitar and you immediately want to dance!! You smile the entire time and it's so sweet. All the kids are so nice to you and call you "baby" - I am so excited to see you running around & dancing in the class - soon enough!! 

It has been a very strange winter - very warm and barely any snow. I wish we could play a little more in the snow but I loooove that I don't have to worry so much about bundling you up and taking you outside. In fact, if you wake up and it's still nice out - we're going to the playground this afternoon!!

This weekend coming up, your grandma & Aunt Sydney are coming to visit - we are so excited and love when we get to see them!! You have the best family that loves you.

It hurts my heart and makes me happy all at the same time to see how big you are getting. I want to slow time down so much - I want to forever hold you and squeeze you and rock you when you're sad - but I know these moments are precious and I am trying to soak them up as much as possible.

I love you, my sweet angel. My life is forever better because of you. 

Your mama

Bum line up ;)

Too cute for words.

Baby blues!

Your bangs are getting so long....

You will kill me one day for making you wear flowers this big - but it's amazing!!


SO close to crawling!

HI love.

Standing on your own!

Playtime in jammies!

Hi Shluffy....

I almost have you!


UCF..lets go KNIGHTS!!

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