My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

38 weeks.

A quick entry because Layla has decided she wants to play in the crib instead of nap this morning ;)

....we had yet another great week!!

Fun stuff included visiting Mom-Mom Millie & Mom-Mom Rose last week, celebrating Abbey's 5th & Justin's 4th birthdays at their party at Bounce U on Sunday, becoming as close to possible as crawling without actually moving anywhere, feeding herself organic puffs and multi grain cheerios (almost) perfectly, lots of playing, lots of dancing, lots of laughing - OH...and like a million more teeth!!!! She now has FIVE teeth on top and TWO on bottom for a total of 7 TEETH!!!

Last week she slept pretty awful and now we know why!! Teething is tough, man!!

For the most part she's now on a pretty good sleep roll - I think I figured it out. She goes to bed every night at 7 PM. If she sleeps through the night, she's basically up at 5:00/5:30 AM. If she wakes up to eat around 4 AM, she will sleep until 6:30 AM. Every once in a blue moon she'll sleep until 7:00 AM. I'm thankful for her sleeping so long and I've gotten better at ignoring her middle of the night crying -- I used to run in after a couple of minutes but I need to just get over that. Sometimes she'll just cry and she'll put herself back to sleep after a few minutes.

She loves food - this week she tried peaches!! She loves having little bites of whatever I'm eating. Speaking of eating - going out to eat isn't quite as easy as it gets to be with her. I now need to bring an assortment of goodies to keep her entertained and I think our days of quiet meals out to eat are behind us ;)

We are officially excited to head to Orlando in April for our 2nd wedding anniversary and to take Layla to DISNEY WORLD!! Probably slightly insane and may drive us batty but it'll make for cute pictures ;) We decided to stay at Coronado Springs and plans include a day at the pool, a day at Magic Kingdom, breakfast with the Characters and Cinderella's Castle for our anniversary!! Josh's parents will be coming to help babysit which is amazing, of course.

OH.. and the speaking....Layla's vocabulary is huge. Although she probably has no idea what she is saying, she repeats everything!!! Words include - Mama, Dada, Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, Wubba, Bye-Bye, Hi.. and Josh thinks she said China. hahaha

Okay... she's clearly NOT sleeping. Bummer. Thought I could catch up on emails/phone calls/TV but it seems I'll be entertaining my soon to be 9 month old!!

Can I just say... I'm so thankful that I'm able to work part-time. Josh works so hard for us and my days with my little lady are so very special to me. Quiet kisses in the morning and rolling on the floor and eating breakfast and's so special and fun and I'm so lucky. Thanks honey for allowing me this time <3

Special visits with Mom-Mom Rose!

Our other babies... Josh found them like this in the middle of the night. HUGGING!

So much fun at the Layla's first birthday celebration!!




mama, look.. its wubba!!!


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