My little family!

My little family!

Monday, February 20, 2012

37 weeks!!!

37 weeks - ready for music class!!! (And ready to eat the lotion I was putting on)

Happy Monday - Happy President's Day - Happy 37 weeks to Layla - Happy birthday to Justin Luke!!!!

...First, our week. It was good (with some minor flaws, haha).

Last Tuesday, we drove downtown to see our dear friend Ariel & her new gorgeous baby boy, Blake. It was so great to see them both and talk "mommy" with Ariel! We took the kiddies to lunch and it was a lovely afternoon (and WARM - this winter has been insanely bizarre and hot). 

Last Wednesday, I worked per usual but Layla had to go to my parents because our nanny, Brooke caught the stomach flu. She had a great day visiting with Pop-Pop & Mom-Mom - in the afternoon, I picked her up from visiting with Mom-Mom Millie! She is out of rehab and back home so that is very exciting. It was so good to see her and Layla always likes to visit her Mom-Moms! 

By that night, I started to feel really sick (I hadn't felt great for a few days...) and by the middle of the night, I had the flu (or something like it?) - fever, body aches, nausea..the whole thing. It was awful. I had to call out of work both Thursday & Friday (something I HATE to do..) - I sent the baby to my parents on Thursday and literally spent the entire day in bed. It was weird to be home without her but it was well needed. Friday, Josh took a personal day to watch the baby so I can sleep again. I still was pretty out of it until Friday evening - finally started to feel a bit better. So awful!

(In between all of this, Josh's car got slammed - fun fun! Thank God he wasn't hurt and either was the woman who hit him - one car rental and $4000 worth of work later...blah)

Saturday, I woke up feeling great so we were off and running!! We ran errands to Babies R Us & HomeGoods - then we went to visit Melanie - she had an awful eye injury and we wanted to visit the poor patient :( She's doing much better but is in a lot of pain, poor thing. While we were there, Layla finally got to meet Micah - Melanie's nephew who was born the same day (in the room next door at the hospital!) - it was so cute and fun to swap stories with their parents. We came home, put the baby in for a nap, and woke up again to grab some yummy Mexican with our favorite Kushner family!

Yesterday, we woke up early again - decided to go grab some breakfast, visit Mom-Mom Rose in the hospital (she's also doing okay - hopefully she'll be discharged soon!), finally buy our dining room chairs (woohoo!!) and came home to relax the rest of the day. We went to dinner last night at a local italian place - it was very good. We came home and decided to have a mini-dance party... Josh was really making Layla laugh with his jumping all around - and BOOM - came down the wrong way on his ankle. I immediately thought he broke it but we decided to wait until today to check it out. We had music class this morning, lunch, then a doctor's appointment where she told Josh to promptly go get an XRAY - dahhhh. So that's where we are. The baby is napping and Josh is in a cab on the way home -- never a dull moment!!! ;)

LAYLA is doing amazing........ finally, finally, finally healthy and good (minus an awful lingering cough!) - she's back to nursing full-time, eating lots of solids (this week she tried raspberries!) and is so much fun. SO SO SO close to crawling but not quite there - she pulled herself up on Josh the other night -- she's' SO smart smiles at everyone and is amazing!!!

Playing with the LIFE-SIZED Grover Daddy bought you for Valentine's Day!

ME - excited about my new KATE SPADE! Isn't she beautiful? Please excuse my weird face and the knife in my hand, haha.

my pretty girl. your hair is getting so long.


Today is my dear, funny, gorgeous, sweet nephew Justin Luke's 4th birthday!!!!! I am so unbelievably honored and proud to be his Auntie. A couple years back, Justin was diagnosed with autism. While this may define some children, not our Justin!! He is smart, so kind, so loving. He works so very hard in therapy and does so awesome at school. Every time I see him, I'm astounded at how far he has come and how far he will go. My brother Adam & my sister in law Heather are so incredible - they work hard to make sure Justin is happy and thriving and I am so proud of them. Justin is a great big brother to Andrew and will soon have a little sister to call his own (in April) - I love you Justin Luke, you are the best!!!! And of course, you are the greatest ring bearer a bride could have!! 

So cute in your tux at my wedding!

Adam, Justin & Heather at the wedding!

Justin Luke - ALWAYS SMILING! :)

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