My little family!

My little family!

Monday, February 13, 2012

36 weeks!

One of my favorite Layla outfits!

While you sleep in the car seat - I'll quickly update!

We just got back from dropping off Grandma & Aunt Sydney at the airport. We had a lovely weekend with them despite sickness floating all around. It's sad to see them go and we can't wait until Grandma & Grandpa visit next month!

It's been a rough 12 or so days... you started with a bad cold and fevers two Thursdays ago. It was so sad to see you so miserable and not be able to help. I took you to the doctor last week and everything looked clear. You are continuing to sneeze, cough and have bad boogies but you seem to be better then before. Best of all, you are FINALLY back to nursing - you basically went on a 10 day nursing strike. It was really hard and confusing (for me) but ironically, thanks to formula, you were sleeping 12+ hours every night. It was lovely ;) You nursed all day yesterday and woke up one to eat last night. I guess it's true - formula keeps you fuller then breast milk! Still, I'm not ready to give up nursing and I swear it's why you stayed sick so long.

You are about 4 seconds away from crawling. You get up on all fours (from a sitting position) and you rock back and forth. I know you'll figure it out any second and its amazing to see how determined you are. You are also a professional clapper and you love to play the drums on anything. My favorite new trick is peek-a-boo. You always loved to play but you've mastered putting a blanket/towel over your face and moving it to say PEEK-A-BOO! It's so sweet and you're so smart.

You tried blueberries and apricots this week and loved both. While you were sick, you weren't eating nearly as much as you used to but you seem to be eating more again which is good.

Josh spoiled us for your first Valentine's Day - I got the Kate Spade bag I've been dreaming about and Layla got a life-sized Grover - HOW COOL?! I'll post pictures soon, it's so funny. On Saturday night, me & Josh went to a lovely dinner at R2L - we had a window seat and stared out at the whole city from the 39th floor. Gorgeous, to say the least. It snowed a lot this weekend - so pretty.

I've been feeling pretty sick for a few days -- I guess I caught what everyone else has ? It's hard being a sick mama but I had lots of help this weekend and was able to sleep it off a bit.

Layla has been sleeping two naps daily - long naps, too. Every time I figure out her schedule, she changes it up on me but her afternoon naps are always consistent and long which is good. She officially loves her crib and it's the best place she sleeps (always on the belly!).

I'm constantly reminding myself to let things be.. I get so caught up in trying to figure out a schedule or make sure you're sleeping and eating enough. I need to just LET IT GO. You are happy, you are healthy, you are loved. I guess I'm doing something right ;)

Cheers to a napping baby.. time to clean up from a great weekend and relax on the sofa!!

On a sad note...
We lost a family member last week. Our dear, sweet family dog of many, many years died. Tonka was the cutest, silliest pup and we'll miss her dearly.
xoxo Tonky

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